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Famous Sayings #160 — ‘You Can’t Teach an Old Dog …’

August 24, 2019

I don’t think you can teach me how to use this new phone, son. I’m not use to this technology. As they say, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’

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Image by Chiemsee2016 from Pixabay

Sorry for not having any Famous Sayings for the past week, so this is going to be the first of two in two days. This proverb might be much older than you’d expect, but the meaning of it is clear.

What Does ‘You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks’ Mean?

The adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” speaks to the notion that it is (nearly) impossible to move someone away from one way of thinking, to teach them a new skill, or get them to try a new method of doing things. Just like an old dog may be set in its ways, an older person or experienced person may be set in their ways. It’s also hard for anyone to take advice from someone who is younger than them, mainly due to pride.

Nowadays, when I think of this saying, I can apply it to something like computers and new technology. Younger people tend to pick up these things easily because they grew up around advanced technology (Wonderopolis). Also, younger people tend to be more adventurous and curious, so they will play around with their computers and gadgets more and discover more features of that technology and new ways of doing things with the technology.

Who Coined This Adage?

Various sources I consulted (including The Phrase Finder) pointed to John Fitzherbert’s 1534 book The Book of husbandry as being the earliest examples of the proverb in print. Here is a quote from the book:

… and he [a shepherd] muste teche his dogge to barke whan he wolde haue hym to ronne whan he wold haue hym, and to leue running when he wolde haue hym; or els he is nt a cunninge shepeherd. The dogge must lerne it, whan he is a whelpe, or els it will not be: for it is harde to make an olde dogge to stoupe.

[The word “stoupe” (stoop) meant that a dog would “put its nose to the ground to find a scent” in the 16th century.]

The proverb was later cited in a 1546 collection of proverbs by John Heywood.


According to a page on Know Your Phrase, the actual expression might have showed up in the 1700s. The following quote comes from Divers Proverbs (1721) by Nathan Baily:

An old Dog will learn no Tricks.

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

In a word, yes. This has been confirmed by psychologists, dog owners, and the MythBusters.


On MythBusters, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage once performed an experiment in which they tested the adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” In their experiment, they took two 7-year-old Alaskan malamutes, siblings named Bobo and Cece, because this breed of dog had a reputation for being particularly stubborn. After four days of training, the dogs were able to heel, sit, lie down, stay, and shake upon command. Thus the “myth” was busted.

Clever Dog Lab

In 2016, Stanley Coren discussed results of a scientific study that was part of a series of investigations carried out at the “Clever Dog Lab.” The purpose of the study was to see if old dogs could in fact learn new tricks and the results were positive overall.

The study, headed by Lisa Wallis, was conducted at the Messerli Research Institute at Vetmeduni Vienna (which is part of the University of Vienna) over the course of three years. The study involved 95 Border Collies of different ages, ranging from give months to 13 years old.

The test had three parts, all of which involved the dogs to using a touch screen (with their noses) to select pictures:

  • The first part of the test required each dog to touch the correct picture with its nose. There were a set of four pairs of pictures and whenever a dog chose the correct (“positive”) picture, they were rewarded with a treat. If they chose the incorrect (“negative”) image, they were given a timeout. The younger dogs did better than the older dogs during this part of the test; the young dogs only needed 18 trials to reach the criterion set by the people conducting the study (87% correct choices) while the older dogs needed 39 trials to reach the same criterion.
  • In the second part of the test, the researchers examined the dogs’ logical reasoning. Again, they were given four pairs of images to choose, but this time, there were four new images and four “negative” images from the last part of the test. Since the negative images didn’t reward anything before, logical reasoning would hold that the dogs should choose the new images and be rewarded. The older dogs performed better during this part of the experiment.
  • The third and last part of the test involved testing the dogs’ long-term memory. After at least six months, the dogs were invited back to do the same tasks as they did before. Nearly all the dogs passed the tests and there were no significant differences between the younger and older dogs.

Tips for Training Dogs

In a post for PetPlace, Dr. Nicholas Dodman wrote that it was not only possible to teach old dogs new tricks, but that doing so would be beneficial for dogs and owners. Dog owners need to have patience, use one-word commands, and use positive reinforcement. Owners should never punish their dogs for not obeying commands but use conditions for obeying commands and quickly reward the dogs’ obedience with treats to reinforce the good behavior.

Alina Jumabhoy reaffirmed this. In a blog post for Train Dogs and Puppies, she wrote about how it was certainly possible to teach an older dog new tricks. She stressed that it would be harder to do given the physical and mental limitations older dogs might have (like loss of hearing, loss of sight, less cognitive ability). However, she gave owners some tips to work around those limitations.

  • First of all, owners need to have patience when working with older dogs. The process of teaching older dogs will take longer than a process for puppies.
  • Owners should incorporate both verbal and visual cues for commands.
  • Owners should first go over the basic commands (like “Sit,” and “Stay) before teaching older dogs advanced tricks.
  • Some things owners can teach their dogs will be to walk backward, ring a bell, and tidy up. These tasks can keep an older dog active and the bell-ringing task serves the ultimate purpose of preventing accidents in the house when nature calls.

Dealing with Changing Dog Behaviors

In a blog post from La Vida Fresca, Margarat Nee wrote how dogs could change their habits and behaviors when they go older, especially in response to changing circumstances. To illustrate this point, she wrote about two dogs she had, Hesher and Vida. When Nee first had Vida, Hesher was the older dog and in order to vie for Nee’s attention, like jumping for the first time (he was 14 years old), finding new ways to interact with other dogs, and climbing into bed. When Vida got older (she was 12 at the time the blog post was published), she formed new eating habits and stopped doing some of the activities she used to do while the family lived in California (Nee had moved to New Hampshire by then).

