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Should You Spend Your Money on the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

20 September 2021 at 13:00
By: Cate

If you’ve been wondering what the heck the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is (and what all the hype is about), look no further, my friend.

This article is going to give you a quick and dirty glimpse into that trendy little tool known as The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit (GBTK for short). We’ll cover what it costs, what’s included, and the pros and cons of investing in this popular tool brought to you each year by Ultimate Bundles.

Because YES, there is a potential downside to purchasing this product, even if people don’t talk about it very often!

But, first things first…

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{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


Also known as the GBTK, this is a product bundle that Ultimate Bundles puts together and sells one time each year (sometimes twice). It’s on sale for just a few days, and for a crazy low price – think FLASH SALE.

It’s one of the many curated product bundles they sell each year.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a bundle of digital products and tools that are designed to help bloggers start, grow, and monetize their blogs.

Simply put, the huge bundle of products rolled into the toolkit are meant to provide everything you need to take your blog to that next level.

There are over $6,300 worth of tools and resources in the toolkit this year, created and published by a handful of veteran bloggers. The toolkit includes:

– 53 eCourses & videos

– 13 eBooks
– 5 workbooks & printables
– 4 templates
– 1 membership site
+ $310 worth of bonuses!


With a value over $6,000, most people expect to see some outrageous price for the GBTK. But the beauty of Ultimate Bundles is their crazy DISCOUNTED PRICES.

There are two pricing options for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit:

1. You can buy the toolkit as a standalone bundle for $97 – you gain instant access to ALL of the courses, memberships, and tools immediately, so this is a great option if your budget is less than a hundred bucks.


2. You can buy the toolkit + cheat sheets for $147 – you also gain instant access to all of the same contents in the bundle, but you get the convenience of easy-read cheat sheets.

These make your life SO. MUCH. EASIER. They are just brief snapshots that provide a summary of every tool in the kit, to save you the time of sifting through all of that content yourself.

Either option is perfectly fine, because you will never find a deal greater than this either way. The cheat sheets are just an extra resource to make it quicker and easier to utilize the tools in the toolkit.


You’ll find tools for ALL areas of starting, growing, and monetizing your blog, social media channels, and online business.

Categories include:

Getting Started

Content Creation
Email marketing
Marketing & Branding
Planning & Organzation
Product Creation
SEO & Traffic
Social Media & More!


During the days before the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit launches, Ultimate Bundles always puts together a series of kick-booty training webinars to help you get your blog moving forward.

These webinars are 100% FREE with no obligations, and they are presented by some of the most influential and successful bloggers in the world. If you missed them, the replay is included in your bundle content area!

Even though I’m a veteran blogger that has been doing this forever and a day, I still attend these webinars and take tons of notes every year, because they are always packed with valuable information about the ever-changing world of blogging.


Here’s a little-known fact about these free webinars: everyone who attends gets a secret link and the option of early access to the toolkit. There are also early-bird bonuses and a handful of other bonuses that come with every bundle purchased.

Again, even though I can’t disclose every detail and every bonus that will be available to you, it will be worth attending the webinars and finding out what’s in store!

Save your seat at one or both webinars here.


This product is close to my heart because it’s one of the first “educational” investments that I ever made for my own blogging business.

I cleaned out my garage and sold a bunch of baby stuff from my first baby just to buy the toolkit. And I’m so glad I did.

That small investment lit a fire under me to really make this blogging thing WORK. Yeah, it was just a hundred bucks and some old baby clothes and baby gear, but it meant the world to me at that time.

I had already been blogging for a while and making a little money, but I just hadn’t “broken through” that barrier yet and I wanted to take it up a notch.

I want YOU to take it up a notch too and see what you’re capable of!

If you’re taking that same step that I did in buying this toolkit, I want you to know that I’ve got your back! That’s why everyone that buys the toolkit through this blog post is getting some free gifts from me, just as a thank you for trusting in me to recommend quality products to you on your blogging journey.


Anyone that buys the toolkit through this blog post is getting these two special bonuses to help you make the most of your investment!

BONUS # 1:
Free access to my affiliate program master list (for first-time buyers). This list of over 1,000 high-paying affiliate programs is a great complement to my affiliate marketing course in the bundle!

BONUS # 2: Take 25% off any 1:1 blog strategy session with me. Accountability and support are so important when it comes to blogging and learning the ropes of online business. I’ll work with you one-on-one and help you make the most of the training in the Genius Blogger’s toolkit.

I’m offering these special bonuses because I want to help you get the most out of the toolkit, if you do choose to buy it!

Simply follow this link to purchase your toolkit on launch day (September 22, 2021) OR register for the free webinars using this link. After you make your purchase and have your receipt, just send a screenshot of the receipt to me via email at

This gift is being given on the honor system, so please only provide a receipt of purchase if you used the link in this article to make your purchase.


No matter what anyone tries to tell you, there is a potential downside to purchasing bundles of products like this…and we need to talk about it!

The cons of the toolkit:

1. There is A TON of content included and it’s sooo easy to get overwhelmed.

The overwhelm is a serious concern when you buy a huge bundle of digital products like this. You might even get frustrated by the mountain of “work” in front of you and never open the bundle to begin with!

2. There are A TON of varying teaching styles in the courses/programs.

This bundle is curated by bloggers, educators, and entrepreneurs…and we all have our own teaching style. Not every course in the bundle is going to be a good fit for you, and that might feel disappointing. It’s best to be prepared for this before making the investment.

3. You have a limited time to gain access to the content.

Although you do have lifetime access to all of the courses/programs in the toolkit, you only have six months to actually sign up and/or join those programs.

So, you have to be sure that you sign up for all of the things you want to utilize before those promo codes expire. This time around, it expires on March 24,th 2022.

So, is the toolkit worth purchasing?

Most of the time, I’m going to say that it’s absolutely worth it. I buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit every year, because to me, it is definitely worth the price tag.

Even if you only take advantage of 2-3 of the courses or tools, it is still wayyyy cheaper than buying those products on their own.

You’ll also get free support from my blogging group to help you stay on track with your goals!

The pros of the toolkit are pretty obvious: it’s an insanely great value for a ton of helpful blogging tools. The cheat sheets make it even easier to sort through the content and decide which tools and courses you want to use.

Remember, if you attend the free webinar series, you get early access to buy the bundle. But if you miss the webinars, the cart opens up on September 22nd, 2021!

You can also get updates on the launch here.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to pin it for later!

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The Best Blogging Tools and Resources for Beginner to Advanced Bloggers

3 September 2021 at 19:37
By: Cate

Bloggers always ask me what my top recommendations are for blogging tools and resources. It’s basically the number one question I get (understandably).

So, I put together this massive list of the best blogging tools and resources that every blogger should consider using. Many of these tools will make your job easier and help you to reach your goals faster. 

By the end of this list, you’ll be asking yourself, ‘where has this been all my life?!’


You’ll find a mixture of free and paid tools on this list, but I did my best to find the most affordable and useful tools that are available on these blogging streets! 

You don’t need to use or buy ALLLLLL of these things. Just pick and choose the ones that apply to your current goals. And they’re all organized into categories to make things easier for you.

Let’s get to it!

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


If you’re new around here, you might not be familiar with some of these terms, but try not to stress over it. It’ll all start coming together as you work through these recommendations and get your blog set up.

Simply put, every website needs a place to “live” online. Your website hosting is like the plot of land where your site is going to live.

Important note: there is NO single perfect hosting company. They all have pros and cons.

Some bloggers have their preferences and some bloggers will swear up and down that you should go with ‘this or that’ hosting company. 

But the bottom line is, none of them are perfect, and some are better than others.

Our top two picks are below.


It’s super affordable for beginners and they have great customer service. I have several sites on this hosting platform and I have had zero issues with them. 


If you don’t like Namehero for some reason, then go with Siteground. They are just as good, but a bit more pricey (especially after your introductory rate is over). I also have a few sites with Siteground and have never had a problem there either.

These are the only two hosting sites that I recommend for bloggers with less than 100,000 monthly pageviews.


Once your new site has a plot of land to live on, you need some blogging software to actually set up your site. This is where WordPress comes into play. You’ll want to use for your blog and you’ll download it through your website host after you purchase hosting. 

Follow this step-by-step tutorial for getting your blog setup the right way!


Your theme is essentially the template that displays the look and layout of your site. You can use the default theme that comes pre-installed when you download WordPress or you can install your own.

Tip: choose a lightweight theme that doesn’t slow down your website!

Astra It is an extremely versatile theme that is lightweight and full of options. The free version is also very customizable, so you can use it until you want to upgrade.

Kadence – This is another versatile lightweight theme that a lot of bloggers love. There are plenty of great website themes available out there, but these are the top two themes that we recommend.


These are little tools you attach to your site that help it to function better and accomplish more.

These plugins are used via your self-hosted platform. And you don’t need to use A LOT of plugins, just use the trusted ones that make your life easier.

Note: some plugins will weigh your site down and make it run slower, so use discretion and research every plugin that you’re considering.

The below plugins are safe and essential for most bloggers.

Yoast SEO. An essential SEO plugin.
Akismet Anti-spam. Spam blocker for your blog’s comment section
Grow Social. Social sharing plugin that helps you grow your blog.
Insert Headers and Footers. Add snippets of code to your site.
Google XML Sitemaps. Create sitemaps and improve SEO.
ShortPixel. Image compression tool.
Wordfence. Security and malware protection. 

There are over 50,000 plugins to choose from. You might need more plugins than what is listed above, but these are a good place to start!


Once you have your blog set up and rolling, you’ll want to track activity to make sure you’re growing and reaching your goals!

Google Analytics – every blogger needs to attach Google Analytics to their site. This allows you to track your traffic, conversions, and website goals.

Mouseflow Heat Maps – for tracking what people click on and engage with on your site. They have a free trial to test it out! Always fun to see how users are experiencing your site!

LinkTracker – track your affiliate links and keep all stats in one place.


Grab this affordable Legal Bundle drafted by a lawyer and fellow blogger. An important tool for every blogger’s toolbox. 

Protect yourself and your blogging business by including these essential legal pages on your site.


Some awesome tools and resources to help you design beautiful graphics for your blog, social media, digital products you sell, or anything else you create online.

Canva – design any graphics, e-books, printables, presentations, and more. Free and paid option. You can also save extra cash by grabbing the annual plan and splitting it with other bloggers or members of your team (up to five team members can share one plan and split the cost)!

Stencil – another design option that’s popular among bloggers. It’s free for up to 10 images a month.


If you’re not a professional photographer yourself, you’ll probably need access to high quality stock photos at some point. Here are the top options:

Canva – another reason to love Canva! You can use their thousands of professional stock photos on your paid plan.

DepositPhotos – thousands of stock photos and advanced search options for every blogging niche. 

Pixi Stock – thousands of style stock photos, Canva templates, and more, designed for women entrepreneurs. 


Grammarly – a helpful editing tool to correct errors and improve readability.

Google Drive – do all of your drafting and blog post writing in Google Drive where it saves automatically (never lose another blog post).

ProWritingAid – a free Chrome extension to help you improve your writing for your blog, business, or school..

Coschedule Headline Analyzer – if you struggle to come up with catchy and optimized headlines, try this free tool.

Transcribe by Wreally – a tool that will transcribe audio to text.


SemRush – one of the most robust search engine optimization tools available. Research competitors, fill competitor gaps, find keywords you can rank for, improve backlinks, and more.

Keyword Chef – an easy affordable keyword research tool created by a fellow blogger.

Keysearch – another affordable keyword research tool that is a great supplement to Keyword Chef.


Having a tech expert manage your WordPress site for you is a no-brainer in this business. It is the first thing I would invest in once you start earning a little cash.

iMarkInterative – I recommend this trusted team of WordPress experts that offer monthly WordPress support plans. I personally use the Aim plan, but any plan is better than none. Lowest price starts at $37/mo. – this is a free tool that allows you to check your site speed and offers tips for making improvements. 

SemRush Backlink Checker – This free tool allows you to track backlinks and make improvements to your off-page SEO.


Video is all the rage in the content creation world. 

Whether you’re doing LIVE Facebook videos, Reels, or recording social media posts and trainings, you’ll need a few of these visual marketing tools.

Screencast-o-Matic – This is an amazing and versatile video tool. Record your screen, yourself (or both). Edit video, add CTA’s and buttons to video, and more.

If you plan on doing any video presentations or need a tool that allows you to record your screen, give this one a try!

BeLive – a great tool for streaming video on Facebook. I use this to stream all of my LIVE trainings within my private Facebook communities. 

Loom – this one is a great free tool if you need to record short videos under 5 minutes. You download the Chrome extension and can start recording within seconds. For paid plans, I recommend Screencast-o-matic, but Loom is great for quick video recording. 

Zubtitle – This is a subtitle generator that is super easy to use and perfect for adding subtitles to your social media videos.


Automate whatever you can, whenever you can!

Publer – This is a social media scheduling app that has a ton of capability for nearly every social media platform. You can schedule content to all platforms for months at a time.

Check out this video tutorial that shows you how to schedule a year of social media content using Publer.

Tailwind – If you’re a Pinterest user, Tailwind is a good automation tool that will save you time. It’s not a magic wand that will guarantee Pinterest success, it’s just a time-saving tool that allows you to schedule several pins at optimal times.

Mailerlite – Use Mailerlite for your email automation sequences (more about this under email marketing).


We can’t grow a blog or make money from it without doing a little homework. Business education will be an essential investment for success. 

What you choose to invest in will depend on your own business goals, but here are some suggestions to get you started!

Becoming a Blogger – this is a comprehensive A to Z blogging course that shows you how to start, grow, market, and monetize your blog. 

Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! – Learn how to maximize your affiliate income with this detailed marketing course. 

Stupid Simple SEO – The course I wish I had invested in from day one! This is an extremely detailed, action-packed, video-based course that teaches you how to boost blog traffic using SEO. Start with the FREE Masterclass before making your purchase.


Find a supportive community of like-minded bloggers working toward the same goals.

Scale Your Blog Success – a private coaching group that I run with a fellow blogger and blogging coach. This group is for motivated, active, beginner to intermediate bloggers. The coaches and members are present in the group throughout the month to support each other and learn how to scale their blogs!

