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Before yesterdayThe Road to There

My Business Went Live Today!

2 June 2020 at 10:05
By: Amanda

Today to marks a monumental day for me. After 7 months and endless hours of learning boatloads of new things, and doing so many things I’ve never done before – which continues every day, still – my baby went live at midnight today.

I couldn’t be more proud, excited, and terrified.

To say I’ve made many new entrepreneur mistakes would be an understatement. But now, and in the coming months as I continue to launch new products, I will get to see where I’ve succeeded.

This is a really awesome journey – one I’ve always dreamed about. And I know I got the thing right in my soul – because my additional 40 hour weeks on top of my regular job (I’m working both) do not feel like work. I found my passion and I could not be more thrilled about that fact alone.

Wish me success!



The Book Inside You

15 December 2019 at 21:00
By: Amanda
  • So my darlings, my secret has been revealed. I have told my husband all. Needless to say I did not tell him everything until it was all concrete-my business registration done, my business license done, my publishing accounts set up, (except my bank account-that comes tomorrow)… and it was awesome y’all. I will admit, he asked questions for 45 minutes straight I think, but I showed him everything and at the end he was really excited.
  • It’s incredibly surreal. Then all of these creative juices just started to flow out of me as soon as I finished revealing to my husband all of the different ideas that I’ve had and the ones I’ve been working on –yada yada yada β€” it doesn’t matter. It’s just that I’ve lifted this huge weight off of my shoulders and now I’m free to think. I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough guys.

    To beοΏΌ fair–he totally agreedοΏΌοΏΌ that he would have given me β€˜the look’ had I told him about this idea at inception. The one that I knew would shut me down- β€œanother Amanda-kick that will die an early and expensive death”. But I’ve come a really long way these months. And with the proof so far, he’s now as excited as I am after showing him. I’m only weeks away from my first publishing.

    I did have to talk him down from the reality ledge for a minute though-this is not a β€œget rich quick” thing babe – it’s a real business model that, if done right, could generate enough to pay off debt sooner. Steady, passive income. Pretty much the only side hustle I have in the books (ha!) to be a possibility for me to sustain.

    It has taken a lot of time, sleepless nights-mornings-and will continue for a good bit. But the dividends will pay off. I am so excited guys! I’m an official publisher.

    Holy Toledo!!




    5 December 2019 at 09:20
    By: Amanda

    I have a secret. And it is one that is literally eating me alive…

    I love my husband. Adore him. For my previous audience who know my stories, the best relationship in the world that was a hard battle – savagely fought for and won.

    We had a huge milestone leap this year. Well, I did. I finally confessed our debt issues. Man, he took it in stride. What??!!! He wasn’t resentful or festering-and we made a plan. Lord have mercy, it was amazing the level of major set backs but I’ll be damned if we didn’t do everything in our power to stick to our plans. We’re still sticking to it, of course, and hopefully shit will stop happening so we can make real progress-but that’s beside the point.

    I’ve been struggling. I’ve always wanted my own business. And Lord knows Adam has certain skills that he can (and has been) side hustling. I finally found IT. The thing. I know in my core.

    But, I can’t tell my husband yet. Or my son. I will take full responsibility for my complete last of going BIG, failing, and walking away. (To be fair-never with a legit business though). That’s the bipolar in me–my manic phases–I get it. So that makes it very hard to believe in me after 20 years of blazing fires that burn as quickly as a dried-out Christmas trees in the fire pit (which is wicked cool if you ever get to do that, by the way).

    I don’t blame them, seriously, my son is an overachiever-beaver and somehow manages to still be β€œcool”, charismatic, buff, and a dickhead know-it-all at 17 (but still loves his mother). But–the point GLARING here is that they don’t believe the big ideas.

    So weird… I finished 2 degrees, a post-Masters certification, and promoted 5 levels (5!!!) in 4 years at work–but on the personal side, I am… shot I don’t even know.