At first, Vida’s change of eating habits concerned Nee, but Nee talked to a specialist named Gina Palmer. After Palmer reassured Nee, Nee learned to accept the changes in Vida’s behavior and to respond positively to them.

At the end of the post, Nee also wrote this:

And if I pulled out a clicker and some treats, she’d be more than happy to learn a new trick.

How Do You Use This Proverb?

Whenever I hear “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” I especially think about computers because there is a lot I don’t know and there is a lot certain family members don’t know.

Personally, I never really got into using the Internet until 10 years ago, so there was a lot I needed to know about being online. I was willing to learn enough to navigate the websites I use and to figure out how to find good sources for things. There is still much I need to know and my willingness to learn will determine how much I learn.

Now, when it comes to dealing with certain relatives, that can be a trying experience. I don’t want to bash my elders, but it can be very difficult to talk to older relatives about using the Internet. Those who are unfamiliar with it tend not to want to learn how to use it. The situation is even worse when those relatives don’t want to hear about the importance of making new passwords or finding ways to safely store those passwords.

I have tried to patiently explain some simple concepts, only to be yelled at. I’m also angry at this point, so this adds to my frustration. And to think … the person getting mad at me has lectured me in the past and other things, but they don’t want to learn how to do something that will help them in the long run. Maybe it’s just best for some people to stick to paper and for certain companies to accommodate people who don’t know how to Internet.

Let’s Review

In short, old dogs can learn new tricks. But just like older humans, it talks a longer time for older dogs to learn new things. The most important aspect is that someone is willing to learn.

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Don’t Be So Critical of Yourself

Me at 17 on a beach trip .
Me at 17 on a beach trip .

Some of us grow up hating ourselves, criticizing ourselves for our mistakes, always trying to be perfect, never satisfied with ourselves. Then there are some who seem very confident and exhibit an air of satisfaction with themselves.

Childhood Onward

Our self view is a product of a multitude of factors. Beginning with our parents we learn that we are cute, smart, all-boy or all-girl, or funny or whatever adjective we are described by.

From childhood onward we learn who we are and what we can do well, what our interests are. Our relationships with our parents, siblings, friends shape our self esteem.

Classmate Comparisons 

Our self image changes again when we start school. We compare ourselves to everyone around us to see if we are at least okay, normal or above or below average in looks, intelligence, or talent, friendliness, or how we make relationships with our classmates, parents or teachers.

As a preteen our self image is shaped by comparing ourselves to our fellow classmates. We compare our size, development, popularity or lack thereof, our grades, and our position in the class. (Are we the class clown, brain, athlete, failure?)

We notice the clothes of the other kids from wealthier families at school and may feel inferior. Or if we are slim we may be judgmental of those who are heavier. When we hit the growth spurt between 12 and 18 years of age, for us girls (at least the chubby ones like myself) chubbiness rearranges itself into boobs and hips. We learn to cope with the bodies we are given and start learning to accept, hide, or change them.

Peer Acceptance or Rejection

Not being athletic definitely seemed to influence my perception of myself when others chose me last for their teams in sports. The problem was partially that I was not raised in a family who was sports driven. (Sports cars maybe, but not physical sports.) The other main factor that made me a poor athlete was that I was nearsighted and needed glasses. I didn’t know it until I was 12.

Since I grew up in a loving family I tried to be polite, kind, helpful and be obedient to the rules of the school. (To some I was a “Goody two shoes.” Where that expression came from I will never know!) But I was to some degree judgmental of others, just as I was of myself.

One quote my father said often in reference to my own self consciousness was, “People think less about you than you think they do.” This was more easily quoted than actually put to good use.

I always thought the other girls in school were prettier than I was. The cheer leaders, the popular girls, the girls who wore the cool styles, the one’s whose classwork was done more thoroughly than mine; or their projects were more complex, interesting, scientific or whatever than mine, or so I thought.

In high school we may develop a whole new circle of friends. We develop new social skills and with those abilities our confidence hopefully grows.

Everyone Feels Insecure Sometime.

I have since learned that even the popular kids were self conscious about some part of their appearance or performance in sports or school. Looking back I realize that I had trapped myself in a downward spiral, even though I was proud of my good grades and my ability to get along well with others. Back then I worried a lot about what others thought about me on many levels: physically, mentally, socially, athletically, and so forth.

So at 22 years old I was 5’7″ and weighed 145 pounds. I thought I was fat! Now at 68 I look back on the pictures of me at that weight and think, “Dang! I wasn’t fat! I looked great!!”

I realized how critical I had been of myself. Now I am more accepting of my body and myself. After all when I am 80 I don’t want to look back at myself at 67 and think, “Dang, I looked great at 67 !”Especially after I had complained when I was 60!

Joyful2bee MEE
Joyful2bee MEE

Self Recrimination

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Was anyone able to change that attitude? What helped the most? Did a lack of confidence set make it easier for someone to abuse us? Do we often think of ourselves as less important or less intelligent than our friends or spouse?

All of this happened to me. Because I thought less of myself, I was so impressed when someone I considered very intelligent or pretty paid me some attention. This may have been a factor to problems later for me.

Love Yourself

We need to learn to like and love ourselves and accept ourselves as we are. When we truly love someone we see their faults but love them anyway. (Why can’t we be like this with ourselves?)

If we are self conscious, feel that we are too fat, too thin, too old, too whatever; Stop it!! Yes, you heard me. Just stop it!!

We are all on a journey to find ourselves, to develop our hearts and minds to the best they can be. Sometimes we don’t figure things out at the same time or even in the same way until we are older. But sooner or later we will look back with regrets at our attitudes towards ourselves.