Pinterest Mastermind with Carly Campbell – a private coaching group with a focus on all things Pinterest and building up your blog traffic via Pinterest marketing. 



We’ve covered a ton of blogging tools and resources so far, and we have a few more to go.

So let’s talk about making money. What are some helpful tools you can use to start earning that moolah? Here’s a great list to get you started!

Ultimate Bundles – this is an affiliate program that allows you to earn money from promoting popular, low-priced digital products. Free to join and earn 40% of every sale you drive.

Share-a-Sale – this is a free affiliate network with over 4,500 affiliate programs you can join and promote (and earn from). One of my favorite networks, every blogger should join!

AWIN – another great affiliate network with thousands of programs to promote worldwide. There is a $5 screening fee to join, but you are reimbursed after approval.

FlexOffers – another great (and FREE) affiliate network with over 12,000 programs to choose from and promote. Join the network, apply to your favorite affiliate programs, and start promoting them in exchange for commissions!

Sendowl – if you want to create and sell any digital products, like e-books and printables, start with a Sendowl account. You can upload your creations, sell them, and even invite affiliates to sell your stuff for you. Super affordable and easy-to-use tool.

Teachable – if you want to sell courses or coaching packages, Teachable is a good platform for that. This is the platform I use to create and sell my courses. 

Acuity – If you want a schedule tool to book and charge for calls, coaching, meetings, etc, try out Acuity. This is the tool I use to schedule my coaching calls.


As a content creator, you’ve got A LOT to do! But thankfully, you also have a lot of helpful tools that will make your life easier.

Trello – an organized workflow tool to help you manage your schedule or your team! – a tool that allows you to unsubscribe from multiple mailing lists and clean up your inbox. This tool is great but an even BETTER IDEA is to avoid subscribing to too many lists in the first place. Be VERY mindful of who you give your email address to.

Google Calendar – a free calendar that allows you to schedule events, get reminders, and keep life on track digitally.

Focus Booster – this app allows you to track time and improve focus. 


Mailerlite – Mailerlite is an email marketing service provider that is free for your first 1000 subscribers. You can automate a series of emails, segment lists, create sign up forms, and more.

Outgrow – Boost your leads, sales, and subscribers with interactive quizzes, surveys, polls, giveaways, and more. 


Here are a few techie blogging tools you might be needing along your journey.

Tripod – for videos, selfies, or photography. I use my iPhone and tripod to record most of my short videos and social media pictures. It’s quick and easy!

Blue Yeti Podcast Mic – for videos, trainings, podcasts, and more. I honestly don’t use my mic very often, but if you’re planning on running a podcast or video series, a good mic will be a must.

iPad – The iPad basically sells itself. Portable, versatile, advanced technology for all your digital needs. You don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest iPad, shop around for your needs and budget.

Airpods – Any headphones within your budget will work just fine. I was an Airpod ‘hater’ at first. But after I tried my husband’s airpods out one day, I was hooked. I can move around freely during conference calls, video recordings. And I never knock my phone onto the floor anymore after forgetting it was attached to headphones.


Here are a few additional blogging tools and resources that I use, LOVE, or created for you myself. Hopefully you’ll find something useful in the list!

Pinteresting Strategies – An action-packed Pinterest marketing course from one of the best Pinterest pros out there. 

Pins Made Happy – This is my favorite Pinterest pin design course. It helped me boost my Pinterest engagement and traffic, which is NOT the easiest thing to do.

Challenge Replay: How to Create a Year of Money-Making Content – This is one of my 4-week challenge replays that is packed with helpful tips and tricks for pushing out tons of great content as quickly and easily as possible. 

Affiliate Program Master List – this is a gigantic masterlist of affiliate programs and their commission rates in every blogging niche. Over 1,000 programs on the list, organized by highest paying programs.


I hope this list of blogging tools and resources was helpful! 

All of my email subscribers get free access to this list in a downloadable PDF so that you can store it on your computer or even print it out. 

You can join the club and get access to the PDF right here (after subscribing, you’ll receive an email with a link and password to access the goods)!

For additional blogging resources, check out these popular articles from my site:

How to Start a Money-Making Blog the Right Way
How to Boost Your Blog Traffic and Attract Your Dream Clients
Monetize Your Blog Quickly and Easily with this Comprehensive Guide
3 Essential Investments for New Bloggers

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29+ Easy Blogging Tasks You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

2 September 2021 at 14:13
By: Cate

We all have those days where we’re just feeling tired, lazy, or unmotivated, amirite?? Here are 29+ ideas for easy blogging tasks you can do in 10 minutes or less. 

If you aren’t feeling motivated to work today (or you just have a full schedule), set an alarm for 10 minutes and knock out one of these quick and easy tasks to keep you on track!


It’ll be easiest to complete one or two of these tasks if you have ZERO distractions. 

So, turn off the tv, put your phone away, and get focused for 10 brief minutes. These baby steps will take you a loooooong way on those days where you completely lack blogging motivation.



am 100% guilty of letting those blog post comments sit in the queue forever and a day. But approving and responding to those comments can really help you to connect with your audience.

Take 10 minutes for this easy blogging task today: spend two minutes each responding to 5 of those blog comments that are waiting in your approval queue.


If you’ve got a couple minutes to spare, take that time to schedule at least two Pinterest pins directly to the Pinterest platform. 

If you can create eye-catching pins for your blog posts, and you’re publishing them onto Pinterest regularly, you have a good shot at gaining FREE blog traffic from it.

Here is exactly how to upload your blog posts to Pinterest >>>


Hopefully you’re already active in a few Facebook groups in your niche! But if you’re not, this is a great opportunity to gain some exposure and some authority among your peers in the online space.

People are hanging out in Facebook groups alllll day every day, asking questions and gaining insight from others.

Let them gain some insight from YOU!

Take 10 minutes today and answer a question or two in one of the Facebook groups that you frequent. Make sure the answer you provide is helpful and relevant to the needs of your target audience. 

And if the group rules allow, don’t be afraid to drop a link to a helpful tutorial that you created!


Email management can be such a hassle! But when you break it down into short, digestible moments of time, it’s less overwhelming.

Open up that inbox. Scroll down to the oldest unanswered email and take a few minutes to respond.

The key: don’t overthink it! Just read the email and respond with a brief answer.

PRO TIP >>> keep a running list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers that you can copy/paste and adjust for each email response. 


Having outlines for things will absolutely save your sanity as a busy blogger!

Take a few minutes today to create a pitching outline that you can send to businesses that you’d like to collaborate with.


Scheduling a bunch of Facebook posts is easier than ever with the tools we have available today. 

You can schedule 7 days of Facebook posts in just a few minutes by using a scheduling tool like Publer.  Below is an easy tutorial that walks you through exactly how to do this!


If Pinterest marketing is part of your blogging strategy, take a few minutes to create a new eye-catching pin image today.

I use Canva to make all of my Pinterest images.


Everyone overlooks this one, but it’s so important!

Take a few minutes to check and update your Pinterest bio.

Does it include keywords? Does it express what you offer to your audience? Do you offer a valuable freebie? Does it motivate your audience to follow you or click the link in your bio?


Consistent engagement will help you to stay on Instagram’s good side and get on the radar of your potential audience.

So take a few minutes each day to engage with your current followers or a few people in your niche.


Engaging with Instagram stories is often overlooked. But remember, when you watch and comment on an Instagram story, it opens up a private convo in that user’s DMs.

This can often lead to good conversations, collaborations, and more followers.

Remember to be respectful of the person’s time and space. Follow social media etiquette and don’t jump into people’s DMs asking for things or trying to sell things. 

Build relationships by starting genuine conversations and getting to know people and their needs!


Instagram Reels are allllll the rage right now.

Whether you like them or hate them is irrelevant. Commenting on reels will get YOU more exposure (because more people are seeing and engaging with reels right now).

This is not something you should spend all day on. Just a few minutes if you have the time!


Similarly, you can spend a few minutes each day engaging with Tik Tok videos if your strategy involves growing on that platform.

Remember, you don’t need to be active or present in all places. Pick one or two and stick with them until you have them mastered!


Most of us can’t write a full blog post in 10 minutes, but you can DEFINITELY come up with a blog post idea and brief outline in 10 minutes.

Keep it simple.

Write down your topic, three main points, any side points that add to the conversation, and a closing thought or call to action. BOOM! Blog post outline is done!


Don’t tire yourself out over this stuff! Start small and just look for ONE keyword you can write about. Just one.

Low competition keywords are a GREAT way to drive targeted blog traffic back to your site. 

Use a tool like Keyword Chef or Keysearch to browse around and locate some low-competition keywords you can use for your next blog post!


Y’all know how much my community means to me…. And how beneficial it is to be a part of a community that ‘gets it’.

Take a few minutes today to lift someone up.

Send them a thoughtful message. Send them a compliment. If you see a blogger struggling with something, offer a supportive word or a solution, if you can. 

If you make this a weekly habit, you’ll have an amazingly supportive community of like-minded bloggers in no time. And it might even motivate you to keep going on the days that you feel discouraged.


You don’t always have to show your face on social media or share some amazingly profound wisdom, ya know?

Sometimes, you can just post a nice graphic or quote. Sometimes, just the consistency of hitting the publish button is A-OKAY! 

This is a super easy blogging task that anyone can do >>> 

Login to Canva.
Type ‘Instagram post’ into the search bar.
Select an image that fits your branding.
Adjust the text to something simple and helpful for your audience.

BOOM…You’re done!


If you’re already doing batch creation for Instagram posts, then you probably have a few posts that are ready to publish. 

Login to your Publer account and schedule a week of posts. Set it and forget it!


If you have a blog post in your drafts, take a few minutes today to make some edits on that post.

It doesn’t have to be perfect (or complete). Just set the timer for 10 minutes and make some improvements to the draft. Do this a few times this week and I guarantee you that post will be ready for publishing before you know it.


Y’all know I gotta say it: education is a huge part of this process! Being a creator or an entrepreneur takes a lot of strategic effort and growth… and the landscape of the online world is always evolving. 

If you’re feeling unmotivated, take a little time to do some reading or learning today.

If you don’t have the means to purchase an e-book right now, read a few educational blog posts from one of your favorite creators.


I call this a ‘blog idea dump’… It’s kind of like a brain dump, where you just let your thoughts and your pen run wild on the page, pouring your thoughts and ideas onto paper without thinking too much about it.

Get that pen to the pad and jot down some blog post ideas. Don’t stress about search volume, popularity, keywords, none of it.

Just think about your readers and your blog focus, and start scribbling blog post ideas onto the page. It gets the creative juices flowing and might even help you come up with a great idea for your next blog post.


Scheduling content is a quick and easy way to do something productive when you aren’t really ‘feeling’ this blogging thing.

If you have a Twitter account, keep a running list of potential Tweets and then schedule out a day or a week of Tweets via Publer.


I use this clever little trick often!

Go back to one of your oldest blog posts. I guarantee it needs a little TLC.

Don’t worry about updating the entire post. Just think about how you can improve the introduction (the first few sentences).

Is your point clear? Is it solution based? Does the introduction encourage the person to keep reading?

If not, take a few minutes to spice up that intro. Don’t forget to hit the save/update button when done!


Content calendars help you stay organized and consistent with publishing content all month and year.

If you don’t have your own physical copy of a content calendar, make sure you print one out and start using it today. 


Type one of your main topics or keywords into the Pinterest search bar and browse the first dozen pins in the results feed.

Study the images (why are they ranking at the top?)… Study the titles and descriptions (what keywords are they using?)…

This detective work will help you determine what is working on Pinterest and what kind of pins you should be creating. 


Not sure why your traffic is tanking or why you can’t get any Instagram followers?

Facebook groups are a great resource for collective feedback! You can join my free Facebook group right here. Please read the group rules first. We manually approve posts and do not approve any posts that go against our community rules.


If email marketing is part of your business strategy, then you need to be sending regular emails to your audience. 

You might not have the time to write up an entire email and send it today, but you definitely have 10 minutes to come up with an idea and a brief outline.


Speaking of email marketing, lead magnets are a great way to grow your list!

Take a few minutes to jot down some ideas of things you can create as a ‘freebie’ to your email subscribers.

Your freebie should be:

  • Easy to download/access
  • Helpful and relevant to the target audience
  • Valuable enough to show your authority and expertise on the topic

Once you have an idea for a lead magnet, you can create it on your own in Canva or hire someone to design it for you.


You should be upgrading your bio on all social media channels at least once or twice a year.

Make sure the messaging is clear. What do you offer and who are you helping with this account? Make sure you have free resources or helpful links in your bio. 


Most webinars are an hour or more, so you might not be able to watch a webinar today. But, if you come across one from a trusted source, don’t hesitate to register for the webinar if it takes place at a later date.

Webinars and free trainings can be an excellent source of education and motivation. 

And if you’re on the hunt for a value-packed webinar, you can sign up for my latest FREE training right here: How to Massively Scale Your Blog in 3 Easy Steps!

This is a masterclass that I put together with a friend and fellow blogging coach, and it’s well worth the watch. Just make sure you’re taking notes, because we cover A LOT of info. 

Your pencil is gonna be smokin’!


We’re all busy managing our lives and our businesses. And some days, we just won’t be motivated to put in the work..

On the days that you aren’t feeling motivated, make sure you are disciplined enough to at least complete a few of these easy blogging tasks that take 10 minutes or less. 

Completing a few of these tasks every single day will have you well on your way to a successful and booming blog/creative business.


Take this FREE 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge!

Learn how to START YOUR BLOG the right way here.

Learn how to get FREE blog traffic with Pinterest right here!

Turn your blog into a money-making business THIS YEAR with this free tutorial.

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The Best High Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

1 September 2021 at 17:23
By: Cate

Let’s talk about the best high-paying affiliate programs for bloggers.

But first…

What the heck is affiliate marketing and how can you make money from it?

Well, my friend…I’m glad you asked!

This article is going to dig into the definition of affiliate marketing and the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

So, let’s get to it! 

{{ Our articles contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


Affiliate marketing is a digital system that allows a business to pay commissions to anyone that promotes their stuff. The person promoting that stuff is YOU babe.

Seriously. That’s it.

