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Pick Me Up and Six Word: Self care will save your life

My entry for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday Challenge. During this time of Covid, this graphic I found on the web is so appropriate. I’ve put together a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone […]



July 11 – SquarePerspectives – Yaquina Bay Bridge

Here is my entry for Becky’s for July Square Perspectives challenge. Now to get you started here are a few perspective definitions; Art – the method by which solid objects drawn or painted on a flat surface are given the appearance of depth and distance. Geometry – the way that objects appear smaller when they are further […]



Cee Neuner,, Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon, wide angle

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon, Cee Neuner,

FOTD – July 11 – Dahlia

Welcome to my Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD).  Please feel free to post every day or when you you feel like it.  Don’t forget that my FOTD challenge accepts leaves and berries as well as flowers.   I would appreciate you continuing to post your entries on my daily post entries.  If you need […]



A season for everything. Getting our house in order.

Today I worked on my pantries and watched old videos from Brothers Green Eats (now Pro Home Cooks and You Enjoy Life). How I love the videos from Mikes’ brother. I have linked these videos a hundred times in blogs, books and my videos but now is the time for repetition.

Mikes’ brother (can’t remember the name right now and too lazy to look it up) did a whole series on what you can buy and cook for the price of a weeks worth of lattes or a Dominoes pizza, or Japanese take out and so on. These were so inspiring and big eye openers. Here are my two favorites.

It is mind boggling how many groceries you can buy and all the foods you can cook for the price of 7 lattes or the price of one pepperoni pizza. We waste huge amounts of money on restaurant food, and not even quality food. This is one reason people stay broke, not poor but broke, all the time. “Where does all the money go?” They ask. To Starbucks, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and so on.

Now is the season to become very conservative and learn all the tricks you can. I’ve been working the budget, organizing the pantry and watching my favorites for inspiration.

I’m in heaven, I can watch my beloved channels again, because I’m a viewer now!! I may return in a season or two…three…who knows, but right now I’m enjoying being like all of you, a student and observer.

I’m enjoying this time to get my house in order and focus on those crazy kids. I’m telling you, dealing with these ages (3, 6, and 8) is like tending to the senile one minute or people who have had too many cocktails and have become belligerent. I should have a doctorate in child psychology by now.

Yesterday I was spent and dinner was mashed avocados on bread the bread maker made with out any help from me. I lay on my bed and watched Much Ado About Nothing with Emma Thompson. With anything Shakespeare you have to strain your ears and brain to comprehend what they are saying, but I enjoy it fully.

Today I was renewed, awoke at close to 5:ish AM and sipped coffee in bed whilst watching my old favorites of High Carb Hannah and then on to Brothers Green Eats as I worked on the pantry, made a casserole, baked bread, and prepare for a simpler time ahead.

I feel very accomplished these days as I clear out drawers and give things away. One of the men from the Weatherization Project ask for a trimming from my large plants so I gave him a whole plant in one of my coffee cans. I’m eager to gift others and make more space daily.


I also made oat milk and cleaned up the porch, watered plants, fed every living thing in this house.

Here is the garden. We left some plants blooming despite being done for the season because the butterflies and bees are feasting on the little buffet.

We still have tons of squash, plenty of greens, and green beans are beginning to thrive. No sign of peppers, egg plant or tomatoes yet. I have basil but my other herbs are still babies. Some veggies should have been planted much later in the season. I’ll figure it all out next year. We are still new gardeners after all.

Finally got the boys room in order.

I keep all my bills and mail in the bread box and once a month I clean it out and make sure all the bills are paid, calls are made, and budget is up to par in my cheap notebook.

Also trying my hand at regrowing celery.

I used up the last of our canned meat and I save the juice in a jar. I pour it on the dogs food with rice and vegetables as a treat.

Our eating and snacking is very simple and so healthy and fresh these days. We love veggies and fruit with some Madjool date rolls for an extra treat.

We also enjoy smoothies made with my oat milk, frozen bananas, and other berries, along with greens from the garden (mostly spinach as the kids don’t taste it even if I load it in there).

This is a very productive time for me. I’m feeling good and getting ‘er done! I have also cleaned out ever drawer and shelf and cupboard. I can’t tell you how good it all feels to have my house in order. I just had no time for all this before.

We worked so hard when we moved onto this property and then I was trying do all my old work as well. Now the complete focus is on the home.

I’m almost done as of today. I do have a little work to do in the laundry room and the house is now in order! Everyone has clean, organized rooms, I have an organized kitchen and pantry, we all have sacred spaces and shelves (will go into this more in another blog). Budget is written up, we’ve begun huge payments on our Home Depot bill, have a bit of cash on hand, and I’m replanting parts of the garden and scheduling out the Fall garden.

