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Telangana Formation Day: History of the statehood movement

India that is Bharath – our holy Motherland is India first
And India last- all are Indians first and Indians last!
Right or wrong- more wrong than right divided into States based on
Languages leading to unnecessary problems and difficulties!

People unable to come out of linguistic chauvinism
In fact many did not look with favor such a partition!!!
India is a federal union comprising twenty eight States
And Eight union territories, for a total of thirty six entities.

One State is Telangana- Second June today is Telangana
Formation Day.Formed in the year Two Thousand Fourteen.
On first  July two thousand thirteen, the Congress Working Committee
Passed a resolution to recommend the formation of a separate Telangana
State. After various stages the State was born on this day- comprising ten
Districts from north-western Andhra Pradesh.

Telangana Formation Day

Draw Into. Poem

Know of your breath and the pause you must take in it to heal yourself from the inside out. Inhale deeplyuntil you knowI’ll find you,I am the next breathand warm embracewaiting whenyou’ve becomelost in the darkness,I am the laughterfilling shadowswith …

The post Draw Into. Poem appeared first on Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine.

How Did I Lose Hundreds of Subscribers in 1 Day??? !!!

By: mliae

This has to be a WordPress thing. Or did I say something very wrongly? I mean, I’ve been writing about eating own grown food, so…. can it really be so bad??  Last evening I had +/- 4200 subscribers. Today? 3895.

Does anyone know what the hell is going on?



six word story #63

One blind date changed his life.

This post was written in response to my own Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #40: Date. Click on the link to read entries from my fellow bloggers.

Do keep checking this space every Saturday at 8PM IST for a new #6WSP prompt. 🙂

Click here to know more about this challenge.

Please click here to read the six word stories that I’ve previously published on this blog.

Image courtesy: Sushant Suresh

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The warrior princess

Long ago, in a castle,
There lived Princess Dawn who was very able,
Brave, determined and dependable
But society gave her another label
A warrior princess was unthinkable
They just wanted her to be “marriageable”
Like the many princesses in the fable
Tired of the stereotypical label
She decided to be a rebel
And pull off a task deemed impossible
Off she went, armed with a sword and a cable
And the best horse from the royal stable
Though it seemed like a gamble
She went to a lot of trouble
In search of a monster who made others tremble,
Made many lives crumble
And was one more reason for the King to grumble
The beast laughed, a terrifying rumble
The sheer force of his breath made her tumble
But Princess Dawn was more than capable
And so a fierce battle ensued in the jungle
She wrapped him with the cable
Which made him fumble
Against the restraining cable
Quickly, her sword delivered a blow very painful
And thus she made him crumble
Her brave deed impressed the King and his round table
And taught them a lesson very humble
They bestowed on her a new label
One that re-wrote the old fable
Princess Dawn was now a Dame in shining armour
Their kingdom now had the safest harbour
With Princess Dawn as the head of the Royal Guard.

I hope I didn’t go overboard with the rhyming. This poem was written in response to Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 30 May 2020. ‘Rhyme Time’ focuses on the use of rhyme to build your writing piece. You will be given six rhyming words* and need to use all of them (but not limited to these) in your response, which should be a poetry form of your choice.

Our rhyming words this week are:

  1. able
  2. label
  3. fable
  4. cable
  5. table
  6. stable

Click here to read all my other poems. 🙂

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© 2020 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.



Music Worlds Monday 140 – Top Songs by Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali

By: MiraSG

Welcome to Music Worlds Monday 140 celebrating some great tracks by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali from various albums.

See more posts of the ‘Music Worlds Monday’ series on this blog:

Beauty And Love Are Another Song (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: acoustic New-Topical-Song

Sugar And Honey (by Mirakali); Genre: Cyberrock

Welcome To The Love & Freedom World (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Cyberrock

Michel Montecrossa’s Homepage:

Michel Montecrossa on facebook:

Mirakali’s Homepage:

Follow Mirakali Montecrossa on Instagram:

Image above: Michel Montecrossa live on stage at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy (

May 2020 accomplishments

I’m surprised that I am writing this. But then staying at home can make you do things you haven’t imaged.

Talking about corona has affected my life
Initially, I thought that talking about it would make me overthink about the situation. It would be difficult to put everything into words as I have been doing my best to stay away from all the negativity. But I was wrong. Writing made me feel calm.

Also, just to let you know, my cough has gone because of the medications but I still wait to see a doctor to get this diagnosed.

