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The Vanishing Havelis Of Jaipur

By: arv!
The Rajasthani Havelis in Jaipur are being pulled down at a fast pace. Thing to know about Haveli architecture and layout .








jaipur heritage






















picture of johari bazaar jaipur







FOTD – January 23, 2020 – Two different Dahlia Photos Today

Feel free to post every day or when you you feel like it. Β Please continue to post your entries on my daily post. Β Here is a link to myΒ FOTD page. Β Thanks. Don’t forget that my FOTD challenge accepts leaves and berries as well as flowers. Dahlias come in all sizes from 1β€³ poms to 10-12β€³ […]



On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 3 – Jump For Joy

The topic for this week is β€œJump For Joy”.Β  You won’t find me jumping on my bed even when I’m joyful.Β  I’m a big girl and 59, so a picture of me jumping at all is out of the question.Β  Although with us all being photographers I’m sure we can make Jumping for Joy something […]



Jez’s WWE #11 and Friday Fun-Water Challenges – Coral Aquarium

This is my entry for Jez Braithwaite Water Water Everywhere challenge.Β  Here is my entry for Aroused blog’s,Β Friday Foto Fun Challenge with the topic Water. Last week at the Emergency Vet’s Office, they had a gorgeous Coral Aquarium.Β  The fish got excited whenever anyone went to see them, so the fish were hard to capture […]



January 22 – Square&___ Light Challenge – Street Light with Sunlight

Here is my entry for Becky’s for #JanuarySquare challenge and her topic this month is ____ Light and don’t forget the square photo. I took this photo earlier this month at one of our parks in Canby, Oregon. Per Becky Of course you have. The next squares theme is ______light! I am aware I am […]




By: Jim S.

β€œI am in truth the Steppenwolf that I often call myself; that beast astray that finds neither home nor joy nor nourishment in a world that is strange and incomprehensible to him.” – Hermann Hesse – Steppenwolf.

The above quote from Hesse’s 1927 novel Der Steppenwolf is not only the story of my life but also the inspiration for the Canadian band’s name.* The novel tells of a man who feels alienated from modern civilization and is going through an existential crisis. The band’s producer had just read the book and liked the title, so he proposed it as the name. John Kay hadn’t read the book yet, nor had the other band members. But no one had a better idea, so the name stuck

Wikipedia: Joachim Fritz Krauledat was born in Tilsit, East Prussia, German Reich, now Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. In early 1945, his mother fled with him from the advancing Soviet troops during the Evacuation of East Prussia in harsh winter conditions. They later fled to Hanover, West Germany, moved to Toronto in 1958 and to Buffalo, NY in 1963. (Buffalo is 28 miles (45 kilometers) from the Canadian border.) Somewhere along the way, Joachim found it easier to Anglicize his name, becoming John Kay.

Having heard rock β€˜n roll on US Armed Forces radio in Germany, he fell in love with the raw, primal sound. Realizing he could sing and picking up guitar and harmonica, In 1965, he joined a moderately successful Canadian band called the Sparrows who had specialized – like so many others at that time – in British Invasion-style rock. With the addition of Kay and keyboardist Goldy McJohn, the band – like so many others at that time – started heading more into a bluesy, hard-rock sound.

The band morphed into Sparrow, started getting popular in New York, did a couple of singles -and then in late 1966 headed out to California. Their original guitar player – Dennis Edmonton – changed his name to Mars Bonfire because, well, the Sixties. (I wish my name was Mars Bonfire. Jim. How boring is that?Β  – ME). But he embarked on a solo career, never really joined Steppenwolf and later wrote one of their biggest hits. His brother Jerry became Steppenwolf’s drummer.

Now joined by LA natives Michael Monarch (guitar) and Rushton Moreve (bass), Steppenwolf opened for bands such as The Doors and started to establish a reputation as a hard-rockin’ band. Steppenwolf got themselves signed to ABC-Dunhill and in January 1968, released their eponymous debut album.