    But THIS…y’all this is the thing. I’ve never felt the call so badly. I’m terrified of failing, and I’m doing everything my power to get this right…. but until I launch–I can’t tell my husband or my son. I can’t risk the tragedy of the belief their eyes won’t be able to hide. I can only tell them when I fully launch. Which should be in a few weeks. But it’s KILLING ME to be keeping this from him. It feels so wrong. But I am seriously afraid.

    Please send me good vibes that I get this, and don’t fail. I don’t need to be a magic success overnight-seriously-but a little at first would be SO great to have in hand when I reveal. He’ll still be hurt I didn’t tell him, but I can only pray he’ll understand why.

    This is for me.



    Open the Pages of Your Dreams

    4 December 2019 at 16:28
    By: Amanda

    wordless wednesday


    I Swear I’m not MIA

    2 December 2019 at 07:10
    By: Amanda

    Hey guys, not MIA this time…I swear! I’m working SO hard on this project – which is really where I am trying to soak up as much training as much as possible–in the middle of a Holiday (eek)!!

    This is so crazy guys, this landed in my plate out of nowhere. I have to trust that God is sending this to me….

    I can’t wait to update you within the next week or so… SO EXCITED! I may want your opinion on the name of my registered business name! Yes I did say business name. (Note-not quitting my day job!!)

    Happy Monday after the long Holiday weekend πŸ™„)!



    Shut Up, Already

    13 November 2019 at 10:34
    By: Amanda

    It wasn’t my intention to make this post, of several drafts going, my first publish. But then I thought, for my hello to old friends and a wave to new friends alike, why not start here…

    I could tell you the insane story on my most recent year. Pages and pages….

    I’ve joked with my girlfriends that I really could publish a horror novella based on my last 12 months and call it β€œYou just can’t make this shit up”…. But then all of the sudden Pfizer would be calling me up to make me an endorsement deal to become the face for Xanex after the book goes viral and turns into a global phenomenon, and Kristin Stewart would be begging for a script for the movie adaptation to secure her casting role…. and well, I just can’t handle that kind of fame guys…


    Truth is, it’s just messy life. Nobody cares. Seriously. The one underlying thing that honestly pisses me off about this last year is that there is not a single thing that happened this year that made me a better me.

    Considering I’m all about personal growth and development, and my mission going into 2019 was to significantly improve a couple of areas in my life and the needle went the opposite way, plus add in all of the flat-out crazy, trust me when i say that I have analyzed and reflected on all of the situations to find a sliver of silver lining.


    Maybe I’m not a better me as a result, but I am certainly a fiercely fueled me. Or even better yet, FED UP me.

    So I have recently discovered Medium. To say that I love Medium is an understatement, but that’s not the point in this post- I will definitely talk about that later though. The point is that my suggested reading list is changing my life. It’s been focused on a concept I have been completely obtuse to until now. Want to hear it?

    β€œAmanda, shut-up already. Oh, and now that you’re free’d up of yourself–stop planning it all out and just start doing it.”

    I’ve been doing it wrong all of this time! I’ve been making myself miserable trying to make me β€œBetter”. I’ve spent gobs of time identifying this huge laundry list of what’s wrong with me that needed to be β€œfixed”.

    Funny thing folks, in order to do that you have to spend a lot of time being incredibly critical of yourself. Lots of negative self-speak going on. When you tell yourself you suck, you start to believe it. And then you actually start to suck because you will naturally sabotage to be what you believe you actually are.

    So Fed Up and zip-lipped is a really liberating place to be.

    I wasn’t looking for affirmation that I really am in this place in my life, but I met my husband for dinner last night and he mentioned that he’s noticed a huge difference in me since I got β€œthe case of the f*-its.” and that he is really relieved to see it. I didn’t even know I was there, whatever β€˜there’ is that you want to call it, but guys-I haven’t even told him about the businesses yet!!

    Wild. So I’m shutting up. And I’m going to write alllll about it!



    Under Construction

    10 November 2019 at 15:44
    By: Amanda