So we need to learn to love our bodies, personalities, abilities that we have. We can change some parts of ourselves if we don’t like them. Don’t just hate yourself for the rest of your life. You can make your life what you want it to be within boundaries given in your situation. But you may have to go through a lot of experiences in pain and in joy to finally appreciate who you really are. But the journey is well worth it and hopefully we come to peace with ourselves as we get older.


Me at 17 on a beach trip .

Joyful2bee MEE

Hidden beach town in Normandy

By: Liza
Summer has not end yet! Even I save my 2 weeks paid leaves for next year, it does not mean I will stay at home and not travelling. Well, this was actually back in July, I was still very sick after came back from my previous holiday in the southwest of France. Yet, I forced… Continue reading Hidden beach town in Normandy

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Taylor Swift – Lover (2019)

Pop powerhouse Taylor Swift has definitely changed her image over the last couple of albums. Lover is being hailed as a “return to form” by the music critics, as she’s gone back to her Nashville pop roots.


With the album having 18 tracks, Swift’s longest yet, there’s bound to be some that are stronger than others. But one thing is for sure: she’s back to focusing on romance and not having a bee in her bonnet, like on Reputation.

This is certainly obvious from the outset, with ‘I Forgot That You Existed’ – a strong opener and one that shows Swift saying goodbye to an old flame or someone who caused drama – something I’m sure we can all relate to.

Lover has a sensitive side too, in the form of a duet with country superstars the Dixie Chicks. ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ is the story of her mum’s struggle with the cancer, visualised within the doctor’s office. It’s a conversation Swift has with herself, wondering how she’ll cope when her mum passes or needs constant care.

Chart hit ‘ME!’ with Brendon Urie is one of the record’s weak spots, even with the “hey kids / learning is fun” lyric removed from the album version. My dislike for the song may be because it’s overplayed on the radio, not because it’s about love and self-acceptance, something we should all embrace.

‘London Boy’ has had a lot of discussion on Twitter as locals have described the journey between locations Swift mentions in the song to be “the day from hell”. People with way too much time on their hands have worked out the costs of getting to all the places she’s mentioned.

It does sound as if she’s just listing some of the places she knows in London during the tribute to boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Nevertheless, featuring Idris Elba’s voice at the start is a way to draw us British people to listen.

Lover is a definite step away from blame for Taylor Swift, into the version of her we know and love: happy, loved-up and wanting to create pop songs again. If you need to get your fix of upbeat, free-spirited pop to dance to and sing in the car (which I have), then this is for you.

Stream Lover on Apple Music and Spotify, and buy the album on Amazon (UK | US).

Happy Listening!

A K Jones


This week’s Sunday story in Envius Thoughts carries the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnanam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy this Part 25 –TWENTY FIVE has its own significance-quarter of a century great!. Here we have covered his Reviews up to date.
Nice to have brought out the patriotism held dearly by Nethaji and his own way which was completely at variance with Gandhiji’s in the freedom movement against the British, despite the goal remaining the same, namely independence for our Motherland!

Wish we had such leaders in our midst remaining as entities with excusive general welfare of people behind every one of their actions!

Now we need to charge ourselves with sentiments that drove the freedom struggle in a spirited way to help enable the flow of benefits of political freedom as anticipated by the freedom fighters!


A nice concept that doesn’t sacrifice quality, though there’s an offer in place to sell products at a subsidised value on this day in USA!

We in India too have such attractive offers from the businesses frequently, but most of the time we feel we had been cheated after finding out the discrepancy between what we were delivered and what we were promised!

The purpose of this day is thus defeated by the traders’ casual approach, with the buyers losing the value for their money in the process!

Long live our hard-won freedom, with us justifying it through exhibition of our concern for the nation in every step we make in our journey aimed at overall development!

19/08/19 3

We’re overburdened with stress due to routine interaction with people on a daily basis, and unless we are relieved from their clutch, we are bound to make our lives miserable and unworthy of living!A nice post to read!

Either we have to get rid of the monotony by ourselves voluntarily taking breaks in between by diversion through engagement with activities different from the routine, or to take a route via listening to jokes cracked by our well wishers and strangers too!

After all, everyone of us is after happiness, and so we should judiciously  make use of the opportunities coming our way to make our life enjoyable!


A feast to the stomach-full!

How true it’s to call poetry the language of the soul – the soul reflecting exactly what is inside of it for the readers and listeners to sit on the table and savour to their heart’s content – it cannot therefore be bad!

Madras Nalla Madras – nicely written by you and Nivetha!

Chennaites would never enjoy places other than Madras – it’s too enticing to escape their presence there – for, east or west, home’s best!

Poetry by a group of participating poets including yourself – a compound and mixture – a recipe qualifying as a mixture and compound catering to the taste buds of all!

The subject matter of a poetry – uniqueness is its essence – makes the poem beautiful, with them wearing the garb of proper texture and scintillating hues that cannot go attracted by the lovers of poetry!

Long live the poets to come out with their souls finding a sure expression through their imaginative powers in full action!


Nice to read the above post!

We are a secular nation, and co-existence of people with perfect harmony despite prevalence of different faiths is made possible!

The saints and seers coming of different religions propagate right messages to the people, and make them realize the futility of violence as a method to achieve their selfish ends!

If the rulers singularly concentrate on efforts to bring in a society free of turbulence in their daily lives, the economic development of our motherland is sure to follow!

This is what the priority should be before the saints in the larger interest of the masses!
06/08/19 2
Nice post on Forgiveness Day!

Forgetfulness and Forgiveness are necessary virtues we should imbibe to keep the relationships moving in the right direction!