Learning new things at work
When I thought things were getting a lil boring, new challenges popped up. You know when you spend hours at something and find a dead end, you learn much more as compared to if you had succeeded. Receiving words of appreciation from seniors has been cherry on the cake 😀

Submitted my assignments and started studying finally
I got 40 days late as per my initial plan, all thanks to corona. But still managed to submit it within time as the deadlines got extended thrice 😀
Going back to books is one of the best feelings in the world.

Going back to childhood love was a blissful feeling.

Eating lot of home-cooked food
From cakes, cutlets, samosas and jalebis to besan ke laddu, cheela, dosa, pasta and ice-cream, my maa and sister have been cooking to relish their cravings and I’m enjoying it. Yes, yes, I have been lending a helping now and then. (Some photos coming soon!)

Our Garden of Gratitude
Appreciating little things once in a while is no harm. And with all of us staying at home, I think we needed to take moment to focus on things that could make it better for us. I know I missed last week’s Our Garden of Gratitude post, I was a lil busy. But I’ll be making up for it on Wednesday.

Music May
Apinder organised Music May on Blogger Community. Though I am not a music person but I really enjoyed participating in the activity as it just required to share some of my favs. Yes, it was not complicated.


We completed writing 10 chapters of the multi-author story writing activity. I thought we didn’t do very well this month as we hard a hard time finding writers who would like to participate. But I just checked that we managed to add 5 new chapters to the story, so it was all good. If you want to know what’s cooking up, click here. Feel free to participate!

How was your May?

On Becoming A Bridge in Racial Tension

Despite your race or viewpoint, this dialog between African American Pastor Gray and White Pastor Furtick (both are AMAZING!) is history in the making. It’s also a great conversation starter between African Americans and those that don’t understand the unrest in the African-American community but are willing to accept that racism has always been alive. […]

Goals of Logical Dreams: May Recap + June Goals

For the past few months, my goal has been to post something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

It’s time for something a little different.

For June, I would like to write pairs of of stories with opposite word prompts, such as friend-enemy and artificial-natural. I’ll probably either compile a list here or in next month’s goal. The goal would be around four pairs.

Side note, the webtoon I’ve been working on with my friend has a second chapter. It would be great if you can check out Maybe Psychic here 🙂

Keep safe and see you next month!

A note of kindness for myself

Does that sound selfish? Oh no! It’s self love. Last month, I attended a virtual talk of a friend who is a counsellor. In the talk, we were asked, who is the most important person in your life.

While many of us consider our families as the most important people in our lives, we forget to count ourselves. That’s was the point those counsellors wanted to put forth. Interestingly, my answer was:


Yes! And now, Cyranny is asking all of us to spread some kindness around. So, I thought why not kick-start this challenge by showering some kindness on myself?

Now, coming to the task, thank something you are grateful for.

Thankyou Saumya for not giving up when times were hard. Thankyou Saumya for letting go those and what to make your life better.
Thankyou Saumya for believing in yourself again.
Thankyou Saumya for all the battles that you’ve fought with yourself and others.
Putting your honest opinion forth has been something that make me feel proud of you.
Your curiousness and dedication will guide your path. But don’t forget to take a pause every one in a while to breathe!

With love

I’ll be sending messages (not comfortable with calls) to people throughout the month. I did two similar activities back in March and April. The first one was a part of a WhastApp game in which one had to send me a Hi to and I wrote a note for them. The second one was an initiative of the NGO I am associated with. So this time, I’m thinking of picking up new people! Let’s see how it goes…..

Feel free to join in and make someone smile with your words ❤

The only solution

I think most people would agree that the days  we’re  living in now  are some of the darkest  in our nation’s history.  Many in the faith community tell us we’ll  get through this and be better off on the other side.  In the midst of this crisis our  Ieaders are looking for answers when at […]

An Ear of Corn

By: Naonato

Tom’s family plays in the garden, which happens to have a small cornfield.

Tom’s chewing away on an ear of corn, recently taken off the fire.

The door rings.

He walks up to it slowly and sees through the peeping hole, a new face. The man’s dressed in an immaculate suit, made of a material he’s never seen before.

Tom opens and says: “How, how can I help you?”

The man walks straight past Tom, enters the home uninvited and starts admiring all the paintings on the walls – most are proud Father moments, not worth much as far as art goes.

Tom: “Hey! You! Where are you going? Please get out!”

The man turns, stunned at Tom’s bravado.

The man says: “My name is Christopher, you can call me Sir Christopher.”

Tom: “Sir Christopher, we’re having a meal, please leave.”