You’ll find and join an affiliate program of your choosing. Then you’ll receive a special trackable link that you can share with your audience…and when someone buys that product or service through your link, you get a commission.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


There are two ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

You can join an individual affiliate program through an individual company, or you can join an affiliate network and connect with several companies on that network’s platform.

Joining an individual affiliate program:

This is a program that a company creates and runs on their own. Also known as an in-house affiliate program.

They work directly with their affiliate marketers (that’s you). They create their own terms and contracts, and they pay you directly.

Note: Most companies have an affiliate program, or they can easily create one! You might just have to ask!

If you want to find out if a company you love has an affiliate program you can join, simply search Google for the company name, and add ‘affiliate program’ to the end of it.

Example: ‘Amazon affiliate program’ or ‘Cricut affiliate program’…

Joining an affiliate network:

An affiliate network is a little bit different. The network is like the bridge that connects YOU (the affiliate) and the COMPANY that you want to promote.

Networks include several companies and they house their affiliate programs on one platform. 

The network acts as the middleman between the company and their affiliates.

When you sign up for an affiliate network, you’re joining a platform that works with many companies doing affiliate marketing. And most of the time, you’ll have to join the network, and also apply to the individual companies that you want to work for within that network.

If you want to take a deep-dive into the process of making money through affiliate marketing, check out this FREE 4-day affiliate marketing challenge!


If you want to jump into affiliate marketing (and you should), give some thought to what kind of products you want to promote. 

You should only be promoting products that you truly believe in and think your audience will benefit from.

Once you have an idea of the companies you want to work with and the products you want to promote, you can start signing up for affiliate programs and/or networks.

Remember, individual affiliate programs allow you to work directly with individual companies, and affiliate networks are third-party companies that act as a bridge between YOU and the BUSINESS that you are going to be promoting.


Let’s talk about some individual affiliate programs for bloggers. These are individual companies that accept affiliates into their flock and pay them directly, without a third-party network.

Remember: you should only join affiliate programs that are a good fit for YOUR readers. So, let’s break these programs up into a few popular blogging categories.

Affiliate programs in the business niche…

These are some of the best affiliate programs in the online business niche!


This is a website hosting company that will forever have my blogger heart! They provide all the tools that you need to set up and run your own self-hosted website.

If your audience needs access to high-quality website hosting, check out the Siteground affiliate program. Pay starts at $50 per qualifying sale.


This is a marketing software company that provides all of the tools you need for the marketing side of your business. Their solutions include email marketing tools, automation tools, landing page creation tools, and more.

They have two affiliate payout options: a one-time payment of $100 per referral, or 33% recurring monthly commissions.


This is my company’s affiliate program. We pay 40% commissions for sales on all of the educational courses found here.

If you have an audience that needs help growing or monetizing their blog, you can join my affiliate program and make a generous 40% commission from every sale that is made through your link. To join, just send me an email via my contact page or comment on this article!


The Tailwind affiliate program is great for bloggers that want to recommend automation tools to their audience. This is an automation tool for Pinterest and Instagram, and it pays 15% recurring commissions.


You’ll end up finding some affiliate programs just through coincidence, when you start using and loving new blogging tools, like Pretty Links.

It’s an awesome plugin that cleans up those long, messy strings of numbers and letters in your URLs. It also allows you to create custom links for those long, ugly affiliate links (when the affiliate company TOS allows it)…

Who doesn’t like clean website links, right?

As a product, it’s just a simple WordPress plugin that cleans up the look of your URLs and makes them more memorable for your audience.

As an affiliate, the Level 1 payout is 25% commission and you’ll start receiving payouts after hitting a $50 minimum threshold.


This affiliate program rocks, for more reasons than one!

First off, customers get a HUGE discount on the bundles that they purchase (between 90-97% off).

Secondly, affiliates get a hefty 40% commission for each sale, which is absolutely incredible in the affiliate marketing world.

Thirdly, affiliates get an additional discount on all bundles that they purchase for themselves. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is one of their most popular products and it’s a perfect recommendation for bloggers in the online business niche!

Affiliate programs in the mom niche…

Here are a few of the best affiliate programs for bloggers in the “mom blog” niche.


This is a great affiliate program for most bloggers, but it’s especially valuable for mom bloggers!

Moms are busy and tired. They appreciate the ease of buying from Amazon and having goods delivered to their door (with FREE shipping)!

Amazon is also a trusted brand, and people are much more willing to hand over their credit card to a company they know and trust.

You do have to make three qualifying sales within the first 180 days to remain in the affiliate program, but if you build a loyal following and promote great products, that won’t be a problem.

** Keep in mind, your family and friends are not considered referral customers, according to Amazon’s Terms of Use, and you can only receive a commission if Amazon considers the sale to be a “Qualifying Purchase.” 

If you ask your mama to buy something from one of your links, you won’t receive credit for that.

Note: Amazon is one of the lowest paying affiliate programs, but it does have decent conversion rates, so it’s good to weigh your options!


This is a company that sells planners and ebooks to help make mom life easier. They pay 50% commissions to their affiliates.


This is a company that sells organically grown baby clothes, toys, and accessories. They pay 10% commissions to their affiliates.


Earn $100 per sale promoting a company that helps mamas preserve the umbilical cord blood from baby’s birth. First join Share-a-sale, then apply to the program. 

Affiliate programs in the beauty/fashion niche…

Here are a few of the best in-house affiliate programs for beauty and fashion bloggers.


Makeup Geek sells … makeup, of course! And they pay 10% commissions to their affiliates. This is a great affiliate program to join if your audience is interested in makeup or cosmetics.


This company is a designer label fashion outlet. They provide compensation for leads AND sales, and the payout for affiliates is up to 10% per sale.

These listed above are just a few of the great affiliate programs you can join, but like I said, most companies have an affiliate program or can easily create one.

You just have to start searching for them!


So, which affiliate networks are ideal for you?

The cool thing about affiliate networks is: they contain a pool of affiliate programs in EVERY blogging niche! So, no matter what you blog about, you can join an affiliate network and find programs that fit with your audience.

Here are some of the most popular affiliate networks for bloggers to join:


Remember, you’ll join the network, search for companies you want to promote within the network, and then apply for access to that program.

This network is great for bloggers in any niche and has over 4,500 affiliate programs you can join. Free to join and use!

Screenshot of ShareaSale homepage


This is another affiliate network that is great for every blogger. They charge a $5 screening fee for you to join their network, but they refund that charge after you get approved.

They have a plethora of programs within the network that you can join, including the popular Etsy program. Here is their directory if you want to look into the companies you can work with. Hundreds of them!

Screenshot of AWIN affiliate network sign up page


Flexoffers is one of the most popular affiliate networks. They have over 12,000 programs to choose from and extensive resources to help you succeed.

Free to join, this affiliate network is one of the best options for bloggers.

PRO TIP: Join a few networks and a few programs to get your feet wet, but don’t overdo it in the beginning. 


As a quick recap, affiliate marketing is just working with brands and businesses to promote their stuff, in exchange for a commission.

You can work with individual affiliate programs or join affiliate programs through a network like Share-a-Sale.

The ultimate goal is to find products that will be valuable to your own audience, and then create content that promotes those products using your affiliate link.

Like anything worthwhile, it takes some time and effort to start seeing the fruits of your labor … but with strategic effort and patience, you can do it!

Here are some other popular affiliate programs for bloggers in any niche:

If you enjoyed this article, you can pin it for later here!

Black text on white background says 'the best high paying affiliate programs for bloggers'.

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How to Create Digital Products You Can Sell on Your Blog

27 August 2021 at 14:00
By: Cate

Blogging can be a very lucrative online business if done right. There are thousands of successful bloggers out here in these blogging streets and more are joining the game every day… because it’s a great and flexible way to earn income from home.

Content creation plays an important part in the process. In fact, a lot of successful bloggers make money from having thousands of page views on their site each month. But for startup blogs, it may take months (or years) to achieve that much traffic, let alone a full-time income coming from display ads.  

New bloggers need to create clever ways to make money blogging fast.

This is where creating and selling digital products comes into play. 

Today, I’m going to share with you how to create digital products that will help your startup blog make money while waiting for SEO to kick in. 

This is a guest post written by lawyer and blogger Crystallace. She blogs over at Affiliate links used. See full disclosure here.


A digital product is anything sold online that is most commonly represented in digital format.

These products can be created and acquired using our PC/laptop, mobile phones, or tablet.  For example, digital products can be:

  • E-books
  • Templates
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Fonts
  • Audio/video files
  • IG templates
  • Online courses, etc. 

There are also digital products that can be turned into physical products. Some of these digital products include:

  • Ebooks
  • Decorative art prints
  • Decorative text quotes 
  • Printables
  • Planners


There are many ways to create a digital product. Ideally, you need a reliable internet connection and devices like a PC, laptop, or tablet to get started creating your digital product.

You can sometimes create it using your mobile phone, too. However, I find that a laptop or PC is your best tool for this task. 

You might need to do some writing, editing, and design work, depending on the type of digital product you choose to create.


Here is a step-by-step formula for creating your first digital product to sell.


Social media platforms are extremely helpful in terms of real-time engagement. You can use Google forms to create a survey, Facebook polls, or by simply posting a question.


A beta product can be a mini-course, ebook, or printable that you can offer for a small fee or free. This is going to be the backbone of your first digital product.


Select 5 or more people (depending on your demographics) from your audience to test the product, ask for feedback, make the necessary improvements, and officially launch the product. 

A very important note: Before you share your business or product idea with anyone, protect yourself with a strong Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). My 9-page template is a legally binding contract between you and another person/business to agree not to share confidential information with anyone.

Remember, it is your responsibility to protect your blog, your business, and your products.


Now that your product is ready to go, the next step is to create a sales funnel. A sales funnel is basically a way to turn your leads into paying customers. 

Your sales funnel may include email sequences, Facebook ads, social media posts/announcements, payment gateways, and an affiliate program. Whatever you need to make a sale, is part of the sales funnel. 

You can actually prepare this while polishing your digital product. But just to be on the safe side, you can either hire someone to do this for you or prioritize the product before moving on to the next task.  


Now, that everything is all set, it’s time to make the announcement. It’s showtime!


Keep step one (mentioned above) in mind when deciding what digital product you want to create and sell. It needs to be something your audience wants or needs, AND something that they will pay for.

Here is a list of some of the most profitable digital products for bloggers

  1. Ebooks
  2. Printables
  3. Online courses
  4. Membership programs
  5. WordPress themes
  6. Fonts
  7. Recipes
  8. Arts and crafts
  9. Apps
  10. Pinterest pin templates
  11. Instagram presets
  12. Images
  13. Instagram highlight covers
  14. A blog
  15. Digital art

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating digital products to sell.


Now, let’s talk about making that first sale. Ideally, it would be easy for you to have a tool that will automate the sales process. Basically, how to make money while you sleep. To achieve this, you need: 


This is a separate website or platform that will house your digital products and allow people to purchase them. You can use a marketplace like Etsy or Shopify. Or you can upload your digital products to a simple platform like Sendowl.

Your second option:


Since you already have a website running, why not turn it into a one-stop-shop? You can install the Woocommerce plugin to acquire e-commerce features like a storefront and secure payment gateways. 


I love creating digital products for my blog, primarily because it allows me to make money without relying so much on web traffic. 

My digital products enable me to have passive income, while I work on other ways of scaling my blogging business. 

Lastly, I find that digital products can last forever. I can make changes, improve my add-to-cart features, launch new products every quarter, all that good stuff. Having digital products changed the way I see blogging. And I hope you’ll find this as an opportunity to make money on your blog, too.

To learn more about my products and services, you can check out my Online Shop right here

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How to Make Money with the Freshbooks Affiliate Program

22 July 2021 at 19:02
By: Cate

With the Freshbooks affiliate program, you earn a commission while helping other business owners handle their money in the best way possible.

Freshbooks affiliates can earn up to $200 per sale, which makes this one of the highest paying programs in the industry.


Freshbooks is a business-to-business company that specializes in invoicing, billing, and all things accounting.

If your audience includes freelancers, business owners, or self-employed professionals, this is a perfect affiliate program for you!

Freshbooks makes it easy to send invoices, track payments, track mileage, send proposals… Their software allows payment via credit cards and ACH, making it easier to pay and get paid.

Overall, this affiliate program is perfect for bloggers that share their recommendations with small businesses and freelancers that need a premium accounting/payment software.


This program features:

– $55.00+ payout per sale
– $5.00 payout per lead
– Power rank of 22
– A 120-day cookie
– Average sale amount of $5.35
– Potential to earn up to $200 per upgrade


The Freshbooks affiliate program is hosted on Share-a-Sale. From there, you can join the entire network for free.

You can apply to the Freshbooks affiliate program here. 

The sign-up page will look like this. 

Before you can apply for the Freshbooks affiliate program, you will need to become a Share-a-Sale affiliate. This is a 100% FREE affiliate network that almost anyone can join.

If you don’t have a Share-a-sale affiliate account yet, just scroll down to the bottom of the Fresh Books sign up page and go through the sign-up steps.

Once you complete the sign-up steps, you’ll receive your acceptance letter in your email.

Then, go back to Share-a-Sale, log in to your account, and click the “Merchants” tab at the top.

You will then be able to search for the Freshbooks affiliate program.

To join the program, click the blue button on the right that says ‘Join Program’.

It will looks like this:

blue button that says join program on it

After clicking to join the Freshbooks affiliate program, I recommend typing out a plan on how you will be marketing their products to your audience. 

It’s not a requirement, but letting them see your ideas will help the company see that you are serious, motivated, and have an actual plan to promote their company products.

A few sentences letting Freshbooks know how you will bring them more business is all you need.

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


After applying to the Freshbooks affiliate program, make sure to check your email inbox for the approval notice. You’ll get an approval or denial notice within a week or so.

If you get denied, you still have the opportunity to reach out to the affiliate team and request reconsideration.

After you get approved, go back into your Share-a-Sale account to grab your affiliate links.

Remember, sharing your affiliate links with your audience is the ONLY way to get paid as a Freshbooks affiliate. Once people start clicking on your affiliate links and trying the service, you’ll start getting paid for the recommendation.

To get your affiliate materials for Freshbooks, click the ‘Links’ tab on the top menu.

Join the Freshbooks Affiliate Program right here to get started!