Overloading us with remnants of past that might have soured our feelings will take away the sheen of life!

Two tools in our armory that readily fight the consequences of the dreaded brooding we are used to!

Zero tolerance is what often an enemy within us posing as a challenge to our thriving cordial relationships!

The one and the only panacea is our readiness to adopt forgetfulness and forgiveness as a way of life!


It’s very nice of Mr. Venkata Krishna to have liked your daily posts, and come up with a selected portion thereon on a daily basis!

Congrats to him!


A nice post in the series, ‘saints and seers!’

Their mission is simply great and laudable!

Removed far from the material aspects of life, their purpose is centred around spiritualism, and they go all out and see how best they can guide the masses on righteous path!

Gita is a striking example to show how man should approach everyday life , and Dayanand Saraswati’s usual discourse would have been beneficial to the devotees who heard him regularly!


A nice read!

An adventurous feat many would like to try and succeed!

As is found in the post, will power plays a dominant role in completing the task successfully!

Aside from it, an overwhelming interest in climbing to reach the peak adds determination to the act!

An abode of saints and seers from where they practice simplified living and penance to drive home their messages to the people who are on the road to spiritual development!

Living and life around mountains is an experience sought to be achieved in the midst of nature!


Thank you very much for the above post as this week’s Sunday Story!

Turning back, I find, I’ve come a long way!

Also I’m aware, I’ve miles to go before I sleep, and I’m sure I’ll!

31/07/19 2

A good read!

When we think of trees, what instantly comes to our mind is the tangible benefits we get from them!

Intangible ones are invaluable, and they provide solutions to what we are confronted with, namely the most generalised GLOBAL WARMING posing as a challenge of gigantic proportions!

Erratic climate is a global phenomenon attracting environmentalists and nature lovers across the world nations to assemble frequently to talk of the permanent remedies to tide over this phase gradually but steadily!

It’s the common man’s problem affecting their everyday life in many ways than one – ever keeping their fingers crossed, baffling the mankind just as one groping in the dark to locate something non-existent!

It seems so, but wisdom within us will straight away tick the correct answer, one that drives us to plant as much trees as possible, and to nourish and nurture them as if our babies that require motherly care and attention!


The title of your post today led me to guess it must be the day you were born – and it’s rightly so!

No one can believe what you are saying about yourself that you are a burden to this earth- you’ve achieved a lot and nothing stands against you in achieving more in future!

Your potential is great, and you’re characteristic of bringing it to the fore without losing any portion of it!

May the Almighty be with you in translating your passion for writing into  many more ‘creations’ for your followers to view, read, and enjoy!


Nice to go through your series on saints and seers, including one on the above!

This takes me back to my childhood days when in the month of Margazhi every year there was virtual ‘competition’ between the likes of me in carrying the portrait of Andal followed by the procession of bhajan performers made along the circuitous main road in my native village in Coimbatore district!




How to spend a weekend in Glasgow: a 2 day itinerary

I recently spent a weekend in Glasgow. Cultural capital of Scotland, Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces. 

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

It’s an easy city break destination with the friendliest and welcoming people. In addition, you have lots of attractions, great food & music scenes, free museums. The city offers something for everyone whether you like music, architecture, music, art or drinks… so you will always have things to do or see.. 

Here is my 48-hour itinerary including all the best things to do in Glasgow.

Weekend in Glasgow – the perfect 2 day itinerary

Trip preparation

How to get there

I took a Virgin Trains from London Euston to Glasgow Central. The journey lasted around 5 hours. I was worried about the length but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Driving is possible but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are visiting Glasgow as part of a road trip across Scotland. You can also fly to Glasgow airport. There are shuttle bus direct to the city centre.

Getting around in Glasgow

Glasgow is a compact and walkable city so you can get around and see most of the attractions located within the city centre and other areas easily. Here are some popular areas in Glasgow: 

City Centre: This district is perfect for tourists wanting to stay close to the main attractions as most of the old Victorian buildings and museums are there.  

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

Merchant City: This is Glasgow’s busiest neighborhood, with shops, art galleries, restaurants and pubs on every corner. It is also It is the medieval heart of the city. Wandering in this area is delightful as you have rows after rows of eighteenth century buildings with impressive architecture. 

West End: This area crossed by the Kelvin River is home to the Kelvingrove Museum but also the trendiest part of the city. 

East End: This area is the historic heart of the city and home to the famous Barras Market. 

Where to stay in Glasgow

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

I stayed at CitizenM a pretty modern hotel with neat rooms, extremely comfortable beds and super friendly staff. If CitizenM has a small bathroom, the living room with contemporary and stylish design made up for the  small size. Both hotels are quirky, stylish and ticked all the boxes. 

More accommodation ideas in Glasgow


  • Citizen M – Big comfortable beds and mood lighting
  • Hotel Indigo – Very pleasing rooms with top facilities


YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 24 Hours in Antwerp: Things to do & see

Two days in Glasgow – Day 1 

Depending on your mode of transport, you are likely to arrive in Glasgow in the late morning or early afternoon. In which case, you will have ample time to add things to your itinerary. A selection of additional attractions will be added mentioned at the end of the article.

2 pm – Arrival

My train arrived at around 2 pm and I headed straight to my hotel to check-in. My plan was to head straight back out again but Glasgow being Glasgow, it started raining. 

I took it as an opportunity to explore the CitizenM hotel. If the rooms are basic, all the good stuff is in the lounge and canteen areas. I can’t get enough of the design of this cool hotel.

4:30 pm – Early dinner at Bread Meats Bread

Bread Meats Bread is a popular burger chain I noticed when walking to my hotel from the train station. I quite liked the name so decided to check it out. They serve everything from burgers, poutine, grilled cheese toasties to vegan and veggie options too. 