Aaannnd…I scheduled my first local Chiropractic appointment at a cute little office just around the corner from our house. I did some research and the Dr. has a good and solid reputation and brings his dog to the office, how can you not love that.


These Creative Times

My course would have been Web Design & New Media at Academy of Art University but cost was an impeding factor in my delay.

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #46 – July 11, 2020

Welcome to Week #46 of the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. Click here to read the guidelines for the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt series.

Prompt for Week #46 (Jul 11, 2020 – Jul 17, 2020)


Click here for the 6WSP image.

I will do a roundup post each Friday. So please be sure to participate before time runs out!

I can’t wait to read your stories. 😀 I hope that you’ll be back for next week’s Six Word Story Prompt. 🙂

Have fun! Thank you for participating. Until next week, folks!

P.S: If you have any doubts/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The comments section is all yours!

P.P.S: Use the tag 6WSP and don’t forget to pingback to this post!

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Cyberrock & Electronica Saturday, part 174

By: MiraSG

It’s the hundred-seventy-fourth Cyberrock & Electronica Saturday: enjoy this selection of songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali from various albums.

Awake! And Fill The Cup (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Cyberrock

One Dream (by Mirakali) Genre: Dance, Electronica, EDM

Hunt For Truth (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: acoustic New-Topical-Song

Michel Montecrossa on facebook:

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Explore Michel Montecrossa’s art, music, movies, quotes and more on Twitter:

Mirakali’s Homepage:

Image above: Michel Montecrossa at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy (

Updated Movie Collection – Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan

By: MiraSG

This blog post features various music videos and Live-Concert videos of the ‘Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan’ series – Read more about the Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan series at: :

Episode 2 ‘NEW & FREE’ of the Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy Season 2020/2021 features five Hit-Songs and Music-Movies by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and a homage to Bob Dylan:
‘Call Of The Festival‘, ‘Corona & Weltvereinigung ( Corona & World Union)‘, ‘Forever Love‘, ‘Mississippi‘, ‘New & Free – Neu & Frei‘ to bring in times of Corona Lockdown the legendary Spirit of Woodstock Festival Feeling to your home for cheering you up.

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2014 Preview

Download Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2014 from iTunes:

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2013 ‘Tempest Of Darkness & Light’ Preview

Soon After Midnight – Michel Montecrossa’s erotic music video for his sexy performance of Bob Dylan’s song

Duquesne Whistle – Michel Montecrossa’s Non-Violence Topical Music-Video for his classy performance of Bob Dylan’s song

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2012 at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri (Preview)

Download Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2012 from iTunes, Part 1:

Download Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2012 from iTunes, Part 2:

Download Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2012 from iTunes, Part 3:

Something That Counts – Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2011 Concert Preview With Selected Songs

Download Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2011 from iTunes:

The Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar

Things Have Changed

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007 – Superchick Concert, Part 1

Download Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007 from iTunes:

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007 – Superchick Concert, Part 2

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007 – Superchick Concert, Part 3

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007 – Dirty Blues Concert, Part 1

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007 – Dirty Blues Concert, Part 2

The complete list of all Bob Dylan songs covered by Michel Montecrossa:

List of all Bob Dylan Cover-Songs performed by Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan:

Download great Michel Montecross songs on ITunes:

Follow Michel Montecrossa on Twitter:

Become a friend of Michel Montecrossa on facebook:

Watch Michel Montecrossa videos & trailers on Vimeo:


Do you have any idols? And are willing for God to remove them?


A bright light in History

Are you aware of the important place that the Bible played in the early history of our nation? What influence does the Bible have today in governing our personal lives and governmental practices? The Continental Congress was closely related to the American Bible Society. Elias Boudinot was the president of the Continental Congress in 1782 and […]


Call Your Senator about the HEROES Act

Reading time: Two minutes Read up on why we need to support average Americans by putting cash in their pockets during this unprecedented crisis! The benefits of the CARES Act end on 31 July. A new stimulus check of $1,200.00 per adult and $600.00 per week bonus to unemployment insurance is badly needed. The senate will only have eleven days to get it done once they return from recess, 20 July. Call your senator today and everyday urging them to pass the HEROES Act without delay.



Short Story: Why It Happened

Start from The Thing That Happened, then How It Happened first.


~Why It Happened~

Her plans for a quiet day popped like soap bubbles the moment her brother wrapped all six feet of himself around her like a determined koala around the last eucalyptus tree in existence.

“Help me!”

It didn’t matter how old they were, or what the problem was. She could never reject her brother’s cry for help. And that was why, three hours later, she found herself at the activity hub, hanging around the water fountain with a pill in her pocket while her brother smiled stiffly on the other side at his stalker admirer.

According to her brother, the pill was designed to create smoke when in contact with water. All she needed to do was drop the pill in the fountain to create a fake accident. Her brother would run away, allowing his friend to swoop in to save the girl and hopefully take her heart too.