You can earn between $55 – $200 on a sign up, so start creating some affiliate content and including your affiliate links as soon as possible.


People join affiliate programs all the time, and unfortunately, some folks don’t do anything with their affiliate links (and they don’t earn any income from them either).

I don’t want this to be the case for YOU!

You are 100% capable of earning income from the Freshbooks affiliate program. And here’s how:

  1. Make sure you truly understand the product and the solution it provides.
  2. Get familiar with the needs of your audience and determine if Freshbooks can help them.
  3. Create some helpful content. Highlight how these products solve problems.

Once you’ve created great content, you’re off to a great start. But there is still a little more work to do!

You still need to optimize your content (make sure it can be found by search engines), and do a little bit of marketing (getting more eyes on your stuff).

After joining the Freshbooks affiliate program and creating some content that highlights its features and solutions, grab a seat to this FREE masterclass so that you can learn to master search engine optimization and get on Google’s good side.

Important note: make sure you only present affiliate links to your audience when it is relatable and helpful! No sleazy car salesman tactics. Those don’t work around here, y’all.


For more tips on maximizing your affiliate income, check out the posts below:

How to Keep Track of Your Affiliate Links and Sales

47+ Food Affiliate Programs You Can Join Today

How to Earn Extra Income from the GreenLight Affiliate Program


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How to Keep Track of Your Affiliate Links and Sales

2 June 2021 at 19:34
By: Cate

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your affiliate links and programs, look no further my friend! This quick and easy tutorial is going to show you the best way to keep track of those links, programs, and sites that you’re affiliated with.


Before we dig into keeping track of our affiliate links, let’s answer another important question: how many affiliate programs should you join and promote?

The answer depends on how experienced you are with affiliate marketing, how organized you are, and how much time you have to dedicate to promotions. The more things you want to promote, the more time and attention you’ll need to spend on them.

You really only want to be a part of affiliate programs that fulfil one or all of these rules:

  • It’s an affiliate program that makes sense for your brand and will be extremely useful to your audience
  • It’s a product or program that you personally use and enjoy sharing with others
  • It’s an affiliate program that you have the time and energy to dedicate to learning about, testing out, and creating helpful content that’s connected to the products/services in the program

If the affiliate program fits one or more of these bullet points, it might be worth joining.

As a brand new blogger, you’ll probably want to stick with joining 1-3 affiliate programs. 

For starters, join one program, get familiar with affiliate marketing basics, and write an article that includes your affiliate links. Once you get your feet wet, you can start joining a few other programs that make sense for your brand.

Don’t overdo it. 

The more programs you join, the more content you have to create promoting those programs. So start small and stay focused on helping your readers solve their problems.

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here.}}


Most new bloggers and creators get started with the Amazon affiliate program, which is fine. It’s a trusted company, which makes it easier to get people clicking on your links. You can join the affiliate program for free right here

Their commissions are very low, so it’s a good idea to consider joining at least one other program as backup.

There are thousands of great programs in the Share-a-sale network, so I recommend starting there. You can join Share-a-sale for free right here

Screenshot of ShareaSale homepage


Once you’ve joined a few programs, you’ll have some things that you’ll need to keep track of.

Your trackable affiliate link is the most important thing to keep track of. But you’ll also want to keep track of your commission rate, important company info, and your monthly earnings.

It’s also a good idea to keep track of which blog posts contain affiliate links so that you can easily find them and update them if your affiliate link changes in the future.

You can create a simple spreadsheet in excel to keep track of any affiliate information that you need to keep on hand.

If you’re a part of my private email community, you can grab my affiliate tracker spreadsheet from our free community resource page. If you’re not in the community yet, you can sign up right here!

Action time >>> sign up for my private email community right here and get access to my FREE affiliate program tracker and more!


Most affiliate companies have an easy-to-understand dashboard where you can see your earnings each month.

For example, in your Share-a-Sale dashboard, your affiliate payments are listed under Reports, and then Payment Summary.

In Flexoffers, your affiliate payments are listed under Reports.

In AWIN, your affiliate payments are listed under Dashboard.

Most accounts will show you which programs you earned from and how much you earned.

You can also use a third-party service like Click Meter to keep track of your affiliate links and conversions all in one place. 

Click Meter is trusted by over 100,000 businesses and they offer 3 tiers of monthly subscriptions to choose from + a 30-day money back guarantee. Try them out here!


If you take nothing else away from this article, take this away: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

If you’re just getting started, join a few programs, keep track of them in your affiliate tracker spreadsheet, and focus on creating great content around those products or services.

It takes time and strategy to start seeing those affiliate sales climb, so get started today with a simple baby step. Something like joining an affiliate program or downloading the affiliate program tracker from my private subscriber community.

Small simple steps will get you where you need to go! And if you need additional support, check into my affordable blog coaching options right here.

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Why Every Blogger Needs to Join the ShareaSale Affiliate Network

25 April 2021 at 03:00
By: Cate

Ready to level up your blogging game and make more affiliate income? If so, let’s talk about one of the best free resources that are available to bloggers: the ShareaSale affiliate network.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill list of boring reasons to get on board with the latest trend… Nah nah, boo. 

This is your alarm clock. 
This is the kick in the pants you’ve been waiting for. 
The detailed guide that is going to help you STEP UP your game.

Not next year… but now.

There are plenty of great affiliate networks out there, but Share-a-Sale takes the cake for a lot of reasons. This article is going to dig into the top 5 reasons that you need to join the Share-a-Sale network (like, yesterday), and how to make the most of this platform.

First, let’s do a quick recap to make sure you understand some important definitions that will help you maximize your Share-a-sale strategy!

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of ShareaSale features and programs, let’s do a quick introduction to affiliate marketing, just in case you’re new around here.

If you take nothing else away from this article, take this away…

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money as a blogger. If you aren’t doing affiliate marketing, you are MISSING OUT!

*Stepping down off my soapbox now*

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting products and services from a business that you are associated with. That business provides a special trackable link for you to share with your audience. When someone follows that link and performs a specific desired action, you get rewarded.

That desired action might be:

  • Purchasing a product
  • Clicking a link
  • Joining a membership program
  • Taking a quiz… or something else

Most of the time, the desired action will be purchasing a product (but not always). Once someone completes that action or buys that product, you earn a commission on that sale.

And how can you get access to that fancy trackable affiliate link that helps you earn commissions?

There are two ways.

You can join an affiliate NETWORK that contains a variety of different programs you can promote, or you can join individual affiliate programs that manage everything on their own without a third-party platform

ShareaSale is an affiliate network, you can join for free right here >>>


Why should you join the Shareasale network?

Because I said to, and you know your girl would NOT steer you wrong.


But seriously…as mentioned above, affiliate networks allow you to access a large pool of affiliate programs in every niche market. The network acts as the middle-man between you and the companies/products you will be recommending to your audience.

Affiliate networks make your affiliate marketing efforts extra easy. Within a network, you can:

  • Access a large pool of affiliate programs in one place
  • Access your affiliate links and banners for multiple companies in one place
  • Get paid from multiple different programs in one place

Essentially, Shareasale has built a platform that allows you to work seamlessly with multiple different merchants, and they do the heavy lifting for you. 

In other words: join the network now and let Shareasale make your affiliate marketing life EASIER!

Here is a quote directly from the ShareaSale website, that describes what they do in detail:

“ShareASale has been in business for 18 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. Our technology receives accolades for speed, efficiency, and accuracy – and our reputation as a fair and honest business is well known within the industry. Our objective is to provide customers with an advanced Affiliate Marketing platform.”

ShareaSale serves two audiences: merchants and affiliates. 

You and I are the Affiliates that recommend products and services to our audience. Merchants are the business owners that pay commissions to the affiliates who recommend their stuff.

Here are five main reasons that every blogger needs to join (other than the fact that I told you to)!

Join the Share-a-Sale affiliate network for free >>>


There are over 4,500 affiliate programs in this network, and new programs are being added all the time! No matter what you blog about, you’ll be able to find programs to promote through Share-a-sale.

Here are the main categories of programs you’ll find in this network:

  • Accessories
  • Art/Music/Photography
  • Auction Services
  • Automotive
  • Books/Media
  • Business
  • Career/Jobs/Employment
  • Clothing
  • Commerce/Classifieds
  • Computers/Electronics
  • Domain Names
  • Education
  • Family
  • Financial
  • Food/Drink
  • Freebies, Free Stuff, Rewards Programs
  • Games/Toys
  • Gaming and Lotto
  • General Web Services
  • Gifts
  • Gourmet
  • Green
  • Health
  • Home & Garden
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Military
  • Moving/Moving Supplies
  • Online Dating Services
  • Real Estate
  • Recreation
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Travel
  • Web Hosting
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Weddings

These are the main categories, but there are many programs and options beyond this list, from CBD oils, to pet brands, to eco-friendly products, and more.

Did you see that massive list? There are soooo many options for content creators in every online space.

Yes, that includes YOU!

If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend joining ShareaSale and searching for a program that fits within your niche. 


The Share-a-sale network provides a running list of upcoming holidays and events to promote, which helps increase conversions for many bloggers.

To make money from affiliate marketing, you need to be promoting products and services that your readers are interested in and actively searching for. Paying attention to upcoming holidays and events can make it easier to create content that your audience is actually looking for online.

To see the full list, login to your Share-a-sale account and scroll down to the Holiday section in your dashboard. It looks like this:

They also have a special section with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so that you can promote the best possible deals and current offers to your audience.

We already know your audience loves special deals (we all do), so take advantage of this opportunity to go a step further in serving them.


The ShareaSale dashboard is more user-friendly than most. As soon as you login, you’ll see a snapshot of your commissions, new affiliate programs you can join, and recent activity for the programs you are already in.

You can search for new programs right here…

screenshot of share-a-sale dashboard

You’ll find your affiliate links here…

Below is a brief video that shows you exactly how to find your affiliate links in your Share-a-sale dashboard.

You can also create custom links for any page or product you’re affiliated with, download videos and banners, and make customized pages of affiliate products.

And if any of that feels a little overwhelming, don’t worry! These are just extra features that are unique to Share-a-sale (you do not NEED to utilize them if you don’t want to).


Share-a-sale provides marketing-focused support to help you grow and get more conversions (sales). They update their blog regularly, giving you access to helpful marketing tools, tips, and announcements.

In addition to their marketing blog, they also have a RESOURCES section to help you make the most of trending topics, find merchants for each season, and navigate your ShareaSale dashboard.

Even if you don’t reach out to support on a regular basis, it’s good to work with companies that are responsive and eager to help you succeed.


The ShareaSale affiliate network has some of the most popular and highest-paying programs out there. Most affiliate programs pay between 1% to 15% of every sale. Now and then, you’ll find programs that pay 20% to 40%.

On the Shareasale network, you have the opportunity to earn higher commissions from several of their programs. Here are just a few examples:

Seed Health // 100% commission per sign up
Click Meter // 80% commission per sale
Ritual Women’s Health // 75% commission per sale
My Memories Suite // 75% commission per sale

Thrive Health // 50% commission per sale
Stella & Dot // 10% per sale or $100 commission per stylist referral

These are just a few of the high-commission / high-paying affiliate programs available within this network. There are many, many more, in various blogging niches across the board.


If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the Share-a-sale affiliate network right here.

After you sign up, you’ll be able to login and start searching for merchants. Remember, the business/brand that you’ll be promoting is the merchant. You’re the affiliate.

Affiliate = Awesome = YOU (remember that)!

Select the merchant that you want to promote and hit the blue button next to it that says ‘Join Program’. This allows you to apply for the programs you want to promote. There is an optional step that gives you an opportunity to share your promotional plans, so make sure you take advantage of it.

Screenshot of a join program button and text box

You are more likely to get approved by the program if you explain how you plan to promote their stuff! 

Don’t stress about it, just provide a few sentences about the value you’re bringing to the table.

After you get approved by the program, you’ll be able to go to the LINKS tab in your Share-a-sale dashboard to grab your affiliate links. Here is that video link again that shows you exactly how to do this.

Once you have your affiliate links, you can start sharing them with your audience.

  • Publish blog posts
  • Create social media content
  • Create a resource list
  • Make YouTube videos
  • Make a course or e-book

You’ll promote these recommended products or services to your audience, and when someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. 

Pro Tip: Only promote affiliate products that are applicable and valuable to your audience. 

You won’t get anywhere if you’re just pushing products to make a quick buck. You need to focus on helpful content that solves problems for your reader.

In fact, if you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Why can’t I make any money blogging?’ or ‘why can’t I make my 3 qualifying Amazon sales?’ or ‘ why is nothing working for me like it is for other bloggers?’… you need to stop and think critically about how much consistent value you are delivering to your target audience. 

You probably need to focus more on niching down and serving your target customer.


As a quick recap: Shareasale is an incredible FREE affiliate network and you need to join it (do that here… and now… right now). 

The network has over 4,500 affiliate programs to choose from, great tools and support, and a long reputation of quality and commitment to affiliate marketing success.

And the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can continue to earn passive income long after you hit publish on your article, video, or that e-book. Create the content once, earn income from it every time someone clicks and makes a purchase (even if it’s 10 years later)! 

And that’s what we’re all about around here! 

Maximizing that income and efficiency so you can grow your business, live the life you want, and also impact others in a positive way.

If you’re still here reading, then HECK YEAH affiliate marketing is for you, and ShareaSale is a great place to start.

Start with one affiliate network and one program in the beginning, so that you don’t get overwhelmed when you’re getting your feet wet.


How to Make Money with the Madison Reed Affiliate Program

47+ Food Affiliate Programs for Food Bloggers 

How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Blog Posts

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How to Start Making $1000 a Month with Your Blogging Side Hustle

24 April 2021 at 02:00
By: Cate

Let’s talk about how to earn extra income every month with a blogging side hustle.

Whether you’re a new blogger that wants to turn this into your full-time job, or someone that needs to supplement their current income, this article is for you.

Starting up a blogging side hustle is a great way to earn some extra cash… and in this article, we’re going to dig into the process of making money from that blog after you get it started.

If you are brand new to blogging, follow THIS FREE GUIDE to get started on the right foot!

There are several different ways to start earning $1k a month from your blog, and we’ll touch on the most common ones in this article.

