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Before My Death | Poem by Amirah Al Wassif

Today, we are featuring creative writing and poem by Amirah Al Wassif, “Before My Death.” Before My Death! | Amirah Al Wassif before my death, I would like to sit beside an innocent homeless girl in front of one of the UNICEF banners in our hungry wide street talking together about the biscuits and the […]

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Two for Tuesday

Good Morning Tuesday, hello fellow blogger’s ❤  It’s a great day to be alive, of course everyday is a great day to be alive.  Today it’s going to be Two for Tuesday.  I’m going to do some self promotion and get the Artist’s selling some of  his painting’s.  I hang them all over my home and they really make it home.  I get to look at the pictures and think of him.  He puts so much of him into each of  his painting’s. I think some music would be good ❤

Today I’m going to post a couple of the painting’s we have in an exhibit at the local library.  This is a real honor to hang his painting’s where the world can now see them.  I’m his biggest fan and I know (and have always known) that it’s just a matter of time until the right person sees it and everything is going to change. He will get to live his dream of being an artist.  He say’s, “Death is always a good career move when your and artist,” speaking about an artist like Vincent van Gogh.  I don’t accept that and I certainly don’t want that to be his next career move 😉

We have sold some of his art work, and have a website on Amazon i.e. Handmade by Amazon…below is the link.

We also have some of his artwork on a FB page, I thought I’d put that link up too…

Here are my choices for Two for Tuesday.  I hope you like them…


He loves boats and the water.  He has done many pictures of both. The October apples is one he painted for me ❤ because he knows I love the Fall and October is my favorite month.  

I hope you’ll go check his work at the Amazon site.  We are working on a new website that is strictly our’s…Elan Creations.  I will keep you advised on it’s progress.  One more thing…If you see a painting you like, we can also make it into stationery i.e. cards or pretty much anything you would like.  

That’s all for today.  Have a great day and Happy Tuesday in your corner of the world 🙂 .  Of course the Featured Image is also one of the Artist’s Masterpiece. This is one of my fav’s.



Whereabouts? | Audio & Poem

Audio & Poem: Whereabouts? by Narrator & Poet Linda J Wolff Rethink self-love. Discover and connect to yourself and the world around you with On Love. Listen to Linda Wolff's original poetry. And her personal thoughts on awakening the power of self-love. And discovering the deeper meaning of life, health and wellness. Join us! On […]

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Image result for Environment cleanliness -issues involved

Environment in which we live makes our lives happy or miserable.
Conscious efforts are needed indeed to improve ourselves-noble.
Unfortunate, people throw away the household garbage on the roads
And there are human and animal faeces lie scattered in cities.

This turns out a matter of concern in places where the rise of
Population is unfortunate catastrophe to the gullible environment.
We sure need to bring about a positive change before this planet
Turns out be a wrecking mass of filthy junk unbearable planet.

If we keep our environment clean, we can keep disease, pollution,
Environmental degradation away.Let us have a look at the magnitude:
Over two million premature deaths every year due to air pollution,.
A chemical found in the urine of the people is used in manufacturing
Of plastic products.The pesticide DDT is very harmful yet continue
As a mosquito-killer. sulphur dioxide found in coal mines travels
For about one thousand miles in the atmosphere. What a pity it is!
Man must realise and take efforts to put a stop to pollutions!

Image result for Environment cleanliness -issues involved

That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said is a party game of twisted innuendoes, so says Amazon, a little up-and-comer retailer you may have heard about.  I think they’re gonna be big, y’all.  Amazon’s description continues on to say the game is an “outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next get-together or adult game night. It’s […]


Electronica and Cyberrock Song Tuesday 174 – great songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

By: MiraSG
Michel Montecrossa - Spirit of Woodstock 2006

Enjoy this selection of excellent Dance-Electronica & Cyberrock Songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali.

Fire On The Water (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Cyberrock

Dreaming of a New World (by Mirakali) Genre: Dance / Electronica / Cyberrock

Flaming Hearts (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Cyberrock

Michel Montecrossa’s Homepage:

Follow Michel Montecrossa on facebook:

Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan:

Mirakali’s Homepage:

Follow Mirakali Montecrossa on Instagram:

Image above: Michel Montecrossa live on stage at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy:



Photo credit: Amazing shot of a fiddlehead fern adorned with morning dew drops by Tristan Robin Blakeman.

