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AI vs. GDPR: Finding the Balance Between Ethics and Innovation

Originally posted on Brussels Talking:
Isadora Tostes de Souza Barros, Busra Islek, Ruya Ince, Abeera Junaid Aslam, RΓ©ka Zsuzsanna Szitter, Eleftheria Katsi, Marta SoliΓ±o, Ceren Yaycili and Oyinkansola Awolo The strict rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are likely to have a serious impact on the competitiveness of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector…

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5 Awesome Tips To Win The Scholarship of Your Dreams

You are reading this because you’re probably interested in winning the scholarship of your dreams or want one for your loved one(s). I have taken it upon myself to spread the word about the DCLead opportunity because I recently found out that we were just 12 who applied from Nigeria in 2017! Too low awareness […]






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My Journey to Becoming an Erasmus DCLead Scholar

Truth is,Β  I cringe a bit when I think about the β€œscholar” label and I did when I was nicknamed β€˜Professor’ as a child.Β  I have so much to share with you but guess what? God honoured me! I am a scholar! πŸ™‚ Wondering how I got this opportunity? I started applying for fellowships and […]



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The 2017 Grateful Box and 9 Quick Lessons From Yesteryear

Hi Darlings, Season's Greetings! Been long you saw me on here right?! I know I missed you guys so much too.Β  I woke up yesterday morning feeling very "intentional", without the brain fog/tiredness that's constantly plagued me in the last couple of weeks. I mean feeling so rejuvenated that I set out to clear my room, re-arrange, dust and sort read books from unread in order to prepare my 2018 reading list



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5 Awesome Free Apps For Book-Lovers

While I have a love-hate relationship with e-Books. There’s no denying how convenient they are to carry around especially when you have a plethora on a device, their inexpensiveness as you can get a gazillion for free and the top-notch user friendly experience most of them provideΒ amongst many pecks but, the pros/cons of e-books or […]








Blogger Recognition Award

Hi darlings!Β How’s your day going? So sometime in October last year, Fola of thoughtsofFolaΒ and Evetonnia ofΒ Moonwalkertalks both nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award and I realised recently that I had not put up a post to that effect. Sorry I have been holding out on you guys. Here you go. 🌸🌸🌸 To accept the […]




Book Review || The Fault In Our Stars

Title:Β The Fault In Our Stars Author:Β John Green Genre: Romantic Fiction, Y/A. Publisher:Β Penguin Books Year of Publishing:Β 2012 Page: 313 ISBN No: 978-0-14-751373-1 Source: Β Β  Β  I have two things to confess; first, I cried liked a baby at some point in this book and also I couldn’t wait to share this poignant book with people […]


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Book Review || Tambari by Ken Saro Wiwa

Title: Tambari Author: Ken Saro Wiwa Genre: Children/JuvenileΒ Fiction Publisher: Longman Year of Publishing: 1973. Page:Β 90 ISBN-13 No: 978 139 115 4 Source:Β Book Barter Event Book Summary TambariΒ  is an adventure story for young readers in which Saro-Wiwa employs qualities of traditional African folktales and oral story-telling set against colorful descriptions of village life. It is […]



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ο»Ώ On Reading|Top 5 Reasons to Read in 2017

Hello Darlings, Happy Fri-Yay. What are you reading for the weekend? I’ve always wished everyone I care about sees the beauty in living so many lives through books and seeing what I see each time I read one. Yikes For me, reading is life. It’s as important as the air I breathe(Maybe not😊). It is […]