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


Let’s start with a quick recap about how ALL businesses make money: by providing something valuable to their customer, right? 

Doesn’t matter if it’s a product (a t-shirt, jewelry, groceries, a car, a house) or a service (coaching, house cleaning, accounting, legal council). 

All businesses have to provide something valuable that their customer is willing to spend money on.

Making money from your blog will be no different: it doesn’t matter if it’s a product or service, you’ll need to create value for your audience through your blog content.


The cool thing about blogging is that you don’t necessarily need your own product or service to sell. You have the option to sell someone else’s product or service in exchange for payment or commissions as well (more on this in a moment).

Remember: bloggers make money from selling their own products/services OR promoting other people’s products/services on their blog and social media.

Here are the top five ways that bloggers make money:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Ads
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Selling products
  5. Selling services

There are some variations of income streams within these categories, but these are the general ones we’ll focus on for the sake of your blogging side hustle!

Let’s start with one of the easiest and best income streams to get started with…


Affiliate marketing is just promoting someone’s product or service through a special trackable link (an affiliate link). When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission on that sale.

Here’s how to start earning money from affiliate marketing. Follow this process consistently to grow your income to a thousand bucks a month and more.


Most companies have an affiliate program, and if they don’t, they can usually create one. 

Joining an affiliate program is free and easy, so you can get started today if you want!

Amazon Associates is one example of an affiliate program. You can join their program, grab affiliate links from within your account, and share them online.

Pro tip: Start with one affiliate program while you’re learning affiliate marketing basics and getting your feet wet in this biz.

Here are some more examples of affiliate programs you can join.

Signing up for an affiliate program is step one, so do a little research and find an affiliate program that you can promote to your audience.


If you want to make this blogging side hustle work, you’ll need to recommend the right things to the right people.

Remember why people spend money online: they see value in the product, service, or solution that you’re recommending or offering. 

If you know who your target audience is and what they’re searching for online, you can recommend helpful products and services that fill their needs.

Example: a new mom might be searching for postpartum supplies, clothes that are nursing friendly, or a double stroller (all products that you can promote through affiliate-focused blog posts).

Choosing a target audience and creating optimized content for them is essential for affiliate marketing success.


Now that you have joined one or two affiliate programs and decided on a few great products that you want to promote, you’ll need to create some helpful content that you can share with your readers.

You can write blog posts, share content on social media, or send emails to your mailing list recommending affiliate products and services.

Here’s how to add your affiliate links to your blog posts >>>

Helpful, highly optimized blog posts can lead to amazing conversions for your affiliate products, as long as you’re providing helpful recommendations for your audience.


Let’s do a little math to figure out exactly how to hit your affiliate marketing income goal.

If your affiliate commission for each sale is $50, you’ll need to make 20 sales in order to hit your $1,000 income goal this month. 

$50 x 20 = $1,000

Sometimes commissions are less and sometimes they are more, depending on the company. This is why it’s essential to build up a little bit of an audience and readership in order to make sure you’re hitting your income goals every month.

The best way to make sure you’re hitting your income goal is to choose affiliate programs that pay a higher commission or cost a higher price.

If you’d like to start earning 40% affiliate commissions on my courses and digital products, you can sign up for my affiliate program right here


Another way to make money is to sell ad space on your blog.

You can join an ad network and earn income every time someone lands on your website and views the ad images that are placed there.

It is NOT the easiest way to earn $1,000/month from your blog. It takes a lot of blog traffic to reach that level of income from ads alone, so this is not my first recommendation.

Also, be sure to wait until you have at least 10,000 monthly page views on your blog before applying to join an ad network. Then you can apply to a premium ad network like Monumetric.


Sponsored posts are another great way to earn that $1,000 a month from your blogging side hustle. 

When you do sponsored work, you promote a company’s product or service to your audience. Instead of earning an affiliate commission from every click or sale, you charge a one-time fee in exchange for the promotional work.

The company ‘sponsors’ your content, or pays for you to create and publish that content and share it with your audience.

In order to make good money from sponsored work, you’ll need to have a warm audience and some eyes on your content. Brands wants to work with bloggers and creators that can motivate their audience to check out their products or services.

How much should you charge for a sponsored post?

This depends on many factors.

  • The size of your audience
  • Your audience engagement rate
  • Your blog traffic
  • Where you’ll be promoting the brand
  • How many pieces of content you’ll be creating for their brand, etc…

No matter what price you decide on, make sure to charge SOMETHING for your promotional work. Don’t work for free.

How can you hit your income goal from sponsored posts?

If you charge $250 for a sponsored post package, and you do 4 promotions each month, you hit your goal! 

Keep in mind that you need to have something valuable to offer the sponsor if you’re going to charge a premium amount. At the very least, the sponsor will usually want you to have some social media followers, some blog traffic, and some engagement on your content.

You can learn more about doing sponsored work right here!


We’ve already talked about selling other people’s products in order to make affiliate income, but what about selling your own products?

The beauty of selling your own products is that you have full control over the creation and promotion, and you also get 100% of the profits.

If you want to sell physical products, you can easily get started on Etsy or Shopify. If you want to sell digital products, check out Sendowl. It’s an incredibly user friendly platform where you can set up and sell your digital products right away. 

Sendowl is the platform I use to sell my digital products, lists, and planners.

Start your free trial with Sendowl right here >>>

How can you hit your $1,000 income goal by selling your own products? Let’s get back to that math equation from earlier!

If you sell a simple digital product for 10 bucks, you would need to sell 100 of them to hit your goal. That might sound like a lot of sales, but never underestimate the value of a low-cost product!

If you create a digital product that’s a bit more comprehensive, like a detailed course of e-book, you can sell it for more, like $50 or $100 (or more). If you have a product that you sell for $100, you would only need to sell 10 of them a month to hit your goal.

Important note: when brainstorming a product idea, do some research and make sure that it solves a problem that people are willing to spend money on!


Many bloggers get disheartened by the amount of time that it takes to start building up enough steady blog traffic to earn steady income.

When that happens, I usually recommend that they start by offering a service to their target audience while they build up their blogging traffic and income.

Selling a service is great because it allows you to start earning income right away and then invest that money into growing your business.

Do you have a skill that you can use to help someone else solve a problem?

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Legal services
  • Virtual assisting

Something as simple as creating pin images or social media graphics for people can help you to earn income online. You can charge an hourly fee for your services or charge by the packages you offer.

Go back to our math equation from earlier to determine how much you’ll need to charge in order to reach your income goals.

Pro tip: choose more than one income stream so that you have income flowing in from more than one source every month.


I hope this article helps you to see that your blogging side hustle can easily turn into a steady flow of income each month.

There will be work involved, but as long as your goal is to help your target audience solve their problem, and you stay consistent, you can find success!

Start with affiliate marketing. 

It’s one of the easiest ways to start earning income with very little investment (all you need is a blog and some social media accounts)!

If you need help finding affiliate programs in your niche, check out my Affiliate Program Master List here.


This article was originally published on August 5, 2018 and has been updated for current best practices and up-to-date links.

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How to Earn Extra Income from the Greenlight Affiliate Program

14 April 2021 at 18:32
By: Cate

If you’re a finance blogger, mom blogger, or content creator with an audience interested in financial literacy, you need to know about the Greenlight Affiliate Program.

In this article, we are going to show you the perks of being a Greenlight affiliate and walk you through the process of joining the program and earning income through it.

First, let’s get to know who Greenlight is and why their affiliate program could be a great match for you!

Side note: be sure to read through this Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing. 


Greenlight is a company with one mission — to help parents raise financially smart kids.

They provide parents with the tools they need to manage their kid’s money (through their app and debit card) while offering kids real-life financial lessons through saving, spending, investing, and more!

Greenlight helps kids ‘learn about money management through a safe, secure app where parents manage every dollar and see every transaction.’

Greenlight offers their debit card plans for just $4.99 per month up to 5 kids per account.

They also offer a neat investing platform designed just for kids for members of their Greenlight Max or Greenlight + Invest plans.

Affiliate marketing is all about sharing helpful tools and resources that your audience can benefit from. So, if Greenlight seems like a good tool for your readers to use, it’s worth joining their free affiliate program today.


The Greenlight affiliate program is not only an opportunity for content creators to earn income by sharing their app with others. It’s also a way to influence our future generations to move toward financial freedom for themselves.

Since the purpose of the app is very specific and to the point, it makes it easy to decide whether or not your readers can benefit from using it.

If your readers and followers can benefit from using Greenlight, you’ll want to join their program and start recommending it today. This is exactly how we create income and impact together!


This program features:

  • A commission of $40 per online lead.
  • 5-star ranking in Flexoffers
  • A 30-day cookie duration 


It’s free to join the Greenlight affiliate program through Flexoffers.

First, you’ll sign up for a Flexoffers account right here. After getting approval into the network, you’ll go to the Search Advertisers tab to search for Greenlight.

It looks just like this:

Then, you’ll click the button to ‘Join program’. Agree to the terms and then click the big green ‘Apply to Program’ button. 

You should receive an email of approval or denial within a few days. 


After getting approved for the Greenlight affiliate program you’ll need to login to Flexoffers and find your Greenlight affiliate links so you can start sharing them.

Here’s how to find your Greenlight Affiliate links in Flexoffers:

Log in and click on the ‘Links’ tab at the top of your homepage.

Then scroll down and type the program you want to promote into the search bar on the left side of your screen (for this program, search GREENLIGHT). You can use Advertiser Search or Name Search.

Pro tip: if you start typing into the ‘Advertiser Search’ bar, it’ll auto-populate with all the programs you are already approved for, making your search much EASIER!

Search for Greenlight hit the bit blue search bar at the bottom of your screen, and boom, you should see your links!

All available affiliate links for Greenlight will auto-fill on your screen. Just click the blue ‘View Link’ button to access the link you want to share with your audience.

Looks like this:

Then hit the ‘Link’ tab and select the URL.

And YOUR AFFILIATE LINK is ready to copy and paste wherever you want to promote it!

Tip: always make sure you list your main promotional places under ‘Traffic Sources’ within your Flexoffers account (we are only allowed to promote our affiliate links in these places). 

Here is a quick video tutorial that walks you through exactly how to find and copy your affiliate links in FlexOffers:


Now onto the fun part: promoting Greenlight to your audience and making some extra cash doing so!

You’ve joined the affiliate program. You have your affiliate links, but what now?

Now, you have to figure out how to share them with your audience without sounding like a salesperson. If you’ve already done your homework and you know that your audience needs this tool in their life, this will be much easier.

Remember, the goal is to SHARE, not sell.

Share your Greenlight Affiliate Links by:

  • Promoting any sales or specials (ex. Free first month for new users)
  • Sharing your personal experience using their debit card. 
  • Creating a comprehensive guide featuring Greenlight.
  • Highlighting how helpful using this program can be for parents and children.

You don’t need to push products on anybody. 

You can share your recommendations, your experiences, and your excitement about any program. Those who see the value in what you’re sharing are your key audience. And they don’t need to be “sold” to.


The best affiliate conversions tend to come from blog posts or videos because these two mediums offer the most detailed presentation of the item or program of interest. 

So, start with writing an article.

Have some extra time? Great, make a short video review highlighting all the key points from the article. Videos are much more personable too.

Share your affiliate blog posts on:

  • Pinterest
  • Your Instagram videos/bio link
  • Twitter
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook profile
  • Your favorite daily promo threads
  • Reddit
  • Medium
  • LinkedIn 
  • Quora
  • Flipboard


It’s great that you can share your blog posts all over the internet, BUT, it’s way better if people can come to YOU right when they need the products/services you’re recommending.

This is where your search engine optimization comes into play! You may have seen this termed “SEO” too.

You need to learn how to optimize your posts for search engines so that Google puts your posts on page ONE right when people are searching for the affiliate things you are linking to.

SEO is the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to increase affiliate conversions.

This free SEO masterclass teaches bloggers how to master search engine optimization and get your blog posts on page one, spot one, of search engines.

And for more tips on making money with affiliate marketing, see the posts and resources below!


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11 Coffee Affiliate Programs that Pay Up to 80% Commissions

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How to Make Money with the Spocket Affiliate Program

14 April 2021 at 17:58
By: Cate

If you’re an entrepreneur or content creator that wants to earn extra income from a popular dropshipping affiliate program, this article is for you. We’re digging into the Spocket affiliate program and how to earn income from this high-converting program.

The average 30-day EPC for Spocket affiliates is over $200 at the time of publishing this article . So if you’re ready to join the leading dropshipping affiliate program to amp up the monetization of your business, I’m going to share exactly how you can do that today!

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. Please note: all figures in this article are subject to change at the discretion of the program manager. Please check your affiliate account for current figures before proceeding. }}


Spocket is the leading dropshipping marketplace for US and EU suppliers — allowing you to choose the best dropshipping products from thousands of suppliers.

They’ve been featured in various media outlets such as Shopify, Forbes, and even Geekwire.

One unique feature of the Spocket marketplace is that they allow their users to order product samples from the supplier to ensure its integrity and quality before ever selling it!

Spocket also stands out for its ability to easily integrate with online stores such as Wix, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce. 


Spocket’s partner program has some incredible features. And, they don’t limit who they’re willing to work with.

For instance, Spocket works with bloggers, coupon sites, YouTubers, app developers, content creators, and much more.

Spocket Affiliate Program features:

– Generous 20% commission per sale (option to earn up to 30%)
– 90-day cookie duration
– Average sale amount of $234.50
– Strong conversion rate of 28%
– Priority VIP affiliate support
– Marketing assets to help you promote your content with ease


Joining the Spocket affiliate program is 100% free and their affiliate managers are hands-on and ready to help you start earning.

You can find them on the Share-a-Sale network and apply to the Spocket affiliate program right here. 

The Share-a-sale sign-up page will look something like this (see image below). 

Screenshot of ShareaSale homepage

If you already have a Share-a-Sale account, you’ll just sign in and search for SPOCKET under merchants then, hit the blue button that says ‘Join Program’.

screenshot of share-a-sale dashboard

After you apply to join the Spocket partner program, there will be an information box where you can add in details about how you plan to share the service(s) they offer.

Though this information box is optional, it’s always best to take advantage of it if you want to ensure you get accepted into any affiliate program.