I can’t readily recognize what in the world the image in this photo might be. It’s beautiful, unique, provocative, a bit strange and very unfamiliar. I just don’t know what it is . . . except that I discovered its photo credit.

Some things simply defy our knowing — 
Moments full of meaning that pass too quickly for us to understand them;
Sights too stunning for every-day, ordinary descriptions;
Sound that comes from the wind around us that we simply cannot name;
Music so deeply moving that we cannot even speak its origin.

The truth is that life is full of things we cannot know, and also devoid of things we cannot know simply because we fail to take notice. We fail to slow ourselves down enough to hear or see or know. Our awareness may be compromised for any number of reasons, like being preoccupied with life “things,” taking on too much responsibility, focusing on too many aspects of life.

Awareness is one of life’s needful things, but is also difficult to master. Kent Nerburn, in his book Voices in the Stones: Life Lessons from the Native Way, says this wise word:

We are quick to draw lines where our awareness stops. Our streets, our alleyways, our history on the land—these form boundaries enough for us. But there are truths that lie beneath our consciousness, just as there are truths that lie beneath our feet. That we do not know them does not mean that they do not exist, only that we do not have the patience and humility to hear.

It seems to me that awareness — knowing — opens us up to the mind of God, to the struggles of those around us, to the incomparable beauty of creation, to the stirrings of our own hearts. But we must learn to “know.”

Richard Rohr might say that we must keep our hearts wide open to unfamiliar and unexplainable ways of knowing. I couldn’t agree more about the value of knowing, the kind of knowing that requires awareness and mindfulness, the kind of knowing that changes life.  That kind of does, after all, open our hearts to the heart and mind of God.


On another note, please pray for me as I look toward my kidney transplant on November 15th. I am grateful that you are walking with me on this journey that often felt so frightening. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much. If you would like to read the story of my illness, please visit the Georgia Transplant Foundation’s website at this link:

A “Go Fund Me” page is set up for contributions to help with the

enormous costs related to the transplant, including medications, housing costs for the month we have to stay near the transplant center, and other unforeseeable costs for my care following the transplant. If you can, please be a part of my transplant journey by making a contribution at this link:









Useful Health Tips

By: Danny
The human body consists of multiple organs that makes up different organ systems, all the organs work together to provide proper functioning. Unfortunately if any of the organ system malfunctions, the effect can be observed on the entire body. The following certain factors contributes to the destruction of our bodies. Unhealthy Eating Habits: unhealthy eating … Continue reading Useful Health Tips


What’s Going On Tomorrow…10/23/2019

Dad Joke of the Day:  Why can’t towels tell jokes? …Because they have a dry sense of humor.

Quote of the Day: Poverty is no disgrace, expecting to get something for nothing is.”

Today in History: 2001 – Apple introduces the iPod, a portable media player that becomes one of the most successful and revolutionary products of the early 2000s.

Born on This Day: 1925 – Corning, Iowa – John William (Johnny) Carson,American comedian who, as host of The Tonight Show (1962–92), established the standard format for television chat shows—including the guest couch and the studio band

Died on This Day: 1939 – Altadena, California – Pearl (Zane) Grey, prolific writer whose romantic novels of the American West largely created a new literary genre, the western.    

National…Swallows Depart From San Juan Capistrano Day, Mole Day, Boston Cream Pie Day


Short Story: Bubble Monster

“I’m home,” she called out as she nudged off her shoes.

No one replied. Everyone else must still be out. She sniffed the air. Something smelled deliciously savoury. Following her nose, she wondered into the kitchen.

And found a bubble monster.

She screamed. Which made it scream. Which made her brother scream. Which made her scream. And the cycle continued until her brother rushed over and slapped his hands over their mouth.

“Stop screaming,” he hissed.

She pulled his hand off her face. “You were screaming too. And what’s this?”





“This isn’t kindergarten. You don’t need to repeat after me,” her brother said.

Something nagged at her. She sniffed the air and followed her nose to… the bubble monster. Now that she had a moment to really look at the monster, it wasn’t just a bubble of unknown stuff, it was made out of stew.

“Is that our dinner?”

A carrot bobbed across the faceless head.

“That’s our dinner.”

She narrowed her eyes at her brother. She took a step forward. He took one back.

“What. Did. You. Do?”

“Magic,” her brother blurted out.

“Yeah right.”