Their second single – the first was a cool tune called β€œSookie, Sookie,” – was the (now) iconic β€œBorn to Be Wild” written by Mars Bonfire. He explains,

β€œI was walking down Hollywood Boulevard one day and saw a poster in a window saying β€˜Born to Ride’ with a picture of a motorcycle erupting out of the earth like a volcano with all this fire around it. Around this time I had just purchased my first car, a little secondhand Ford Falcon. So all this came together lyrically: the idea of the motorcycle coming out along with the freedom and joy I felt in having my first car and being able to drive myself around whenever I wanted.”

The song was released in June 1968 and became a hit. It was the first mention of the term β€œheavy metal” in a song. You may be tired of hearing this song but you fucking KNOW it kicks ass and you KNOW that no matter what you are doing – even if you are in the middle of fucking – you must stop and nail that drum break.

Spotify link

Another great tune from this album is β€œThe Pusher,” written by country guy Hoyt Axton. A cousin (in my mind) to Lou Reed’s β€œHeroin,” its lazy feel and great lyrics capture the feel of that drug scene of the ’60s like no other. Both β€œWild” and β€œThe Pusher,” were used in 1969’s now hopelessly dated flick Easy Rider:**

Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson

You know I’ve smoked a lot of grass
O’ Lord, I’ve popped a lot of pills
But I’ve never touched nothin’
That my spirit could kill

You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
With tombstones in their eyes
But the pusher don’t care
Ah, if you live or if you die

Spotify link

Steppenwolf was, by now, hot. (I recall seeing Kay on a Hugh Hefner TV show called Playboy After Dark. It aspired to a Playboy Mansion-style party whose sole purpose – near as I can tell – was to remind me that there was no way I was getting near any of those hot women.)

Steppenwolf actually released two (count ’em) albums in 1968, the second one being the imaginatively titled, The Second. The breakthrough song from this album was the β€œpsychedelic” β€œMagic Carpet Ride,” a song I liked, frankly, for about a week then got bored with. But. It was a hit and you can hear it pretty much hear it any day of the week on Classic Rock radio.

Spotify link

Steppenwolf went through the usual band musical chair bullshit. And then some. I quote the following without comment:

β€œFormer Sparrow bandmate Nick St. Nicholas -who had replaced Moreve as bassist – was let go in mid-1970. He had supposedly appeared in nothing but rabbit ears and a jockstrap at the Fillmore East in April 1970 – a poorly documented tale hotly denied by St. Nicholas*** – and his habit of wearing muumuus and kaftans on stage began to wear on Kay, whose penchant for leather vests and pants was more in line with the image he wanted for the band.”

In 1969, the band released an album with a single called β€œRock Me,” also used in the soundtrack to the β€œdirty movie,” Candy. Candy was based on a novel by Terry Southern who had written the screenplay for Easy Rider. This sex farce managed to squeeze Marlon Brando AND Ringo Starr AND Richard Burton in it and its screenplay was by Buck Henry who just recently passed away. Ah, the Sixties. A reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes refers to the flick as β€œA solid four stars worth of magnificent disaster.”

But I really like β€œRock Me.” It’s got a great groove and I dig that percussion thingy that comes along a couple minutes in.

Spotify link

Although they continued to release albums through the mid-70s, I don’t recall Steppenwolf having any more hits or even having much of an impact past the ’60s. The band broke up in 72-73 and various incarnations (John Kay and Steppenwolf, New Steppenwolf) came and went with different players.

A glance at Steppenwolf’s webpage seems to indicate that some incarnation of the band last toured in 2011. John Kay appears to be still touring but with kind of schedule you would expect a 76-year-old guy to maintain.

Wikipedia: Steppenwolf sold over 25 million records worldwide,Β released eight gold albums and 12Β Billboard Hot 100 singles, of which six were top 40 hits, including three top 10 successes: β€œBorn to Be Wild,” β€œMagic Carpet Ride,” and β€œRock Me.” They were nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 but were not inducted. Too bad. Totally fucking belong in there if you ask me.

*As the band was named after the novelΒ Der SteppenwolfΒ by German authorΒ Hermann Hesse, who was born in theΒ Black ForestΒ town ofΒ Calw, the city invited them to come over and play in the International Hermann-Hesse-Festival 2002, along with other bands inspired by Hesse. (It’s unclear how β€œinspired” they were but hey, a gig is a gig. Apparently some minds were blown when Kay spoke fluent German.)