Christopher: “What is this?!” As he grabs the corn on the cobb out of Tom’s hands and bites into it; corn juice dripping down his meek attempt of a goatee.

Tom: “I’ll give you some, and then, please leave.”

Christopher sneezes all over Tom. Yellow particles of corn flung over his face a la Jackson Pollock.

Tom: “Oh, hey! Not cool! You got me in the eye.”

Tom’s disgusted and heads to rinse his face.

Christopher makes his way to the garden where he discovers the small cornfield and the rest of the family.

Christopher: “Hello! And thank you for the gifts.” He then points to the cornfield while biting into the ear of corn “is that where this grows? Fascinating!”



Tom’s sick in bed, feverish, along with the rest of his family, which we can hear coughing, and sneezing, and moaning.



A pale and skinny Tom exits his room, he calls for his family but none respond. He hears some commotion coming from downstairs. He hurries down,

Tom: “Children? Darling?”

He heads to the lounge and finds a very large man, (in our world, we’d probably call him a bouncer) with some sort of pistol (it could very well be a bayonet) in his hand.

Putting his hand up in a ‘stop’ motion he says: “You can’t come in, sir.”

Tom: “What? This is my home.” Tom tries to push forward but the bouncer pushes him back with ease – the 5 days in bed have made Tom weak and fragile.

Tom: “This is my lounge!”

Bouncer: “Sure it is, buddy… Prove it.”

Tom looks around, spots a drawing his children did of the family a while back: “Look, that painting, it’s me with my kids.”

Bouncer looks back, then looks at Tom again.

Bouncer: “I see no resemblance.”

From the main entrance a bunch of people dressed as elegantly as Christopher, head towards the couple.

Bouncer to Tom: “Sorry, sir. Please step aside.” As he slowly but forcibly nudges Tom to the side, allowing for the loud crowd to walk in.

Tom notices Christopher greeting them.

Tom: “Hey! You! Sir Christopher! Hey!”

Christopher turns and spots Tom, “Hey You! You’re still here and alive! Fantastic! Let me show you something.” he gestures to the bouncer to let him pass.

The entire house is redecorated. All that’s left from the original are the childish paintings and most notably, the half-eaten ear of corn which is now framed.

Christopher hands Tom a full glass.

Tom: “What is this? Where’s my family?”

Christopher: “Trust me, you’re going to love it.”

Tom yells for his family but encounters curious looks from strangers, and silence.

Tom: “If I try it, will you and your friends leave my property?”

Christopher: “Your property!? That’s’ not very nice now is it… look what we’ve done with the place! It’s amazing!” 

Tom looks around, not recognising anything, and quite overwhelmed.

Tom: “I guess, but… Where’s my -”

Christopher: “-you’re welcome, buddy. And wait till you see what we’ve done with the garden.”

Tom tries the drink and spits the first sip out, completely disgusted.

Tom: “This water tastes like fire.”

Christopher: “You’ll get used to it, drink up.”

The garden and the cornfield are completely changed. The cornfield grows all over the place, and there are loads of animals running around like crazy. On the far edge of the property, there’s a shed, more like a barn.

Christopher forces Tom to drink up as he points towards the barn. In blood-red, ‘Alcohol Reserve Station‘ has been clumsily painted on its accordion-style door.

Christopher: “You like it, don’t you? Well, there’s a lot where this came from!”

Tom’s struggling to walk straight, he has a stupid smile on his face. Christopher looks back at him.

Christopher: “Jesus… You’ve only had a few sips and you’re plastered!” turns to the crowd  “Look at this light-weight!” who respond by cheering and giggling.

Tom: “Hey, Si- Sir Christosss.. Hey… Where’s my, my family, where’s them?”

Christopher opens the accordion-style door to the barn, and the painted writing goes from reading: ‘Alcohol Reserve Station’ to ‘Alco Reserv ation’. The barn is full of barrels and an inebriating scent escapes from it. You wouldn’t want to light a fire near this place.

Christopher: “Get in pal, you’ll find your family there, among the barrels.’

Now barely standing on his own two feet, a semi crawling Tom, glued to his glass as if it were Heavens water, wobbles into the barn.

Tom: “Dear! Kids! Stop hid- hiding…”



Christopher enjoys the newly built veranda. He has some refined guests over.

Cristopher: “This day marks the jubilee of our new home, a new world, if you may. Thank you to all of you for being here. Enjoy!”

There’s laughter and joy in the air – as well as a projectile in the form of a bottle full of booze heading straight toward the crowd – smash! It crashes against the side of the house, barely missing one of the guests.