6:30 pm – Stroll through Glasgow City Centre

After the delicious burger, it was time for a post-meal walk. I headed towards Buchanan Street, Glasgow’s most important shopping street for a little window shopping. From then on, I wandered along the streets passing by George Square, the most popular place to relax and people watch in Glasgow. The City Chambers opposite the square offers tours to discover the insta-worthy interiors. 

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

Glasgow is an architecture fan’s paradise. The city is full of beautiful and impressive Victorian type buildings. You need to look up to see the stunning structures that illustrate the city’s rich architectural heritage. 

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

After finishing my walk along the Clyde River which was quite pleasant, I went back to the hotel for a late night snack.

Day 2 in Glasgow

My second day in Glasgow was all about exploring the city, checking the art galleries and exploring every corner of the artistic city. Even with the busy day ahead, I decided to wake a little later. What are weekends for without a sleep in?

9:30 am – Have brunch at Singl-end

First thing first: food – essential for the busy day ahead. Glasgow has lots of delectable breakfast spots and coffee shops. Singl-end is a cute Bohemian cafe frequented by the locals and students of the Glasgow School of Art. After having a hard time deciding what to get, I settled for the Betty, a toast with avocado, halloumi and poached eggs on top.

11 am – GoMA

With a full stomach, I walked down towards Merchant City to Glasgow’s Museum of Modern Art (GoMA). The building used to be the house of a very wealthy tobacco merchant. It has housed the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Royal Exchange and a library. There is a cafe and a library in the lower floor where people can sit and relax.

Cost: Free entry

12 noon – The Lighthouse

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

Following on from my yummy breakfast, I headed to the Lighthouse. The building designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh is Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture. As well as being an art gallery showcasing the work of the Scottish architect, it is also an exhibition space, a visitor centre, events venue and also a small gift shop. What makes a visit to the Lighthouse worthwhile is the viewing platform offering an excellent view of the city.

Cost: Free entry

13:30 – Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

If you have time for only one museum, then I recommend you spend it at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. With more than 20 themed galleries, it holds one of the  largest collections of art in Scotland. I had fun exploring the different exhibits from paintings, artefacts from Ancient Egypt to a spitfire plane and “The Floating Heads”.

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

You can easily spend 2/3 hours here if you decide to pay a visit to the onsite cafe, gift shop and garden.

Cost: Free entry, small admission for special exhibitions

4:30 pm – Explore Glasgow Botanic Gardens 

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

Founded in 1817, Glasgow Botanic Gardens is home to several glasshouses including the exceptional Kibble Palace. Each one designed to suit its inhabitants ranging from desert cactus to moisture-loving ferns. The botanic gardens are a lovely place where families, joggers and locals take time to stroll.

There is an onsite teahouse that serves everything from breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. So you can perfectly spend the whole day there, weather permits!

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

Cost: Free entry

6:30 pm – Have dinner in Ashton Lane

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

Ashton Lane is a picturesque lane hidden in a small alley in the heart of the West End. This is perhaps the most charming little corner of the city both for its charming cobbled stone streets and its atmosphere. Every late afternoon and evening, the little alleyway gets packed with locals, students and tourists enjoying a drink or a nice meal or party-goers lovers of live music. Ashton Lane is the place to be. 

7:30 pm – Have dinner at Ubiquitous Chip

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

Ubiquitous Chip is both a restaurant and a brasserie with exceptional setting. The atmosphere is warm, with lights and plants making it an ideal place for a romantic dinner or a solo like I did. The food is very tasty and staff are amazing too.

For mains I I went for Scotland’s special dish: the haggis. This dish consists of sheep’s heart, onions, oatmeal, spices, liver and lungs cooked in a sheep’s stomach (as a cooking bag). It’s served with mashed turnip (neeps) and mashed potato (tatties). I agree, the list of ingredients doesn’t make this dish appetising at all but trust me, it is delicious. I even wished I had gone for the main dish instead of starter version! Ubiquitous Chip serves one of the best haggis in town! Desert was the highland crowdie cheesecake with honeyed oats.

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Day 3 in Glasgow

9am – Breakfast at Ibis Styles 

My final day started with a simple breakfast at the hotel. 

10 am – Discover Glasgow’s murals

Glasgow is slowly becoming the rising star of Europe’s street art scene. Massive murals decorate Glasgow’s building for the delight of locals and fans. All of the masterpieces tell a story and pay homage to Glasgow’s culture and history. 

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

If you like street art, you can take a self-guided mural tour, thanks to the City Centre Mural Trail or join the guided tour organised by People Make Glasgow.

My favourite was Saint Mungo located not far from Glasgow Cathedral. The mural, by street artist Smug, represents a man holding a small bird. 

12:30 pm – Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis 

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

The Glasgow Necropolis is Glasgow’s answer to London’s Highgate Cemetery or Paris’ Père Lachaise cemetery. The necropolis is perched on a hill, so even if cemeteries are of no interest to you, you can still enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. There are about 3,500 tombstones and mausoleums on site with more than 50, 000 people buried there. Take a wander and you will meet other wanderers and photographers, attracted by the beauty of the Victorian cemetery.

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

After the quiet wander, walk down to the magnificent cathedral which is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. Admire the gothic building and step inside for the magnificent stained glass windows. Glasgow Cathedral is one of the city’s oldest buildings. Formerly a Roman Catholic Church, it is now Church of Scotland.

Cost: Free entry

2 pm – Lunch at Bar Soba

I was on my way to The Hanoi Bike Shop but when my Uber driver suggested Bar Soba, I decided to go there instead. I love Japanese food. The food and service were good, the place had a great buzz and the  staff were friendly.