**Easy Rider put Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Jack Nicholson on the map. Along withΒ Bonnie and ClydeΒ andΒ The Graduate,Β Easy RiderΒ helped kick-start theΒ New Hollywood era during the late 1960s and 1970s. Hopper and Fonda had mixed success after this film. But Nicholson was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. This was his breakout moment, his before and after. It forever not only freed him from the dungeon of low-budget Roger Corman films but also led to his astonishing run of great (Five Easy Pieces, Carnal Knowledge, The Last Detail, Chinatown, Cuckoo’s Nest) movies.

***I prefer to believe it’s true – ME.








The Great Civics Lesson: Yo! Yo! Yo! Voting Matters, Yo! β€” Updated

Reading time: 8 minutes This is an update of a post written shortly after the election in 2016. It is still applicable now, and it is pretty darn good. In short, ain't nothing matter if we don't get out the vote, bitches! All your memes, snarky social media posts, protests, phone calls none of it will matter if you don't vote in November. So let's "as a people rise up" and speak with one voice and vote the Repubes out!




France Gay Marriage Fair



The Cognitive Tom Fuckery that Explains the Embarrassment of Impeachment Defense

Reading time: 5 minutes Did you see that defense on day one of the impeachment trial? You try explaining that ineffective hot mess. This time we address the role of cognitive dissonance. Pray that I don't have to explain the role of the Ol' Pussy Grabber's narcissism in it, that'll be a mini dissertation.



public domain image from the US Senate

Verse of the day: Five translations

By: Danny
Delight thyself also in the Lord ; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalms 37:4 KJV Be happy with the Lord. He will give to you what you most want. Psalms 37:4 EASY Delight yourself in the Lord , And He will give you the desires and petitions of your heart. … Continue reading Verse of the day: FiveΒ translations



By: Ismath

Sometimes I just wonder
What all those things
We had in between us
Truly means

Those late night chitchats
Have now turned into
Endless staring at Snapchat
Waiting for you to just peek

Sometimes I wonder
If you also do the same thing
Waiting for me to start
A small β€˜hi’ or β€˜yo’

We know we can chat
Endless fun conversations
With a future of uncertainty
And no future between us

I want nothing more
Just a status of good friend
I sometimes wonder if
It’ll ever be the same .


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Blackberry Memories | Poem by Hope Atlas

On behalf of Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine, we would like to welcome our featured poet Hope Atlas and her poem β€œBlackberry Memories.” We love Hope describes how savoring a blackberry brings such delight and with its taste tingling addictive sensations. …

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A Sentimental Nod. Poem

Blink and it’s gone.Β  An imaginative poem is like a great photograph. It speaks to you in ways that another person will not view it in the same perspective as you do... Awareness in expression. In the poem below, I …

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New painting: β€˜The Action Of Change’ by Michel Montecrossa

By: MiraSG

New painting: β€˜The Action Of Change’ byΒ Michel MontecrossaΒ 

Description: β€˜The Action of Change’, Mirapuri, 18th January 2020, ink & acryl on canvas, 140 x 100 cm

Β Michel Montecrossa Homepage:Β

Become Michel Montecrossa’s friend on facebook:Β

AllΒ Michel MontecrossaΒ Paintings and Drawings are available as High Resolution Digital Art Prints on canvas,Β either in standard-size A1 (59,4 cm x 84,1 cm) or on demand in other formats. See here previews of all paintings & drawings:Β

Send your order to: Filmaur Multimedia, Danziger Str. 1, 82131 Gauting near Munich, t: +49 (0)89-8508555, eMail:Β

Visit exhibitions of Michel Montecrossa’s art:

ReadΒ hereΒ aboutΒ β€˜THE ENERGY OF ART’ ART EXHIBITIONΒ of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the Mirapuri New Art Gallery (Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy)

ReadΒ hereΒ about the newΒ β€˜ART FOR FUTURE – KUNST FÜR DIE ZUKUNFT’ EXHIBITIONΒ 2020 – 2022Β of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the New Art Gallery at the Filmaur Multimedia House (Gauting near Munich, Germany)

Blackberry Memories | Poem by Hope Atlas

On behalf of Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine, we would like to welcome our featured poet Hope Atlas and her poem β€œBlackberry Memories.” We love Hope describes how savoring a blackberry brings such delight and with its taste tingling addictive sensations. …

The post Blackberry Memories | Poem by Hope Atlas appeared first on Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine.