Remember, keep it simple. 

Explain who your audience is and how you plan to promote Spocket’s service to them. (Think social media channels, email newsletters, your blog, etc…)

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


After you apply to the Spocket affiliate program, you’ll receive an email letting you know if your request was approved or denied.

Once approved, you can log in to your Share-a-Sale account and start sharing those affiliate links.

Join the Spocket Affiliate Program right here to get started!

Have you thought about how you plan to share your affiliate links yet?

Be sure to specify which promotion channels you plan to use in your Share-a-Sale account if you haven’t already (don’t worry, you can update this info under your account settings at any time).

Spocket makes it easy to earn money and take your site’s monetization to the next level. They have an impressive affiliate program that anyone in the dropshipping business can benefit from! Ready to sign up?

For more tips to make even more affiliate income, check out the posts below:

How to Make Quick Affiliate Income When You Have Low Blog Traffic

How to Make Money from the SemRush Affiliate Program

The Best Affiliate Programs for Beauty Bloggers

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How to Make Money with the Madison Reed Affiliate Program

12 April 2021 at 22:19
By: Cate

With the Madison Reed affiliate program, content creators can earn a commission from promoting and selling the company’s hair color products, treatments, and styling accessories.

The average earnings per click (EPC) for Madison Reed affiliates is over $130. If you’re not sure what that means, we’ll explain in detail later in this article. But first, let’s dig into the company and what they sell!

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. Figures in this article are subject to change. Please check your affiliate account for current figures before proceeding. }}


Madison Reed is a company that sells products for hair and beauty. All products can be delivered right to your door. 

They have a wide variety of products that you can promote in their lineup.

– Hair colors
– Lightening and toning glazes
– Color therapy treatments
– Touch-up powders
– Cleansers
– Styling tools and more…

The best part about their products? They are free from harsh and toxic ingredients like parabens and phthalates. And they often include quality ingredients like keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract.

A statement from the Madison Reed team: ‘We are a hair color company built on integrity, innovation, and love—for you and for your hair color. We’ve partnered with honest and transparent manufacturers in Italy—operating under strict EU regulations—to formulate a collection of professional, high-performance hair color and care products.’

They also have hair coloring products for men.

If your audience has an interest in hair care, coloring, styling, and beauty tools, the Madison Reed affiliate program might be a great fit for you.


This program features:

-Payout of up to $25 for new customers 
-$10 bonus for affiliate referrals
-A 30-day cookie duration
-Average sale amount of $41.45
-Power Rank of 48


You can join the Madison Reed affiliate program by signing into your Share-a-Sale account (this is a free affiliate network that every blogger should join).

You can join Share-a-sale right here.

After you complete the sign-up steps to become a Share-a-Sale affiliate, you can sign in and click on the ‘Merchants’ tab on the top menu bar.

screenshot of share-a-sale dashboard

When you are on the Merchants page, you can then search for the Madison Reed affiliate program. Once you have found it, click the blue button on the right that says ‘Join Program’.

It will looks like this:

blue button that says join program on it

After requesting to join the Madison Reed affiliate program, you will be prompted to give more information about how you plan on promoting and selling these products to your audience.

This is your opportunity to show the company/merchant that you are a good fit for them and that you have a promotional plan to share their products. 

Although this step is not required, it can significantly boost your chance of getting selected as a Madison Reed affiliate, so it’s worth your time.

If you want to add this information, you can just state your business and how you plan to introduce these products to your audience.

You will want to give some details about your audience, blog, and seemingly how you are going to promote Madison Reed products.

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


After you apply for the Madison Reed affiliate program, you will soon receive an email stating whether or not you are accepted into the program.

If you get approved, you can log back into your Share-a-Sale account to grab your affiliate links. If you get denied, then you can reach out to the affiliate team and ask them to reconsider your application (give them an explanation of why you want to be part of the program and how you’ll promote their products to your audience).

To find your Madison Reed affiliate links, click the ‘Links’ tab on the top menu. From here, you are able to find regular links, create short links, and even customize links to the products you want to promote on their site.

screenshot of the share-a-sale dashboard

Join the Madison Reed Affiliate Program right here to get started!

Keep in mind that you will make up to a $25 commission on EACH of your new affiliate sales and $5 per returning customer sales.

Now, let’s go back to that $130+ EPC we discussed in the intro of this article: this stands for ‘Earnings per Click’ and this is the average amount affiliates earn from Madison Reed per thousand clicks.

It’s not a guarantee, but it’s an example of potential earnings if you’re creating content that your audience engages with on their buying journey. The sooner you join and start sharing their products with your audience, the sooner you can start getting those clicks and conversions!

You can share your affiliate links on any of the promotional channels that you have added to your Share-a-Sale account. This might include:

  • Your blog
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Anywhere else you share content!

Get started with Madison Reed today right here

Brunette woman holding a laptop with black text overlay that says 'How to Monetize Your Blog with the Madison Reed affiliate program'

And here are some other great ways to earn income from affiliate marketing:

How to Make Money as a Beauty Blogger

47+ Food Affiliate Programs You Can Promote Today

How to Make Quick Money from a Brand New Blog with No Traffic

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How to Easily Schedule Social Media Posts for the Whole Year with Publer

23 March 2021 at 20:42
By: Cate

If you’re trying to figure out how to schedule social media posts across multiple platforms without ripping your hair out, this article is for Y-O-U.

We are going to dig into social media scheduling and the most efficient strategy for planning out and publishing fresh content on all major social media platforms.

But first things first…


This is a question I hear often.

Some content creators feel like they have to post in real time or show up on all platforms every day in order to stay relevant or get seen.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although showing up in real time is important at times, it is NOT important for every single piece of content you publish. And there is absolutely no way that a creator could post content across all platforms in real time every single day.

In other words: it is 100% OKAY to schedule your social media content to multiple platforms.


The social media platforms that you use most should be the platforms where your target audience is spending the most time.

Example: crafters, homeschoolers, and moms with small kids spend a lot of time on Pinterest, while business professionals spend more time on LinkedIn.

Give the majority of your social media attention to the platform where your audience is already ‘hanging out’.

What about the other platforms?

This is where your social media scheduling comes into play! 


It’s important to spread your content out as far and wide as possible, meaning publishing it on a variety of platforms to see who it might attract.

Think of the internet like an ocean of information… a BIG ocean. 

Your potential readers, followers and customers are like fish swimming around in that big ol’ ocean. They’re looking for somewhere to go, something to do, something to eat, etc…

Every piece of content you create is like a hook that can potentially pull them back to your website. If you don’t get that hook in front of that potential reader, they’ll never know you exist.

The more hooks you drop into the ocean, the more chances you’ll have to pull people back to your site.

This is why you should have plenty of content published and scheduled out across as many social media platforms as possible each week.

Focus on 1-2 main platforms where your audience spends time, and schedule content to be published across all other major platforms on a regular basis.

If that seems overwhelming, this next tutorial is going to rock your socks off!


First, you’ll need to create the content. The content you create might be:

  • Blog posts
  • Graphic images
  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • Printables

Or something else entirely. The goal is simply to create a variety of helpful content that is relevant to YOUR target audience.

Something they’ll want to engage with.

For tips on creating a year’s worth of great content, check out this training!

After the content is created, you’ll need to sign up for a scheduling app like Publer.

I use Publer to schedule content to all my social channels all year long. It’s an incredible tool and the free version can take you a long way!

Sign up for Publer for FREE right here >>>

Sign up page looks like this. You can also browse their pricing plans, their help center, and their roadmap for future plans and improvements.


You can use Publer to schedule content to several social media platforms, and they’re adding more all the time.

You can currently publish to:

  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook groups
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube

Note: The platforms you can schedule to depend on which plan you choose (you have to be on the Gold plan to schedule videos to Youtube).

When you sign up and login to Publer, you’ll see a dashboard and an Accounts tab at the top. This is where you can add the social platforms where you’ll be scheduling content.

When you’re ready to start scheduling content to publish, just hit the ‘Create’ button at the top of your Home dashboard, select what platforms you want to publish to, add the content, and schedule it.

It’s that simple.

You can schedule to multiple platforms at the same time, and you can set up your post to recur on a regular basis. Keep that content circulating!

Below is a video tutorial that will walk you through exactly how to set up recurring posts all year long!

Being able to post to all social media at once, and repeatedly publish content at regular intervals, makes our job incredibly easy. There’s no reason to pass on scheduling social posts out for months in advance when it can be done in less than an hour a month.

To review your schedule and make sure you have fresh content being pushed out each week, just click the Calendar button within you dashboard to see all upcoming scheduled posts.


On the free plan, you can schedule up to 10 posts per platform each month, and you can connect up to 5 social media platforms.

This means you can schedule at least 50 total posts per month, which is more than enough for some content creators!

The Silver plan is just $10 a month and you get unlimited scheduled posts to all of your connected accounts.

It also comes with a long list of extras, including:

  • Unlimited scheduling & drafts
  • Bulk scheduling (500 posts at once)
  • Media library (unlimited storage)
  • Canva integration
  • Link in Bio (premium)
  • Automatic RSS posting
  • Analytics
  • Watermark photos
  • Signatures
  • Ability to schedule follow-up comments
  • Autoshare & autodelete
  • Ability to create additional teams
  • Eternal posts history

One of my favorite features on this plan is the ‘follow up comment’ feature. You can actually schedule comments to be posted immediately after or a short time after you publish content.

Simply hit the ‘follow up comment’ icon, insert the comment you want to leave and when you want it to be published, and that comment will auto publish under your post at the scheduled time.

This is useful for adding calls to action, links, or requests for people to answer questions or engage with the post after it’s been published. Get people engaged in the comment section!

The Gold plan is ideal if you need to schedule your videos to Youtube and if you want any of these added features beyond the Silver plan:

  • Multi-photo posts, videos, GIFs
  • Hashtag suggestions
  • Scheduling Facebook Group albums
  • Uploading videos from URL
  • Watermarking videos
  • Automatically recycling posts
  • Schedule recurring posts
  • Content recommendation

And of course, you can save up to 20% by purchasing an annual plan instead of a monthly plan.


Publer quickly became the favorite among Instagram schedulers when they created the opportunity to push posts directly to Instagram (no need to login to Instagram to publish them).

You can schedule posts and captions months in advance, and you can even edit the text, add emojis, and schedule follow-up comments after your post has been published.

Imagine scheduling out a whole month of Instagram posts (or Facebook posts or Youtube videos) in less than an hour.

No more sitting in front of our phone or computer trying to publish content to all platforms every day.


Scheduling your social media content isn’t just about saving time. It’s also about being INTENTIONAL with the time that we do spend online.

There will still be work to do, of course. 

We still need to create content, learn new things, network with others, and engage with our audience. 

But scheduling content allows us to batch our work, keep a consistent flow of content being published, and avoid the mindless scrolling that comes with being on social media all day.

No more busy work, my friend. 

I’m giving you permission to skip the frustrated scrolling and focus on intentionality. This was a game changer for my social media marketing and I know it will be the same for you!

Get free access to Publer right here!


How to Turn Your Blog into a Money Making Business This Year

How to Sell Products Online with Dropshipping

3 Essential Investments for New Bloggers that Want to Grow

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How to Sell Products Online with Spocket Dropshipping

22 March 2021 at 23:23
By: Cate

So, you’re ready to start your dropshipping business but not quite sure where to start or how to make money… Well worry not, my friend! In this article, we’re going to dig into the dropshipping process and show you how to maximize the success of your online store with Spocket dropshipping.


Dropshipping is a kind of e-commerce business where the retailer (you) sells products through their online store and has them shipped to the customer from a third-party supplier.

The retailer starts the process by selling a product to a customer from their online shop. The order is then sent to a fulfillment center (also known as a dropshipping supplier) who completes the process by shipping the product to the consumer.

The benefit is that you don’t have to worry about holding inventory or shipping products, because your dropshipping supplier handles that part for you. 

We’ll dig into this a bit more in this article, so don’t let these terms overwhelm you. It’ll all make sense shortly.

You can quite literally start an online shop and have products listed and ready to sell in just an hour or two…and this article will show you exactly how to do it.

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


How do you earn money from drop-shipping?

Most of the time, you’ll pay the dropshipping supplier a heavily discounted price for the products you sell plus any shipping costs.

Since you got a big discount on the product from the supplier, you get to keep the difference of the retail price your customer pays for the product. We’ll go into more detail in this article, but the image below gives a general idea of how this works!


To get started with dropshipping, you need:

  1. An online storefront/shop that you can fill with product listings.
  2. Dropshipping suppliers to fulfill shipment of your orders.

Shopify is one of the most common places to build your own online shop. You can get started on Shopify for free right here.

As soon as you start your free trial, you’ll be taken to the main dashboard with tutorials to walk you through everything you need to know about setting up your shop.

Watch the start-up tutorials and get the basics of your site done first.

Then, you need to find a marketplace of dropshipping suppliers that can deliver quality products to your customers. This is where Spocket comes in.


Spocket is the leading dropshipping marketplace for suppliers in the US and the EU. 

It’s an app that integrates with most major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and several others. 

E-commerce merchants (that’s YOU) can connect the Spocket app to your online store with the click of a button. 

This allows you to connect with thousands of dropshipping suppliers that you can use to fulfill the shipments of quality products from your online shop.

And over 90 percent of their suppliers are based in the US and EU, cutting a considerable amount of time off their deliveries (the average delivery time is 2-7 days).

You can start your free 14-day Spocket trial right here.


Here’s a simple walkthrough of how Spocket dropshipping works.

First, you’ll set up your online store using an e-commerce platform like Spotify or Woocommerce. You can start your free Shopify trial right here.

Then you sign up for the Spocket marketplace and attach the Spocket app to your Shopify store. Start with the FREE 14-day trial to get your feet wet.

After signing up for your free trial, you’ll see a list of four simple things you need to do in your dashboard. They are:

  1. Connect your store.
  2. Search for products and import your list.
  3. Push products to your store.
  4. Leave Spocket a review.

Each of these steps are quick and easy, and the clickable links take you exactly where you need to go to get set up.

Using the product search function in Spocket, you can import products from their carefully vetted dropshipping suppliers into your Shopify store.