He jabbed the bubble monster with a finger and pulled out a blob of stew. As his finger drew circles in the air, the blob of stew followed, floating easily in the air without touching anything.



“How long?”

“Ten minutes? I tried to get dinner, and dinner turned into this.”

A few thoughts sprang to mind.

Did she have magic too?

How would their parents react?

What would they do about the bubble monster?

But more importantly.

“What are we going to do about dinner?”



Genre: fantasy

NaNo Prep as a Plotter

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. In two weeks, thousands of writers are going to dive into their writing caves to write a novel within the month. Writing a novel takes preparation; that is obvious, but there are different types of preparation involved. The level of prep work required mainly depends on the category you identify with as a writer.

Most writers fall into either one of the Plotter – Panster category. Do you already know which group you belong to? Great! That’s step one checked for you. For those who don’t know or are not sure, here’s a quick guideline for each category. (Psst…it’s totally fine to be a mix of both categories, there’s no here or there only rule you have to follow!)

Plotter – a writer who plans out the story, the characters, the settings beforehand, and refer to the outline they already have created for the story they want to tell through their novel.

Pantser – someone who prefers to write everything without much planning, while spontaneously leading one scene to another as they go.

While basic NaNo Prep is essential for both plotters and pantsers, plotters typically spend more time prepping and organizing. Time is a crucial factor for most writers who have a day job and other mortal duties. If you’re a plotter like me with very little time to spare, then here are some tips that will help you successfully prep for NaNoWriMo and leave all the anxiety out.

Basic Necessities 

Decide on your platform or writing tool/application; this is especially critical if you’re attempting NaNoWriMo for the first time. You might already use a platform for writing your regular WIP or blog posts, but sometimes you want to separate your projects based on when or how you will work on them. If you already have an established platform like Google Docs or MS-Word that you are comfortable with, then you only need to create a New Document and ensure it is backed up nicely into multiple sources before you begin. Google Docs is one of the most commonly used platforms for its benefit of having a cloud back-up (meaning less chance of you losing your work during an unfortunate laptop crash scenario!).

I use Scrivener and already have it installed on my laptop; they are also backed up into my cloud account. So, all I do is to create the new project with or without a title. Remember to download the application you’re using to your phone for access on the go.


Once you are through with the registration and other necessary formalities, work on your outline. Most plotters already know what story they want to tell. Writing out an outline can save time plot-wise. If you are writing a novel in a month, you’ll need to have a clear concept of the general arc and purpose of your story from the outset.

I write an outline and a synopsis beforehand to be sure of the plots and the sub-plots that I will include in my story. Not that I have the entire plot sorted in my first draft. The idea is to create a guideline into my vision of the story’s 3 Acts.

If you need a template to help you plan, there is a great resource at Airtable.


Depending on the genre and the details needed in your story, your level of research required will change. For example, if you are writing a crime/mystery novel where you need to kill a character, you may want to research the different methods to do that – with a gun, stabbing them, poison, etc. Depending on the way you choose, you may need to do further research to see the side effects. Example: If you are shooting a person, then how does the blood spray from each angle, this could later become evidence in the investigation or useful to your protagonist as they search for the killer.

Research may also be needed based on the location you choose for your story. For example, if you are writing a Fantasy novel and building a whole new world for your characters, you will want to research on world-building techniques and the do’s and don’ts, decide on names of places, perhaps create a map of the location, etc.

 Character List/Sketch

Once you have an outline, it will be easier to make a list of your characters and their roles in the plot. As a plotter, you will want to create a character sketch for each of your characters and document them for easy access during your writing sessions. Some writers create a character profile sheet for each of the significant characters and mini-list for their minor characters.

I use the character section in Scrivener to document the details of my characters. I am also a very visual person, so I create Pinterest boards and/or add pictures to my Scrivener that relate to my characters or their location.

Summarize and Divide Each Act 

When writing a novel in a month, you will not have much time to structure your novel into each act. Summarizing and dividing the story into a structure for each Act during NaNo Prep ensures that you do not fall into the Structure pitfall. It is in this stage that you decide on the number of sub-plots, the secondary characters and their contribution to the overall story, the character development for the hero, and other significant characters crucial to the story.

Writing a summary for each chapter also helps if you have the time for it. A quick paragraph to outline what happens in each chapter can help you get straight to the writing during NaNo without wasting time trying to come up with sequences and sub-plots.