Guest: “Cristopher! What in the Lords name is this madness!?”

Cristopher: “Oh dear, I’m terribly sorry. The locals have been quite annoying as of late.”

From the entrance to the barn, a dishevelled Tom, drunk and broken, screams and shouts at them: “Thief! Murderers! Get out of my house!” as he throws another bottle of booze their way.

Guest: “Christopher, my dear… you really should do something about these locals…”

Christopher: “They’re really getting quite out of hand.”

Guest: “You know, my husband dealt with them in a formidable manner; he introduced Black Jack into their community and hasn’t had any problems since!”


Fandango’s FOWC – Thief

Cyranny – Jubilee

Tales from the mind of Kristian – Jubilee

Première today: First Episode ‘Lift Off’ from the Virtual Spirit Of Woodstock Festival Concert Series June 2020 – June 2021

By: MiraSG

Today is the Première of ‘Lift Off’ – the first episode from the Virtual Spirit Of Woodstock Festival Concert Series June 2020 – June 2021; watch it here or on youtube

About the Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival concert series 2020/2021 in the Internet

The Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2020 this year will not take place live due to Corona. :‘-(
But the GOOD NEWS is:
It will take place as the Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival concert series 2020/2021 in the Internet 🙂

From 2020 till 2021 starting in June, every month Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali and their band The Chosen Few are presenting in the Internet a powerful series of concert episodes featuring their great original New-Topical-Songs, Cyberrock, Dance-Electronica & Orgastica-DJ Hits here at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival Website.

The Concert Episode 1 of the Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2020/2021 with the title ‘Lift Off’ has its worldwide première in the Internet on 1st June 2020. Don’t miss it!
The Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival concert series will present till June 2021 a total of twelve episodes!

Not Enough Talent

Quote of the Week

Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)

I do not care enough for money to succeed in medicine, and for literature I have not enough passion and therefore not enough talent.

(Anton Chekhov: Letter to A. S. Suvorin, 4 May 1889)

Meet me on the Moon

Now for some good news that we might have missed

it ain’t no riot or pandemic so maybe didn’t make your list

For the first time in History a commercial craft flew to space

bringing humanity back into the great race

Though still bogged down with government oversight

cause we all know ‘Red Tape’ can be such a delight

We will see ‘Hitch a ride’ programs where we can buy

a ticket for luxury cruises to take us out past the sky

To hotels and eateries up there on the moon

and apartment complexes that’ll be coming soon

An outer space vacation package up in the stars

I’ll think I’ll wait and take mine on Mars

Just think of the significance of this historic day

when to all of our grand-kids we can proudly say

I remember on one planet we lived out our life

it was so filled with hate, war, hunger and strife

But we overcame those problems back when we learned

that if we only give love, we’ll only get love in return


Do You Remember Your First Crush?

With spring now moving along many of us are going to the beach. I always loved the beach. This morning I woke up with an ear-worm. And with it came a flood of memories from a delightful beach trip I took when I was a teenager.

When I was almost 16 years old I traveled with my family to Daytona Beach, Florida. Since our lodging was a travel trailer we settled our trailer in for a few nights at a campground close to the beach. My sister and I somehow met two teenage boys. We were all awkward teenagers who just wanted to try surfing like we saw on TV.

Our parents gave my sister and I some money to pay our share of half the rental of a surf board with the two guys. Neither my sister nor I ever quite got the hang of surfing but we had fun trying. My sister and I were quite naive’ and trusting but these two guys were always polite. [I guess they knew our parents were watching over us from the trailer window (?) or outside near the trailer]

Me at 17 on a beach trip .
Me at 17 on a beach trip .

That evening, near our parents’ trailer the guys made a campfire. Phil, the one I had the crush on was 17. He brought his guitar out and we sang around the campfire. Since our family loved to sing I think our parents and siblings also joined us. Regardless of their presence I clearly remember being so “in love” that night and probably for a month later at least.

Funny thing is we never even touched each other, kissed or anything. But he had strawberry blond/red hair, could surf some, sing, and play the guitar. What more could a teen-aged, hormonal girl possibly want in a guy?? The link below is to the song he played and we all sang: “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine”.

This song made me even more “in love” with him. Even though I had the biggest hormonal crush on him, I never saw him again. For some reason we never exchanged phone numbers or addresses. I think his parents pulled out of the campground early the next morning. Probably better though.

On the way home the next day I worried when I remembered that he was turning 18 soon and would be eligible for the draft and could get drafted and might have to fight in the Vietnam war! I cried just thinking about it.