A Sentimental Nod. Poem

Blink and it’s gone.Β  An imaginative poem is like a great photograph. It speaks to you in ways that another person will not view it in the same perspective as you do... Awareness in expression. In the poem below, I …

The post A Sentimental Nod. Poem appeared first on Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine.

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Offline does not exist

We were driving in our car the other day and there was a commercial on the radio saying something about discounts available both online and offline. It was then that our daughter asked: β€œbut, mom, offline doesn’t exist, does it?”…

Yeah… Almost, kiddo, almost.

Aside from putting a large smile on my face, this comment of hers made me wonder about the future.

Are we truly moving to β€œoffline doesn’t exist” kind of story?

Looking at myself: I do 90% (if not 99%) of my purchases online. I largely work remotely. Provided that I live a bit in the middle of nowhere, far away from where I grew up, I mostly communicate with my mom and close friends via Skype, Whatsapp and all the other online communication means.Β 

Even though I am not a digital native and I am a millennial, not a GenZeer, my online life is at least as large as (if not larger than) the offline one. That’s crazy if I think about it, but it is what it is.Β 

Our online life matters. Alarmingly more and more compared to the offline one.

It is a normal practice that one checks out what Google β€œAllmighty” knows about a job candidate, a potential business connection, acquaintance, date, etc. Even those who tend to avoid social networks still leave some digital traces. Of course, for those actually active online, such traces are plenty, very informative and… they better be managed really well (but that is another discussion. I have an online reputation management service, by the way, so reach out if that is of an interest).

Every public comment one makes, every ”like” one presses, every picture, description, engagement, e-ve-ry-thing is there to stay: cached and easily discoverable if needed. Thus, a stupid, thoughtless comment might cost one a job; a provocative picture from student times can lead to some other undesired consequences… In other words, the online can have very tangible effects on the offline.Β 

But all of that is known and those who care about their image take the online one at least as seriously as the offline one.

The question now is: does the Online still require the Offline at all? Or will offline soon cease to exist?

Copy of Copy of Copy of understanding-16



Subhas Chandra Bose an Indian nationalist whose defiant
Patriotism made him a hero in our holy Motherland India.
His attempt during World War Two to rid India of British rule
With the help of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan had its own critics.
Today twenty third January is his birth day-born in Eighteen
Ninety Seven in Cuttack and died in Nineteen Forty Five in Taipei
Taiwan. Nick named as Netaji was born to Janakinath Bose Prabhabati Bose, educated in Scottish Church College and Presidency University.
A great leader of unparalleled boldness and valor rare to come across
Holy Bharathmatha’s gift to our Nation.Let us salute him on this day!
Indian National Army founded by him contributed to our freedom
Old guards of INA still happily recollect their connections and are proud!
Image result for nethaji birthday


Image result for Images for National Handwriting Day 2020

It is rightly and widely said that hand writing reflects the individual
It is said in a lighter vein that handwriting reflects one’s head writing-DESTINY!
Twenty Third January today is National Handwriting Day observed in
USA and other parts of the world! to emphasize the need to improve handwriting!

Here is an appeal by my pet and favorite neighborhood Newspaper ANNA NAGAR TIMES in Chennai:
Dear Readers,
As letters from readers increase, we are receiving more and more handwritten letters,
many of them in a hand so small and illegible or large and scrawled as to be unreadable. Often this leads to our discarding a letter, particularly if some part is unreadable.
If you wish us to consider your letter for publication, please please type it with enough space between lines or or write it using a medium hand, clearly dotting the β€˜i-s’ and crossing the β€˜t-s’.
Many readers also try to fill every squire centimeter of a post card space, making reading or editing impossible.
Please help us to consider your letters more favorably by making them more legible for us.
This holds good for any writing any where for any purpose sure
Let us learn and improve our handwriting right from young age pure!

Image result for Images for National Handwriting Day 2020