3 pm – University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the oldest universities in the UK. I’m sure J.K. Rowling was inspired by the university when imagining Hogwarts. The university is massive with corridors that never seem to stop, almost like a labyrinth. You can take  a guided tour to explore the university.  

A weekend in Glasgow: A 2 day itinerary. Glasgow offers visitors a fantastic collection of art galleries, amazing street art and green spaces.

Within the premises of the university are a few museums that are open to the public. The Hunterian Art Gallery, The Mackintosh House and the Hunterian Museum are some of the other sites that can be added to your visit. 

The Hunterian Museum is the oldest public museum in Scotland and founded by William Hunter, an art collector and anatomist. It offers an incredible collection of anatomical and atypical objects.

Hunterian Art Gallery holds art from artists all around the world but mainly Scotland.

From the Hunterian Art Gallery, you can access The Mackintosh House, a reconstruction of architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his artist wife Margaret MacDonald’ s house. The couple redesigned and decorated their house. It’s worth visiting to get a sense of how they lived. 

Cost: Free entry except Mackintosh House (£6 admission fee) 

5 pm – Back to London

It was soon time to head back to Glasgow Central for the train back to London. Glasgow was a surprise for me. It’s packed with plenty of things to do, places to eat (which as you know are all impossible to do in two/three days). Although it has many attractions, it’s not too big nor too touristy.

Additional things to do in Glasgow

Here is a list of additional cool things to do in Glasgow including tours and day trips ideas!

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The ultimate guide to Glasgow. From art galleries hopping, eating tasty food to simply enjoying the vibe, Glasgow as something for everyone! #glasgow

Have you been to Glasgow? What was your highlight? let me know in the comments below!

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Singapore Night Festival 2019

SG Night Fest 2019 (5)

Singapore Night Festival 2019 returns for its 12th edition. The Bras Basah.Bugis district transforms into an ethereal wonderland over the two weekends with 16 light artworks spanning projections and installations. Here’s what you can expect at this year’s SGnightfest.

Disco Walkway by Aux Media Group

SG Night Festival 2019

Disco Walkway adds vibrancy to the Stamford Walkway with glowing neon-coloured cubes and classic tunes such as ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

Location: Stamford Road Walkway

Symbiote by LiteWerkz

SG Night Festival 2019

An installation that juxtaposes tension and lightness, visitors are invited to lie down or crawl under the structure as different waves of colour wash over it.

Location: Stamford Road Walkway

Tropicana by The Electric Canvas

SG Night Fest 2019 (7)

The Stamford Court clock comes to life with bright and bubbly colours, and an extravagant coating of warm tropical vibes under the sun.

Location: Stamford Court Clock

S.C.U.L.P.T by Yann Nguema; assisted by Arnaud Doucet

SG Night Festival 2019

This artwork is the perfect marriage of projection mapping and interactivity, allowing visitors to manipulate its form and appearance with simple laser beams.

Location: Armenian Church

Festival Village @ Armenian St Park

SG Night Fest 2019 (4)

Apart from the Night Lights showcase, there are two Festival Village set-ups at Dhoby Ghaut Green and Armenian Street Park.

The Legend of Ramayana by Spectaculaires

SG Night Fest 2019 (13)

Inspired by the Asian Civilisations Museum’s collection of Nakashi Venkataramaiah paintings, the show takes the audience on a journey of the Sanskrit epic poem The Ramayana. The epic follows Prince Rama’s quest to rescue his beloved wife Sita from the demon King Ravana, through the eyes of a venerable Banyan tree.

Location: National Museum of Singapore, Banyan Tree

Keep Dreaming by Spectaculaires

SG Night Festival 2019

One of the main highlights of SGnightfest, the National Museum of Singapore come to life as three mysterious characters awaken from their deep slumber to embark on an adventure.

SG Night Fest 2019 (1)

Don’t stop dreaming!

Location: National Museum of Singapore

Glow Away by HeritageCares x Sansys Collective

SG Night Fest 2019 (11)

UV-lit installation created by members of the community

Location: SMU Campus Green

In:Sight by Tran Tuan Cong, Alison Poon & Sansys Collective

SG Night Fest 2019 (12)

For the instagram!

Location: SMU Campus Green

Work-in-progress by Asylum

SG Night Fest 2019 (6)

A scaffold structure populated with animated light formations brings across endless possibilities of “imagination”, the foundation to Asylum’s pursuit of creativity.

Location: National Design Centre

Singapore Night Festival 2019
Now till 31 August 2019
7.30pm to 12.00am, Bras Basah.Bugis
Free Admission


Singapore |

SGNightFest 2019


SG Night Fest 2019 (5)

SG Night Festival 2019

SG Night Festival 2019

SG Night Fest 2019 (7)

SG Night Festival 2019

SG Night Fest 2019 (4)

SG Night Fest 2019 (13)

SG Night Festival 2019

SG Night Fest 2019 (1)

SG Night Fest 2019 (11)

SG Night Fest 2019 (12)

SG Night Fest 2019 (6)

Treasure hunting…

In an attempt to normalize my retirement into something a little less complicated and chaotic, I decided it was time to do some decluttering around the old homestead. So I headed off on a mission to get rid of anything no longer useable. I scrounged around in the forgotten corners of everyday living. Pulled down old boxes hidden away on closet shelves. Rummaged through various ‘junk’ drawers filled with unrecognizable items and hauled out all those totes of neglected memories that were long ago stuffed into the darkest pits of uselessness…known as the basement and attic.