Let’s say you want to sell phone cases in your online store. You search for products in the product search list and then hit the green button to ‘Add to Import List’. 

After you add the products you want to have in your store, you’ll need to push the products over to your store so that they’ll appear there when you’re ready to start selling.

Important note: there are some premium products that require you to upgrade if you want to sell those in your shop. You’ll see a little gold crown on the Premium products in the marketplace.

After you push your products of choice to your store, you can start promoting them by driving people to your online store.

Anytime someone clicks on one of the products and purchases it, the order is sent to Spocket and they fulfill the shipment of the product to your customer.

You get to keep the profits from the retail price of the product.


There are several marketplaces to choose from, but Spocket is the leader in its industry for a few reasons.

  • Fast-Shipping (since 90% of the suppliers are located in the US/EU.
  • Spocket offers you 30% – 60% discount off of regular retail prices (giving you more profit with each sale).
  • Order Processing is 100% automated
  • Support is available 24/7
  • Sample products are available so you can test anything you plan to promote


On the free trial plan, you can browse the marketplace and get familiar with products, pricing, and features. But you won’t be able to push products to your store until you upgrade to a paid plan.


With the starter plan, you still get your 14-day free trial. When your trial is over, you can pay $24 a month for 25 unique products and email support from Spocket.


The Pro plan takes it up a notch by including:

  • Up to 250 unique products
  • 25 premium products
  • Branded invoicing
  • Chat support

Pro plan is $49/mo. 

Most dropshippers want to promote some premium products and have their own logo and branding on the invoice, so this is one of the most popular options, even for beginners.


If you’re focused on selling premium products, you’ll want to take advantage of this plan. It includes:

  • 10,000 unique products
  • 10,000 premium products
  • Branded invoicing
  • Chat support

If you’re in it for the long haul, you can pay annually and get 5-7 months FREE.


Dropshipping is a great option for new entrepreneurs that want to sell products through an online shop with minimal upfront costs.

It’s easy to get started, you don’t have to store/ship inventory, and the delivery process is easy and seamless through your dropshipping supplier.

However, there are some potential downsides to consider.


Firstly, you are responsible for all of your marketing and promotional efforts (and that takes time and work). This is not a bad thing, it’s just important to be aware and prepared.


Secondly, because dropshipping is relatively easy and inexpensive to get started, it can be a very competitive space. You need a focused niche and a competitive edge in order to make this work.


And thirdly, you are relying on someone else – your dropshipping supplier – to follow through with shipping a quality product. 

This is why it’s best to use a marketplace like Spocket, with carefully vetted products and suppliers, to ensure that your customers have a great experience.

And thankfully, Spocket provides the option to order samples yourself so that you can screen products yourself before promoting them. Just click on the product you want to add to your shop and hit the green ‘Order Samples’ button.


Dropshipping does provide an incredible opportunity to earn money from your own online shop. With services like Shopify and Spocket, selling quality products online has become so easy that virtually anyone can do it.

The success doesn’t come overnight. It’s important to choose a niche, choose quality products, promote your shop regularly, and choose a marketplace with quality suppliers.

Ultimately, a marketplace like Spocket is a great place to get started on the dropshipping path, and their starter plan is affordable for almost any budget. 

Don’t forget to grab you free 14-day Spocket trial right here!

If you’re not ready to dig into dropshipping or selling your own products right now, here are some other ways to earn money working from home.

Working with Brands: How to Make Money Doing Sponsored Posts

The Best High Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

9 Easy Ways to Make Money from Home

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How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Blog Posts

17 January 2021 at 14:45
By: Cate

This tutorial is an easy step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to add affiliate links to your blog posts. You can use these same steps for sharing your affiliate links anywhere online.


There are 3 easy steps to this process. We’ll walk through each one of them and show you screenshots of how to do them. 

Quick note: an affiliate link is a unique tracking link that you use to earn commissions from a company that you are associated with/partnering with.

Note: This article may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


The first step for adding affiliate links to your blog is gaining access to that link.

You can find your unique affiliate link within your dashboard of any affiliate account you have.

In this article, we’ll use the Amazon affiliate program and the Share-a-Sale affiliate network to show you where you can find your affiliate links.

If you’re using a different program or network, you’ll need to login to your dashboard and search for the area where affiliate links are located.


For Amazon associates, you’ll login to your Amazon Associates account, search for any product that you want to promote. When that product page is open, you’ll locate the tab at the top of your account that says ‘Text’.

Click that tab and then highlight the long string of text in the box (this is your trackable affiliate link). When the entire string of letters and numbers is highlighted yellow, click CTRL C to copy the text.

Now you have your affiliate link and you’re ready to add it to your latest blog post!


If you’re using an affiliate network, like Share-a-Sale, the process will be similar.

Login to Share-a-Sale or set up your account for the first time right here (it’s free)!

Once you are logged in, hover over the LINKS tab and click on ‘Get a Link/Banner’.

Looks like this:

Use the Search box to find the name of the Merchant (Affiliate Program) you want to promote.

Click on the Merchant name to see a list of promotional links and banners you can use.

If you’re just looking for a plain text URL to share in your blog post, make sure you’re on the ‘Text Links’ page. Then hit the link that says ‘Get HTML Code’ from the list below. 

Looks like this:

Each of these HTML links lead to a different product page from the company you’re promoting. 

You can scroll through the list, find the product or promotion you want to link to, and then hit the ‘Get HTML code’ link next to that option.

For example, if you wanted to promote the Sticker Subscription below, you’d click on this link:

Once you click the HTML link, a long string of text will pop up with two buttons below it. The buttons say ‘Select All’ and ‘Select URL Only’.

Click on ‘Select URL Only’. 

Then highlight the URL text and hit CTRL C to copy it.

Now you have your affiliate link copied and you’re ready to add it to your blog post.


Whether you use Amazon, Share-a-Sale, or some other affiliate program, you should have your affiliate link copied and ready to paste within your blog post.

You can also share your affiliate links on social media or anywhere else that you have specified/agreed upon with the affiliate company.

Now, go into your WordPress post editor where your blog post will be published.

If you’re using the Gutenberg editor on WordPress, you’ll highlight the words that you want to attach your affiliate link to. Once the words are highlighted, hit the little link icon that pops up.

Then paste your affiliate link into the link box (if you copied it following step one in this article, you can hit CTRL V to paste it into the box).

If you’re using the Classic editor, the process is similar, but the link icon is probably in a different spot. 

Highlight the text that you want to attach to your affiliate link, then locate and click on the link icon, and paste the link in the link box.

Now you have an affiliate link attached to the text within your blog post! If anyone clicks on that affiliate link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission from it.

One last step!


Before publishing your blog post, you’ll need to label your affiliate link with the appropriate tag, so that search engines recognize it as an affiliate link. 

It is your legal responsibility to label your affiliate links properly, so don’t skip this step.

If you’re using the Gutenberg editor, you’ll just toggle on the button that says ‘This is a sponsored link or advert’. 

When you do this, it automatically marks your link as ‘sponsored’ and ‘nofollow’. You can also toggle on the button to open the link in a new tab (but this is not a requirement).

If you’re using the classic WordPress editor, there are a few more steps for marking your link as nofollow. You can follow the steps in this tutorial to do that.

Once your affiliate links are properly labeled, you are done!

You can optimize your article, add your images, hit publish, and start promoting the blog post.

Side note: if publishing your affiliate links on social media, you are required to disclose that you’re sharing an affiliate link. This ‘sponsored’ label is not required on social media posts.

Boom: that’s how to add affiliate links to your blog posts in WordPress!

Here are some great affiliate programs that you can join and start earning from today:

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How to Make Money with the Erin Condren Affiliate Program

14 March 2021 at 21:35
By: Cate

With the power ranking Erin Condren affiliate program, you can earn extra cash by telling your audience about organizational products such as planners, stationary and stickers.

The average sale for Erin Condren products is $55.79, giving you the opportunity to earn commissions when you join and promote this program.


Erin Condren is a company that sells planners for nearly anything you can imagine. This affiliate program has planners for daily life, school, wedding planning, kids… you name it.

They even have completely customizable planners for your audience to create exactly what they need.

But it isn’t only planners. They have other products too. The company sells a variety of writing utensils, clutches, stickers, and face masks for kids. 

Overall, this affiliate program is perfect for bloggers who focus on planning, parenting, organizing, scheduling, and journaling.

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


This program features:

– A Share-a-Sale power rank of 52
– Payout of 10% commission on sales 
– A 30-day cookie
– Average sale amount of $55.79
-Collaboration and product review opportunities


The Erin Condren affiliate program is hosted on Share-a-Sale. But, joining this network is a fairly quick process and it’s completely free.

You can apply to the Erin Condren affiliate program here

To become an affiliate, you will first need to join the Share-a-Sale network.

To join Share-a-Sale, you will want to make an account by scrolling to the bottom of this page and filling out the sign up form.

After you are finished going through the sign-up steps to get approved as a Share-a-Sale affiliate, you can then go to the ‘Merchants’ tab on the top bar.

From there, you can search for the Erin Condren affiliate program and click the blue button on the right that says ‘Join Program’.

It will looks like this:

blue button that says join program on it

When applying to join the Erin Condren program, I recommend entering the information on how you plan to their products to your audience. Although this isn’t required, it will improve your chance of getting accepted into the program.

All you need to do is leave a few sentences explaining to the company how you are going to help their business grow.

Overall, you want to give a few details about who your audience is, what your blog is about, and how you will promote Erin Condren products.

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


If you apply to the Erin Condren affiliate program, you will want to stay alert of your email inbox. They will soon send you an email letting you know if your affiliate application was approved or denied.

When you get your approval email, open up Share-a-Sale and log back in. After you have logged in, you can then click the ‘Links’ tab on the top menu to get all of your Erin Condren affiliate links.

Join the Erin Condren Affiliate Program right here to get started!

Keep in mind that you make 10% commission on each of your affiliate sales. With that being said, you definitely want to start using your links right away to begin promoting products in the applicable places of your business.

Some of the products you can promote:

  • Planners
  • Planner supplies
  • Stickers
  • Notebooks
  • School and office supplies

You can share your affiliate links on the appropriate channels that you have added to your Share-a-Sale account (usually your blog or social media).

Although you will want to spread these affiliate links around to improve your chance of conversions, make sure you only promote products that can help solve your audience’s problems.

If these are products your audience might be interested in, it’s worth joining the program and sharing it with your readers and followers.


The Erin Condren affiliate program is a power-ranking program in Share-a-Sale.

This means it performs well among the top 100 programs on the platform.

The average conversion is also more than 15%, which is much higher than the average in the industry.

This is definitely an affiliate program worth looking into!

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And here are some other affiliate programs worth looking into!

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How to Make Money from the Cricut Affiliate Program

The Best Coffee Affiliate Programs for Coffee Bloggers to Promote

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How to Make Money with the SEMRUSH Affiliate Program

26 February 2021 at 18:23
By: Cate

In this article, we’re showing you how the SEMRUSH affiliate program can help you earn extra income by promoting their SEO subscription plans and tools.

If you’re a content creator, content marketer, or a blogger that focuses on website traffic and optimization, you need to know about the SEMRUSH affiliate program and how to join today! 

SEMRUSH affiliates can earn up to $200 for every subscription sale and up to $10 for every new trial activation, so they’re one of the most promising programs in this space.

What are you waiting for? You can join the SEMRUSH affiliate program right here or keep scrolling for more details on how to maximize this program.


SEMRUSH is an online marketing platform that helps marketers optimize their content and increase their visibility across the web.

Struggling with keyword research? SEMRUSH can help. Looking to see how your site stacks up against its competitors? SEMRUSH can help with that too!

SEMRUSH has over 40 award-winning tools and reports for content marketers. A few of them include:

  • On-page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Link building
  • Market analysis,
  • SEO courses and much more.

With the ability to analyze and optimize your site from the inside out — SEMRUSH is a highly rated tool that ALL content marketers can benefit from.

Plus, if someone in your audience can’t afford the paid subscription, they offer a search-capped free version and plenty of free educational tools as well.


The SEMRUSH affiliate program offers $200 commission for each subscription sale.

Whether you’re an SEO expert, entrepreneur, blogger, or content marketer, SEMRUSH will benefit you and your audience.

The SEMRUSH program provides you with exclusive promotional banners and landing pages to help you optimize and convert those readers of yours into paid sign-ups.

Other awesome benefits of the SEMRUSH Affiliate Program can be found below.

SEMRUSH Affiliate Program features:

– Payout of $200 per subscription or up to $10 per new trial activation
– Last click attribution & 120-day cookie duration
– Dedicated account managers and affiliate managers to support you along the way
– They hold a 10.82% conversion rate


Joining the SEMRUSH affiliate program is easy, free, and 100% worth it if any of their SEO tools might benefit your audience!

You can find them on the Share-a-Sale network and apply to the SEMRUSH affiliate program right here

The sign-up page will look like this (see image below). 

The SEMRUSH affiliate program is hosted on the Share-a-Sale network (which is an incredible affiliate network by the way).

This means you’ll need a Share-a-Sale account to join (it’s free and every blogger should sign up for it anyway).

If you already have a Share-a-Sale account, you can just hit the ‘Sign in Here’ button at the bottom of the affiliate program sign-up page above. 

After going through the sign-up steps and getting approved for Share-a-Sale, you’ll search for SEMRUSH under the Merchants tab.

Use the search bar to find Semrush and then hit the blue button next to the program name.

Looks like this:

blue button that says join program on it

Once you apply to join the SEMRUSH program, make sure you fill out the information box asking for details on how you plan to promote their subscription plans.

Though entering how you plan to promote their subscription plans is optional, you’re more likely to get approved by sharing why your site and your audience is the perfect fit for their program.

It’s okay to keep your description simple. 

Explain who your audience is and how you plan to share SEMRUSH’s subscription plans on your blog, social media, and with your audience.

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


After you apply to the SEMRUSH affiliate program, you’ll receive an email letting you know whether you’ve been approved or denied.

Once approved, you can log in to your Share-a-Sale account, grab your affiliate links, and begin to share with your audience.

Join the SEMRUSH Affiliate Program right here to get started!

Affiliate Marketing Tip: take the time to specify which promotional channels you plan to use in your Share-a-Sale account if you haven’t already (you can update this info under your account settings at any time).