Writing Schedule 

One of the essential tools for a plotter is a schedule. I recommend planning your writing schedule during the prep based on when you will have the time to write and how many words you can get in each day. The general rule of thumb to finish NaNoWriMo successfully is to write 1667 words each day for 30 days. However, you have the choice to write more during the start and finish sooner or write slower in the beginning and more towards the end.

Usually, I write about 3-4K words a day during the first two weeks to finish before thanksgiving. It’s my style, and during these two weeks, I do not take on any social engagements or commitments as I need the time to focus on my writing. I inform my family in advance that I will be unavailable for weekend activities and plan sleepovers for my son at my sister’s place, so he gets to have fun. When I cross the 50% complete mark, I reduce to 2000 words a day. Finding a pace that works for you is vital so that you are not bogged down by the need to meet your goals, thereby creating stress for yourself.

The above tips have always worked for me as a plotter during NaNoWriMo. I hope they come in handy for you too. Whether you are plotting or pantsing your way through NaNoWriMo this year, I wish you success and hope you enjoy the process of writing a novel in a month! Do you have any special tips that have worked for you? Let me know in the comments.

P.S: For those of you participating, I can be found as RashmiM909


Short Story: Forgetful People

There was a lunchbox on the table.

Was it hers?

She checked her bag. An identical lunchbox looked up at her.

Not hers. Then…

She pulled out her phone and dialled a familiar number.

“Hey, did you take your lunchbox?”

“Oh no!”

Mystery solved. Her forgetful brother had left his lunch behind. Again. Fortunately for him, their offices were on the same street. It would be a small matter for him to swing by her office and pick it up during lunch break.

She slipped the other lunchbox into her bag and rushed off to catch the train to work.

Only to leave her bag at her seat.

Well, almost leave her bag at her seat. A helpful fellow passenger called after her before she got off the train empty handed.

Haha. That would have been embarrassing.



Genre: slice of life



Short Story: Stumbling in the Dark

With careful steps, he felt his way through the dark. His feet didn’t make a sound as he crept heel to toe across the-

Something stabbed his foot. He stumbled at the sharp pain and crashed to the ground.


The light switched on. His daughter sat up from her bed.

“Sorry, Love.” He looked down at the broken pieces of what used to be a toy arrow. He swept it aside with his feet. “I’ll fix that later.”

He returned to his daughter’s bed and sat on the chair.

“Lie down. I’ll stay until you go back to sleep,” he said and patted her pillow. She settled back down and her turned off the light.

With a quiet sigh, he leaned back in his chair and prepared for another long wait.

Next time, he would not forget his phone again.



Genre: slice of life, family


#MusicMonday – October 21, 2019

Guess there are times when we all need to share a little pain.

That pain is Monday.

So let music reach into your room, and feel its gentle touch!

I know many (ok, everyone) would say that Elton John’s best years, hit-wise, were in the 1970s, but I love several songs from his 80s offerings.  Sure, you don’t hear these as much on the radio, but they’re not difficult to find at all, and they’re just as good as anything he released in the 70s.

He’s just that good of a singer, friends.

Today, we look toward 1984, and a song about listening to music at times of sadness.  The music he wants these sad people to listen to are blues classics.

“Sad Songs (Say So Much)” is a song from John’s 1984 album Breaking Hearts, and was co-written by him and long-time collaborator/partner Bernie Taupin.  Released in May 1984, one month ahead of the album it came from, the single is the only one from this album that John still performs today.

As for the music video, it was shot in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, Australia, and features Elton without his trademark glasses (as did the album cover). I’ve always liked this song, but I’d never seen the video until recently.  And seriously, it’s quite good.  It’s interesting, but it’s good, just like the song.

Don’t believe me?  Click play!

“Sad Songs (Say So Much)” reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 (#54 for the year ending 1984 chart). Both the song and its corresponding music video were featured as part of Sasson Designer Jeans advertising in the 1980s, claiming that “Sasson says so much.”

Upload via TX Records

And now you’ll associate it with designer jeans.

Heck, I saw this commercial and long forgotten memories of “Sasson!  Oooh-la-la!” came flooding back!

Upload via AlbanianMan

I haven’t forgotten the image of hockey players singing about designer jeans, even though I didn’t know this existed until last year (it was on TV 3 years before I was born).

Sad songs, and Sasson jeans, say so much.