At first glance, I believed them to be just more clutter that would soon be headed for the trash container. Things like plastic bins of pens with no ink, sticky note pads that no longer had any stick and dried up colored markers that had been saved away so many years ago… because who knew when they might come in handy. Most of these were disposed of quickly. This was going to be one of those ‘honey do’ weekend tasks that I would make short work of and be done with in time to watch the ball game. 

But as I sifted through the various totes and containers, I realized that each memento once occupied the center stage of the drama we call ‘our lives’. Things that had been so important to us that they were worth lugging around the world as we moved from one house to another. There were so many memories of our past lives hiding away in those boxes and totes. Trophies that I am not sure which child won them, photographs of people whose faces I had forgotten. Pressed flowers from prom’s and weddings, half-written stories and poems, love letters sent and received.

I learned some valuable lesson buy reading those old poems and examining the faces of those people that were with us in our childhood. They all told me a story. Stories about who we were so many years ago and how we became the people we are today. So I returned each box to its former place of honor. Perhaps someday, after we have no need for mementos or memories, our grandchildren will go through all our boxes of treasures. Just maybe, they will get a little bit better understanding of who we were. I hope it brings a smile to their heart.


How are you ageing? – Ageing Well in August # 3

Are you ageing well, do you think? This month it's Ageing Well In August with tips and prompts to help us age and live well. Here's my third weekly wrap-up.

Ageing well In August #3


Ageing Well in August list of prompts

Sweet 16

Debbie on the kid's flying fox

Debbie on the kid's flying fox

Playing in the park - Debbie

Playing with my granddaughter

Entering the tunnel - my best angle!

Playing with my granddaughter

#FlashbackFriday Without Boundaries

So, a thing happened when I was researching the company featured in yesterday’s commercial.  It’s not the most interesting tidbit I’ve ever found, but it actually made the common theme…much more common.

So I found out, while researching yesterday’s article, that Lucent Technologies had begun struggling in 2000, a few years after being spun off from AT&T.  In order to stem the tide of their struggles, Lucent spun off several arms of their company, including their business communications arm.  And that’s where today’s commercial comes in.

Today’s commercial, which aired within the same block of commercials I pulled yesterday’s commercial from (in fact, today’s aired earlier in the block), is the result of that spin off.

In April 2000, the struggling Lucent Technologies spun off several arms of their company amid struggle, and their business communications arm became Avaya.  When this commercial was taped in September 2000, Avaya was just establishing their worth in the world of business communications.


What gets these people speaking the same language, while looking like the joke wall on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In?


How many people have no clue what I’m talking about?

Oh, just watch the commercial.

Avaya, unlike its predecessor from which they were spun off from, still exists today.  They were a public company from inception until 2007, when they were purchased by private equity firms.  As of December 2017, they are a publicly-traded company again.  They specialize in unified communications, contact center, and business communication services.  Avaya was the converged-network (telephone, video and data communication services within a single network) equipment supplier for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralymics.  Despite a bankruptcy filing in 2016, they are still around, but sold its networking business and associated products to Extreme Networks for US$100 million.

They’ve last much longer than the company they came from, which means they obviously can be understood.


What the screenshot says.


I wound up investigating this company a bit when I saw the Lucent Technologies logo at the end of the commercial, and what I believed was just a common thread involving information systems and business communication wound up being a Six Degrees of Separation exercise.  Without Kevin Bacon.

I wonder if it connects back to him at all….

It doesn’t.

Well, there you have it.  Went in on one common thread, came out with something else.  That’s how we do it on Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, my friends.  Find the connections!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!







23 August – Rotherbridge

A roasting hot Bank Holiday Friday was not an ideal time to visit the river but I was bored and hadn’t flicked a fly line for 18 days. The river level had dropped back to the normal Summer level and I thought that exploring the deeper pools at dusk might produce a fish or two. I’d tied some heavy nymphs to experiment with prior to my day on the Itchen and I wanted to try them out on familiar water.

The Ultimate Driving Machine let me down for the second time in a week and it was 5:30pm before the more reliable Defender clambered through the potholes along the lane at Rotherbridge.

I looked upstream through the bridge railings and scanned the sandy bottom between the clumps of streamer weed. Nothing moved. The sand was dimpled where the shoals of tiny Dace had been feeding.


I turned and looked downstream, careful not to throw a shadow. A Trout about 2lbs was hanging close to the bottom below a few straggly fronds of streamer weed. I could see a Cormorant mark on its shoulder. A much darker fish was moving around, changing its position in the current and obviously feeding about a yard above a Willow bush. Both fish were out of casting range, hidden behind the bridge and overhanging bushes. It was a sign that fish were in the area and I decided to spend the evening on that stretch of river.

I settled down on the lush grass in a position where I could cover a pool fringed with weed. It looked promising and as I was choosing a fly, a Trout rose about ten yards downstream. I dropped a GRHE along the line of the rise and extended the cast until the fly was positioned correctly. There was a big swirl under the fly but no take. I was a bit miffed; a gentle cast, no drag and a trusted pattern had failed. I swapped to a dry fly but the fish had gone down, deep in the weed. I decided to try it again later.


I walked up to the New Riffle and fished hard with a nymph for half an hour but the water was very shallow and the surface was only broken by tiddlers. As I walked back to the bridge I saw a huge fish rise in the middle of an overhanging Alder tree. It was deep in the trailing branches and I thought it might be a Carp. I sat behind the balsam and watched the river. A Trout rose in a gap between the two large Alder trees. The gap was about a yard wide and went deep under the trees. An impossible cast. I fired a Parachute Pheasant Tail hard and low across the river. After two or three attempts it found the target but landed with such an impact that it frightened the fish which didn’t rise again.

