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Before yesterdayAnimals Are Feeling Beings Too

Sunday Pawzing: Thoughts From The Week (9/12/21)

Happy Sunday! I am trying some new things. Today I wrote a post in a newsletter/document sort of way. Just click the image to open it up. πŸ™‚


Sunday Pawzing for Angels of All Kinds

Happy Sunday everyone! I am so excited to share this post about a recent follower, Alice. Alice shared the following photo of her and Coconut with me. I asked her for more information regarding the comment she left with this picture and this is what she said: My precious, rescued sheep are my angels and […]







Sunday Pawzing to Encourage All to Keep it Cruelty-Free

Hello all. Happy Sunday! I want to start featuring some of my favorite products. What does this have to do with animals? EVERYTHING! The products I want to share are cruelty-free. There is no need to put animals through the torture they endure for us to use household items. If you’re a believer in God […]


Rainbow Bridge Rememberance Day

Sharing an older post on this Rainbow Bridge Rememberance Day. Honoring Lost Pets Is there a furry family member you’re remembering today?


Pets Are For Life

So much of this happening right now and it’s so sad that people did not think it through when they brought them home. We must remember animals are not objects to just be bought and returned or thrown out like garbage. This kind of selfishness and irresponsibility is causing them harm.They are living, feeling beings, […]


Sunday Pawzing for Cats😽

Happy International Cat Day!🐈 They are the best!❀ and for a Sunday funny…


Neglecting The Signs

Hello all. I did not write a Sunday Pawzing post today. Sundays are the day I set aside for writing posts and I try to keep them on the β€œlighter” side. But since I am not currently writing posts during the week, and this is what is on my mind, I wrote about domestic abuse […]



Sunday Pawzing to Keep Cool Because it is Jungle Hot

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back & relax. It’s been a pretty hot summer here. I hear this will become more β€œnormal” with the changing climate. I guess we’ll see. This past Friday it was in the 90’s along with a dew point in the 70’s. When did I move to the jungle? I am […]



Sunday Pawzing To Show Off Pets

It’s Sunday and it’s also β€œPet Photo Day” or what I like to think of as simply β€œShow Off Your Pet Day.” I have a video (instead of a photo) of Cino below where she is playing with her favorite toy mousey. I keep a basket of toys under a table in the living room. […]


Sunday Pawzing Not For What It Is But For What We Do

It’s Sunday and in the U.S. it’s a holiday! Let’s face it we all love a holiday as this means time off work and a time to celebrate. But let’s take a look at how we celebrate. We spend time with family & friends, enjoy a meal together, maybe go to the lake or a […]


Sunday Pawzing To Just Hang Out

It’s Sunday! A great day to just hang out and get refreshed and recharged. Iβ€˜ve had some time off this past week. It was time for Cino’s annual exam which is always a bit stressful. She, of course, doesn’t like it, and that makes it stressful for us too. We had to do curbside for […]


For The Love Of Cats

Finally! I was finally able to finish the video I was working on two weeks ago when I ran into all kinds of software/computer trouble. It so happens that today is Cat World Domination Day! So it worked out ok because what a perfect day to share it. 🐱 I put the video together in […]


Sunday Pawzing for Wildlife This Father’s Day

Hello all. Happy Sunday! This one is a lot more relaxing for me than last Sunday. I ran into all kinds of computer/software issues and never got to post what I had planned. I will be saving that post for another day. I am still having some trouble with where it all started…iMovie. I keep […]


Technology Exhaustion

Hello friends. I put together a post for today and have ran into technology problems that have turned into an entire day long project. To say the least I feel just as Cino looks…exhausted. The problems are with my desktop computer where I do all of my artwork and blogging from. Not sure if they […]



World Ocean Day

This is an older image of mine but it works great for World Ocean Day. 🌊🐠🐟🦈


Sunday Pawsing to Discuss Candles/Scents & Our Pets

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back & relax. It is so nice to kick back with the scent of a nice candle but have you ever thought about how it affects our pets? I have been working on replacing my candles since learning about how paraffin wax is not as healthy as a natural wax […]


Sunday Paws: Great Helper

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back & relax. Reading is one way of relaxing. Below is a conversation between Cino & I when I was reading last night. Cino: What are you doing? Me: Reading my book. Cino: Ooooh…what’s that string looking thing? Me: That’s the bookmark so I don’t lose my spot in the […]