It was all so sweetly, goofily, romantic and so like Gidget!

So I had to share this song for all of you who had beach romances. Share your stories if you want to. They are what partly made us who we are and sometimes led us to whom we married later. The fall after this trip I met my future husband: a tall, red haired guy who was my first date.

He played the drums and played the guitar some too. Seven years later he became my husband. We were married for 36 years until he died young at 58. We had many good and bad times. In spite of the hard times because of him I have one biological son. Because of this son I later adopted his friend. Because of my sons, I have two wonderful daughters. Because of one of these daughters, I have two adorable grandsons.

“All’s well that ends well.”  -William Shakespeare


Me at 17 on a beach trip .

Divine Favour

Happy New Month to You and Yours. This is your 6th Month for Good News! This is your 6th Month for Divine Favour!!! Read Luke 1:25-38 and claim God’s Prophetic Declaration for You and your Family. Believe it and it shall come to pass,in Jesus Name!!!

Today’s Art: Nature paintings & drawings, part 22

By: MiraSG

Today’s Art:  Here comes part 22 of Nature paintings & drawings by Michel Montecrossa – continuing with the painting ’Secrets Of The Green World #3’ and the drawing ‘The Bird Of Courage’. Find in this post also the playlist titled ‘When The World Awakes – Songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali’

Description: ’Secrets Of The Green World #3’, Mirapuri, 14th July 2014, acryl on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm
Description: The Bird Of Courage’, Mirapuri, 14th January 2010, ink on handmade paper, 21 x 29,7 cm

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Michel Montecrossa on facebook:

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings are available as High Resolution Digital Art Prints on canvas, either in standard-size A1 (59,4 cm x 84,1 cm) or on demand in other formats. See here previews of all paintings & drawings:

Send your order to: Filmaur Multimedia, Danziger Str. 1, 82131 Gauting near Munich, t: +49 (0)89-8508555, eMail:

Visit exhibitions of Michel Montecrossa’s art:

Read here about ‘THE ENERGY OF ART’ ART EXHIBITION of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the Mirapuri New Art Gallery (Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy)

Read here about the new ‘ART FOR FUTURE – KUNST FÜR DIE ZUKUNFT’ EXHIBITION 2020 – 2022 of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the New Art Gallery at the Filmaur Multimedia House (Gauting near Munich, Germany)

The Rhododendrons are humming

It’s 9.45pm and I’m sitting in my garden listening to a blackbird perform an evening solo and watching swifts (or swallows or housemartens) sweeping in arcs through a blue sky. The crescent moon is alight and it’s not quite dusk enough for the solar powered lights to come on.

I am enjoying so much, these sunny, still and quiet ends to my days, nearly as much as I am relishing the mornings. Stepping outside at the beginning of each day, the grass damp with dew, the sun warming up a spot for me to sit. Its heat on my skin as the first rays creep into the garden, soothes my soul. The symphony of sounds that surround me offer joy. All those birds! The hungry cries from a wren’s nest just over my shoulder. The noisy squawks of a magpie family as they flap among the sycamore branches. The chittering and chirping and chirruping announces the new day.

Another sound surprises me. The hum of a thousand bees (well, maybe 30) raiding the rhododendron pollen, ripples through the still air. It’s a busy but stress-less hum. In a happy key. A ‘whistle while you work’ kind of hum. They are all about their day’s work with heavy legs under their featherlight wings. They are so busy and focussed and yet there’s a simplicity to their activity. Eat, work, rest, although I’m not sure in which order and how often they do each.

All around the world right now the pattern of life for everyone is unusual. And uncertain. No-one is unaffected. As we take tentative steps on a path, not back to normality, but onwards to who knows what, I realise how much home has been a wonderful cocoon for me and my little family. The absence of rush has been so welcome. The simple rhythm of life: eat, work, rest (with a few Zooms thrown in) has been very easy to get used to. I’m honestly a little reluctant to let that go. Actually, a lot. Reluctant to let that simplicity slip away as the demands of schedule undoubtedly begin to loudly announce themselves. Maybe I shouldn’t let go. Maybe now its time to pursue and prioritise a better balance.

Less rush, more hum.


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FOTD – June 1 – Bearded Iris

Welcome to my Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD).  Please feel free to post every day or when you you feel like it.  Don’t forget that my FOTD challenge accepts leaves and berries as well as flowers. I took this photo on May 12, 2010. I would appreciate you continuing to post your entries on […]