Since SEMRUSH has different subscription plans available, be sure to share the key differences between them with your readers. 

If you’re looking for a high commission affiliate program to help your audience better optimize their site’s SEO, the SEMRUSH affiliate program is an excellent choice.

High pay outs, high conversions, and helpful tools for bloggers and content creators.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sign-up for the SEMRUSH affiliate program and start earning from it today.

For more tips to make even more affiliate income, check out this affiliate marketing course, Affiliate Marketing Simplified!

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How to Make Money as a Beauty Blogger

21 February 2021 at 03:11
By: Cate

If you’re wondering how to make money as a beauty blogger, this article is going to cover everything you need to know, so buckle up babe!

We’re going to talk about the top three ways that beauty bloggers make money. We’re going to dig into the best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers. And then we’ll talk about the best strategies for increasing your income from your beauty blog.

Simply put, this is how to make money as a beauty blogger:

1. You can promote and sell beauty products/services through affiliate marketing.
2. You can promote and sell beauty products/services through sponsored posts.
3. You can create and sell your own beauty products/services.

Of course, you have other options, such as selling ad space on your website or earning ad revenue through YouTube videos (also good options).

But the three options listed above are usually the highest-paying and most sustainable ways for beauty bloggers and vloggers make money.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus primarily on affiliate marketing and the best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers.

Pro Tip: Get started with affiliate marketing early in your blogging journey to build up that passive income!


Affiliate marketing is simply promoting products and services for other businesses that you are associated with. In your case, this will likely be businesses related to beauty products and services (makeup, skin, hair, etc). 

You sign up for the beauty affiliate program you want to join, and they give you a trackable link to share with your audience.

When someone makes a purchase through that link, you earn a commission.

This is a simple definition, but it’s also the only thing you really need to know about affiliate marketing right now: recommend a beauty product that you’re affiliated with and get paid when someone buys that product through your link.

And here’s the best part: you’re already a blogger/vlogger and you’re already recommending things that you use and love to your audience. You might as well get paid for the content you’re creating.

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}


There are two ways to gain access to that fancy little affiliate link that earns money for your beauty blog.

1. You can join an affiliate network that contains a pool of beauty programs you can join.
2. You can join individual affiliate programs that don’t use any third-party platforms to host their program.

Amazon is an example of an individual affiliate program, they run the program on their own platform with their own manpower. They don’t use an affiliate network to facilitate things.


You can use them both!

You should use whichever one contains the affiliate programs that you want to promote.

If the affiliate program you want to promote is inside a network, then join that network where it resides. If the affiliate program is a stand-alone program, like Amazon, then use that program.

I love affiliate networks because they make everything so easy.

You can access multiple beauty affiliate programs in one place, apply to those programs, find out how much they pay, get your affiliate links, and get paid…all right there within your affiliate dashboard.

Because affiliate networks house so many different programs, we’re going to focus on affiliate networks in this article. But don’t discount the individual, in-house affiliate programs that are available to you.

To find in-house affiliate programs, simply search on Google for the name of the program you want to join. Just type: ‘Affiliate program for { brand name here }and see what pops up.

Quick tip: Use in-house affiliate programs and affiliate networks to help you accomplish your affiliate income goals!

Now, let’s jump into the best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers.


We’re going to dig into the top 5 affiliate networks every beauty blogger should join, and we’ll list some of the popular affiliate programs within.

Don’t let the list overwhelm you. 

You can start with one network and one beauty program at a time. Then, once you get comfortable with promoting that program, you can add another, then another, until you’re promoting as many beauty products as your heart desires!


Flexoffers is one of the best affiliate networks for beauty bloggers.

They have so many options and their payouts are some of the highest in the popular affiliate networks.

You can join FlexOffers right here.

After you go through the steps of joining the network, you’ll head over to their search option and find some beauty programs you’d like to join.

Just login and click on Advertisers, then Search Advertisers, and type the name of the beauty affiliate program into the search bar.

They have over 700 beauty programs, but you can also search in their other categories, like health and fitness, to find more options that fit within your niche.

Here are some of the programs you’ll find in Flexoffers (commissions are subject to change at the discretion of the program owner):

Zilk After Shave // 25% commission per sale
Bare Minerals // 10% commission per sale
Becca Cosmetics // 10% commission per sale
Clinique // 10% commission per sale
Smashbox // 10% commission per sale
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics // 8% commission per sale
Urban Decay // 8% commission per sale
Estee Lauder // 8% commission per sale
Laura Mercier // 4% commission per sale
Ulta Beauty // 4% commission per sale 

To join any of these programs, just click on the program name and then hit the green button that says Apply Now.

Then click the box to agree to the program terms, and hit ‘Apply to Program’.

You’ll receive an email letting you know if you were approved or denied.

If you’re a beauty blogger with original content on your site and your legal pages set up, it’s likely that you’ll get approved by many of the programs.

Once approved, you can login and grab your affiliate links to start promoting the products on your beauty blog!

Quick Recap: Join Flexoffers HERE and set up your legal pages HERE to help protect you and prepare you for your journey as a beauty blogger.


You can join the AWIN affiliate program right here

There is a $5.00 screening fee to join the network, but the fee is refunded to you after approval. 

There is no minimum requirement for page views, followers, or subscribers, but the team over at AWIN told me that applicants must have a “website or platform that is LIVE. They must have an accessible, good standard of content. And that content must be relevant to the programs they are applying for.”

Here are a few of the beauty affiliate programs you can join through Awin and how much you can earn from each of them:

Hand in Hand Personal Care // 25% commission per sale
Mad Style // 15% commission on each sale
Dome Beauty // 10% commission per sale
Look Fabulous Forever // 10% commission per sale
The Hut // 8% commission on each sale
Skin Store // 8% commission per sale
Beauty Expert // 7% commission per sale
Grow Gorgeous Hair Care // 7% commission per sale
Mankind Male Grooming // 7% commission per sale
All Beauty // 6.5% commission per sale
Temple Spa // 6% commission per sale
Etsy // 2-4% commission per sale
Fab Fit Fun // $9 commission per sale

Keep in mind, you’ll join the AWIN affiliate network first. When you get approved, you can search for the programs in your dashboard here:

And then you’ll click the button to “Join Program”. You can also check commission rates and contact the affiliate manager if you have questions about the program.

You’ll agree to the terms, select the main platform where you’ll promote the products, and write a quick note about how you’ll promote the products.

And that’s it!

When people ask me how to make money as a beauty blogger, I always try to remind them that it’s as simple as this: promoting great products that make your audience’s life better or easier!


You can join the Share-a-Sale network right here (it’s free). 

Some of my favorite and highest paying affiliate programs are available in this free network. It has thousands of programs to choose from, and plenty of good ones for beauty bloggers! 

Here are some of the beauty affiliate programs in the Share-a-sale network:

Bella Skin Beauty // 20% commission per sale
Glam Boxes // 13% commission per sale
Beauty by Earth // 10% commission per sale
Credo Beauty // 10% commission per sale
Cents of Style // 10% commission per sale
Claire’s // 5% commission per sale
Dollar Tree // 4-7% commission per sale
Sally Beauty // 1% commission per sale
Madison Reed // $20 per sale
Pampered Mommy Box // $4 per sale

You’ll search for programs to join here:

And then you’ll click the button to “Join Program”:

blue button that says join program on it

Simply sign up for Share-a-Sale right here, apply to the programs that you want to join, and then start promoting your affiliate products to your audience.

It takes a little time to grow and start making steady money, but this is your starting point. So, start today!

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This one made it onto the list because it also has some great affiliate programs for beauty bloggers. 

You can sign up for Rakuten right here (it’s also free)! Here are some of their top beauty programs and how much you can expect to earn from each sale.

Kat Von D //8% commission per sale
SmashBox Cosmetics // 8% commission per sale
Beauty Brands // 7% commission per sale
Beauty Plus Salon // 7% commission per sale
Wet n’ Wild // 6% commission per sale
LipSmacker // 6% commission per sale
BirchBox // 5% commission per sale
Twist Hair // 5% commission per sale
MAC Cosmetics // 4-6% commission per sale
Marc Jacobs Beauty // 4% commission per sale

Once you get approved by Rakuten, you can search for affiliate programs in your dashboard under ‘Programs’:

Apply for the program you want to join by hitting the apply button beside the program name.

You’ll check the box to agree to the terms that pop up in the next window, and that’s it.

5. CJ

Last but not least, is the CJ affiliate network (previously known as Commission Junction). Also free to join and full of great affiliate programs for beauty bloggers.

Here are some of the programs you’ll find within this network:

Dollar Shave Club // 10% commission per sale
Gillette // 10% commission per sale
Beautified You // 8% commission per sale
eCosmetics // 8% commission per sale
Elizabeth Arden // 8% commission per sale
American Crew // 6% commission per sale
Flesh Beauty // 6% commission per sale
Athena Cosmetics // 5% commission per sale
First Aid Beauty // 5% commission per sale

After joining the CJ network, you’ll search for advertisers by name or keyword.

Once you hit the button to apply to the program, your application is automatically submitted for review. 

Apply to the programs that are a good fit for your blog, grab your affiliate links, and start sharing them with your audience.

Now that you have a pool of great beauty affiliate programs in your back pocket, let’s take a quick minute to chat about another way to monetize your beauty blog: sponsored posts.


Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make money from your beauty blog, but it’s certainly not the only way. Let’s talk about two other ways to make money from your blog or vlog.

One is by doing sponsored posts.

Simply put, this is how sponsored posts work: you reach out to brands or businesses that you want to work with and pitch them your idea for a sponsored post. This usually consists of promoting their products or services on your own blog or social channels.

Maybe there is a beauty product you want to share with your readers. Maybe there is a local spa you’d like to feature on social media. Or, maybe there is even a skin care company you’d like to review. Soooo many options for you, so get creative!

{Actionable Tip}: Make a list of the top beauty products, services, and companies you’d like to work with. Send one email pitch every day.

Best-kept blogging secret:

You can usually join a company affiliate program AND promote that company through a sponsored post (unless otherwise stated in their terms).

This means that you can get paid to write a sponsored post AND also use your own affiliate links in that post to promote that company’s products and/or services.

This leads to extra blogging income with very little extra effort – and that’s the kind of math >> THIS BLOGGER << likes to do!

Here is a comprehensive article about working with brands on sponsored posts. It also includes a pitching guide to help you land those sponsored gigs and get paid!


Not every beauty blogger wants to create and sell their own line of products, but if that is something that interests you, don’t take it off the table.

There are creators that sell beauty products like scrubs, body butters, and oils. There are others that sell beauty guides, books, and courses. And others that do beauty coaching or offer beauty services to supplement their income.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish in this space!

Do some affiliate marketing.
Do some sponsored posts.
Create something awesome to sell.
Make some YouTube videos and grow an audience there.

Just be sure to always focus on filling needs for others and providing value for them.

The money comes after you’ve built that trust, created that awesome content, and learned how to serve your target audience. And it’s worth it!

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How to Use the BannerBuzz Affiliate Program

22 February 2021 at 20:27
By: Cate

In this article, we’ll be showing you how to join and make money with the BannerBuzz Affiliate program.

With the BannerBuzz affiliate program, you can earn commissions from sharing the company’s products with your audience via your blog and social media.

Finding affiliate programs that fill a need for your audience is one of the best ways to earn income from your blog, so let’s dig into this program to see if it’s a good fit for your affiliate marketing strategy!

The average commission for BannerBuzz affiliates is $23.11. This means that the average affiliate earns over 20 bucks with every sale that comes through their recommended link.


BannerBuzz is a company that sells customized marketing materials like window signs, banners, decals, and other advertisement and branding products. They have magnetic signs and yard signs for the home, office, or special events.

They also have products such as sneeze shields, face masks, and COVID-19 informative signs for business. 

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}

This affiliate program is perfect for bloggers who are focused on helping businesses large and small share their messaging and branding through visual signage. But it’s also a great fit for mom bloggers, homeschool bloggers, and special event bloggers!


This program features:

– Payout of 6% commission on sales 
– A 30-day cookie
– Average sale amount of $293.61
– 5% affiliate referral commission


Joining the BannerBuzz affiliate program is done through a quick and 100% free application on Share-a-Sale.

You can apply to the BannerBuzz affiliate program here

If you’re new to the Share-a-Sale platform, you’ll scroll to the bottom of the sign-up page and fill out the form that looks like this.

To apply to become an affiliate for BannerBuzz, you have to join the Share-a-Sale affiliate network. (Don’t worry though, it’s also free.)

To join Share-a-Sale, you will first need to make an account. If you already have an account, just click the ‘Sign in Here’ button at the bottom of the affiliate program sign-up page here

Once you go through the sign-up steps and get approved for Share-a-Sale, you can then go to ‘Merchants’ on the top bar. Then, you can search for BannerBuzz and click the blue button on the right that says ‘Join Program’.

It will looks like this:

blue button that says join program on it

After you join the BannerBuzz program, you should add information about how you plan on introducing their products to your audience.

This extra step will show the company that you know what you’re doing, already have a game plan, and will successfully help their business grow.

But, you don’t have to think too much into this. Just give them a few details about who your audience is, what your blog is about, and how you will promote BannerBuzz products.

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


If you apply to the BannerBuzz affiliate program, you will soon receive an email letting you know if your application was approved or denied.

When you get your approval email, open up Share-a-Sale and log back in. You can then click the ‘Links’ tab on the top menu to get all of your BannerBuzz affiliate links.

Join the BannerBuzz Affiliate Program right here to get started!

Remember that you will be making 6% commission on your affiliate sales. So, you will want to go ahead and get your links right away to start promoting them across your blog and social accounts, when applicable.

You can share your affiliate links on the appropriate channels that you have added to your Share-a-Sale account.

To ensure higher sales, only promote the products that are solving a problem or helping your audience in some way.

The BannerBuzz average conversion rate is over 10%, which is higher than most affiliate programs. If you can share their products with people that need them, you’ll be able to increase your blogging income each month. 

For more tips on maximizing your blogging income, check out the posts below:

How I Made $216,000 in my First Year Blogging

How to Turn Your Blog into a Money Making Business

3 Essential Blogging Investments if You Want to Scale Your Blog

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