Trying very hard not to draw attention to herself, she let the pill roll off her fingers and slip into the water with a silent ripple.

Followed by a loud bang.

Smoke immediately spilled out. And not the tame little tendrils her brother described. It was like a whole city’s worth of thunderclouds, bursting out of the fountain like students after the last exam of the year.

She reared back, arm over her nose as her eyes watered. Blinded by the smoke and ears ringing from the confused screams around her, she somehow stumbled out of the complex.

One little pill ended up causing a huge incident. And to add insult to injury, because of how suddenly the smoke exploded, her brother instinctively protected his admirer all the way until they safely evacuated the building. Which meant that not only did he fail to cut ties with her, she had now fallen even harder for him.

“Help me!”

Another day, another plea from her brother. Considering what happened last time, she should say ‘No’. N. O. No. She practised the word in her mind until she felt ready to say it out loud.




Genre: family, general

The Thing That Happened | How It Happened | Why It Happened

Today’s Art: Nature paintings & drawings, part 44

By: MiraSG

Today’s Art:  Here comes part 44 of Nature paintings & drawings by Michel Montecrossa – continuing with the drawing / architectural sketch ‘Miravinci Studie’ and the drawing ‘Cat’.

The Miravinci is the Meditation Center of Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe – further information here:

Description: ‘Miravinci-Studie’
Mirapuri, 1988, Pen on paper

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Michel Montecrossa on facebook:

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings are available as High Resolution Digital Art Prints on canvas, either in standard-size A1 (59,4 cm x 84,1 cm) or on demand in other formats. See here previews of all paintings & drawings:

Send your order to: Filmaur Multimedia, Danziger Str. 1, 82131 Gauting near Munich, t: +49 (0)89-8508555, eMail:

Visit exhibitions of Michel Montecrossa’s art:

Read here about ‘THE ENERGY OF ART’ ART EXHIBITION of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the Mirapuri New Art Gallery (Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy)

Read here about the new ‘ART FOR FUTURE – KUNST FÜR DIE ZUKUNFT’ EXHIBITION 2020 – 2022 of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the New Art Gallery at the Filmaur Multimedia House (Gauting near Munich, Germany)

Yesterday — July 10th 2020Your RSS feeds

The Adventurous Foodie Meet and Greet

This meet and greet will be on Facebook Live on Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. On Facebook just search “The Adventurous Foodie.” Looking forward to seeing you there!!



World Population Day 2020 Quotes & Slogans: Here Are Some of The Best Sayings on Overpopulation

My Lord Almighty! Thee know the art and science of creation
Sure none can discern the great aim and purpose of Thy action!
What should be rightly treated as human ‘resource’ and ‘asset’
Alas! Today we treat as a burden and a problem great!

True of course population exploding beyond a limit
Breeds myriad issues, difficult to manage by the timid!
Shelter, health, food, education, employment issues many
Where to go for money and materials-no company!

To create awareness of all issues- purpose of this day
Problem is of the world all over – we have to find a way
Men –young and old, women-young and old to be made aware of
To be effective and aim served-Day to be taken care of!

Theme now centered around the health and rights of women and girls.
During the pandemic, with unemployment on the rise, women’s health and
Well-being are on the line, not just from the corona virus but
Also from the increase in gender-based violence.

The United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs along
World saw five billions on eleventh July eighty seven
United Nations observe since then- all these years followed
Spread the message and help world come out gloriously mellowed!

World Population Day 2019 : Date, Theme, Essay, Poster and Celebration

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,53,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 113th  view at 23.00 hrs  yesday viz Friday   the 10th July 2020, (10/07/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the great figure   TWO LAC AND FIFTY THREE THOUSAND (2, 53, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1992nd day and 2053rd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.

Travel Thursday– Bon Voyage!

By: Terri
It has been a while since I have written.  2020 has thrown a wrench into a few things for me and, though, I have been writing every day, I have not been posting anything here on my blog.  I have been working on making sense of my thoughts. So, today, I want to start a … Continue reading "Travel Thursday– Bon Voyage!"


Data is love. Streaming is life.

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Circles Life Promo Code - DATAHERO

Three Line Tale #25: Bubble Bath Day

Uh oh, it’s the bubble bath day, and here comes the giant human to pick me up.
Although my siblings love the bubble bath, I absolutely detest it.
So here I am, floating in the foamy water, with a sad face trying my best to stay away from the little humans!

This post was written in response to the Three Line Tales, Week 232 prompt by Sonya. Thanks to Sonya for hosting this challenge. If you want to participate, please visit the link for instructions and other guidelines!

Image courtesy: Thomas Despeyroux via Unsplash

If you loved this story, click here to read more such stories!

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Pick Me Up: Flowers always make people better …

I’ve put together a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists. Qi (energy) hugs Cee

071020flowers always make people better