Have a great Monday, and enjoy the music!


Screenshot (140)


Be A Super Hero

Intervene and be an animal superhero.



Desire (Deseo)

Quote of the Week / La cita de la semana:

André Gide (1869-1951)

… every desire has enriched me more than the possession – always false – of the very object of desire.

(André Gide: The Fruits of the Earth)


“…cada deseo me ha enriquecido más que la posesión siempre falsa del objeto mismo de mi deseo.

(André Gide: Los alimentos terrestres)


My Favorite Rock Songs (1) – Top Ten

By: Jim S.

Recently, when Ginger Baker died, I re-blogged my post about Cream. Now that I have four years of posts, it made me realize it might be a good idea to periodically re-blog stuff that I dd when I had, like, one follower. So from October 2015, an oldie but goodie. 

Ok, phew. Well, this was impossible. I had a list of about 100 songs from which I had to cull 10? Are you kidding me? So, I had to have a Stones song, and a Bruce song and a Beatles song AND an Allmans song. So I got those. Actually everything fell into place pretty well. The only heartbreaker for me is that I just could not fit “Werewolves of London” on here. Sorry Warren.

Anyway, without further ado here are my top ten songs. I will publish a list of the next 10 or 20 “just misses” in a later post. I hate to have them go unheard. Other than the first two, the order is pretty random. I could easily move any of them up or down on any other day.

1. Layla – Derek and the Dominos. I don’t know how you can top this. A great song with a great hook that everybody knows. Two top-notch guitarists, unrequited love, a wild slide solo. And then the most beautiful piano solo I’ve ever heard in a rock song topped off with Duane’s bird call at the end.
2. Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynrd. If I am driving around and this song comes on, I cannot leave the car until the solo is over. Further, I must drive up onto the highway REALLY FAST to fully enjoy it. To this very day, such an awesome song. I love songs that end with long guitar solos, probably due to this tune.

3. Brown Sugar – Rolling Stones. There’s at least five Stones songs I could pick but again, perfection. The intro, the “woo-woo,” the (late, great) Bobby Keys sax solo, the nasty “couldn’t get away with ’em today” lyrics. Where do they come up with this shit? I ask you.
4. Hotel California – The Eagles. I wasn’t even a particularly big Eagles fan as I wasn’t into their brand of soft country-rock. But man it is a long way from “Peaceful Easy Feeling” to this. A masterpiece. Nuff said.

5. Whipping Post – The Allman Brothers Band. Gregg wrote this after he spent time in California. I believe I read that he had nothing to write with and wrote it with a burnt matchstick on an ironing board or something. I’m good with the studio version but it’s the live versions that are awesome. Covered by everyone from Zappa to American Idol contestants to some jam band I recently heard on Sirius called Leftover Salmon.
6. Rosalita – Bruce Springsteen. Bruce has done a lot of stuff in the 40-some odd years since this came out. But for sheer raucous, unabashed exuberance, you cannot beat this. BTW, that’ll be me next to you at the concert singing this at the top of my lungs, badly. Hey, I paid for my ticket too. Plus, you’re drunk.
7. Reelin’ in the Years – Steely Dan. Please. Three perfect guitar solos (Elliott Randall), at least one of which Jimmy Page said was his favorite of all time. We need another Dan today. Randall lives in the UK now and has done tons of studio work. But he is highly esteemed for these legendary solos.
8. Hey Jude – Beatles. I guess if you put my feet to the fire and I had to pick one, this is it. But I will need a Top Ten Beatles post one day for sure. The Beatles will appear and re-appear during the life of the blog at random unplanned moments.
9. Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2. From the militaristic intro to Edge’s ringing guitar to the incredible lyrics. The band wanted to do a song about Ireland’s troubles but had to be careful not to become targets. It has not lost one iota of its power.
10. Dazed and Confused – Led Zeppelin. I listened to the first album relentlessly. This song is as good as Zeppelin ever gets IMHO. A great song, great vocal, exciting guitar. A shame that Jimmy Page felt the need to “borrow” extensively. Just give the guy who wrote it credit. Well I’ll do that here. His name is Jake Holmes. So you know, I love ya Pagey but fuck you.

That’s my list. If you’re out there, feel free to post yours.

Hotel California


Elijah Cummings

Reading time: less than a minute He was a hero of the #resistance. He inspired us all with his valor and values and all round humanity. He will be missed.