I had a few casts above and below the bridge but there was no sign of fish and I left the river. A chilled bottle of wine was calling to me.







How to Deal with Emotional Overload Symptoms BY BEN KUBASSEK · PUBLISHED JANUARY 24, 2014 · UPDATED JULY 11, 2015

Understand what an emotion is An emotion is a “stirred up reaction” such as love, hate, fear, anger or grief which are also referred to as emotional overload symptoms. An emotion is aroused when a person views something as either good or bad. However, an emotion does not always have an external cause; it can […]

Cyberrock & Electronica Saturday, part 139

By: MiraSG

It’s the hundred-thirty-ninth Cyberrock & Electronica Saturday: enjoy this selection of songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali from various albums

Where We Meet (by Mirakali); Genre: Orgastica-DJ / Electronica / World Music

Future World (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Cyberrock

How Many Oceans (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Cyberrock

Future World Rising (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Dance-Electronica / Cyberrock

Michel Montecrossa on facebook:

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Explore Michel Montecrossa’s art, music, movies, quotes and more on Twitter:

Mirakali’s Homepage:

Image above: Michel Montecrossa live on stage at the Dreamspace Electronica Fest at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy (

FOTD – August 24, 2019 – Dahlia

Feel free to post every day or when you you feel like it.  Please continue to post your entries on my daily post.  Here is a link to my FOTD page.  Thanks.   I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel […]



Self Reflection On Judging Others

By: Vernon
Do not judge others because you don’t know what they are recovering from. Everyone is recovering from something. To truly follow Jesus, we must be tolerant and loving of all people. By this everyone will know that you are my... Read More ›

Fibbing Fridays: Aug 23, 2019

By: Suze
Theresa at the HauntedWordsmith hosting the fibbing fridays questions until she shut down her blog. Fortunately two intrepid souls took over the questioning. This weeks questions come from PC guy 4…. Exactly who was the catcher in the rye?  Yogi Berra Where exactly does the red fern grow?  Under the redbud tree To Kill a Mockingbird … Continue reading Fibbing Fridays: Aug 23, 2019


testing, testing…can you hear me now?

By: Suze
While I am eternally grateful that I have managed to live to the age of Medicare eligibility…it is somewhat annoying to discover that each appointment with a doctor (for whatever reason) breeds several more appointments with other doctors..which breeds MORE appointments for a bazillion tests! I saw a cardiologist today…it’s for the first time since … Continue reading testing, testing…can you hear me now?


Even fairies grow up

By: Naonato

I learnt how to dance to the sound of underground fireworks,

legs, burnt boots and clenched jaws drop around me,

like grotesque confetti.

I’m carefree, in peace with my maker, as I wonder between poisonous ivy

and twitchy mines… Must keep low and under the barbed wire;

I use it as a clothes hanger.

Occasionally the fur of a clumsy mammal is left on it,

like a tibetan flag, like a hunters clothes line.

The best thing abouth the military exclusion zone, is how peaceful it is at night;

there are no planes flying over my sky to interrupt my star gazing right.

I dance between two lands; my light step heals the World,

I steal from one and give to the other.

I carry stories from the outside in, and vice versa.

I smuggle love letters from those that don’t forget.

Many tried to stop me, but they stand still

when they see Death’s head over yellow paint,

they stay well away…

Their military boots are like magnets to my jumpy friends,

even the ones made of clay…

So let me dance and dance,

I know one day I’ll grow too heavy,

and my feet will disturb those that kept me safe,

and then it will be my end,

and I’ll be one tiny bleep among the stars,

and my confetti will nourish the land.


Tales from the mind of Kristian: Zone


Flight Free of Error Error Error

By: Naonato

Tom enters the cockpit. He switches the light off. He’s about to switch the light on again when

Tom! Hey mate! your zippers down. 

Check your zipper. I don’t need to check my zipper, I did that before. Check again check again.

Tom checks his zipper, it’s down! How could he have missed this?

Tom lets the coffee drop out of his hand onto the cabins floor so he can focus on the zipper. He couldn’t care less that he spilt it over his own shoes. It’s about priorities and unfinished business is always top priority. 

It’s up. Good. Hands? Clean? If you need to ask it means you need to clean.

mental note, buy more hand sanitiser, this one is at about three-quarters full.

Clean the hand – You have coffee on your shoe. There’s coffee everywhere. You need to clean the coffee. clean the hand clean the hand.

Ground control is calling. Pick up. Did you clean the head piece. Clean the head piece clean the head piece. Ground control is calling. Pick up pick up!

Good job with ground control. Have they disconnected? Yes? You sure? Check the light check the light check the light.

Tom… Hey Tom!

Huh? Yes? Yes? Yes?

I want to say that I love flying with you. How you tripple check everything, I just know it’s going to be safe. You never miss anything!

Thank you Cody, thank you very much, thank you.

Flight is clear for take off, all checks have been done three times over. We’re midflight, everything is peaceful. Tom’s resting for a second. He bolts up! Eyes in anxious panic!

I didn’t switch the lights on and off before entering the cockpit!

Turn on and off all lights. It must be dark then light, then dark then light then dark then

TOM! What the fuck are you doing?! You can’t turn the engines off! Tom! 

Lights out

Plane plunges into darkness

Lights on

Plane lights up but it’s still plunging. Co-pilot’s trying to take control.

Lights out

Plane nose dives beyond critical recovery point.

Lights on

Co-pilot histerically pulls up to stabilise the plane, he’s pushing Tom out of the way. The ground is swiftly approaching. He’s not succeeding.

Lights out



One liner – Serenity

By: Naonato


Don’t confuse my serenity with apathy; for apathy is a still dead pond and serenity is a calm ocean teeming with possibilities.