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CMMC – August Color – Red

11 August 2021 at 11:07
Welcome to my challenge Cee’sΒ Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC).Β  The color topic is Red. Red is also the color for Jude’s, Travel Word Blog,Β Life in Colour Challenge.Β  I hope you have […]



Life in Colour Challenge: Red is Everywhere

1 August 2021 at 12:16
Here is my entry for Jude’s, Travel Word Blog,Β Life in Colour ChallengeΒ and her color this month is RED. I’ve gathered a list ofΒ challenges and their hosts. Β So if you know […]



Wisdom From a Wheelchair

30 July 2021 at 08:00
For a whole month after foot surgery in 2017 I was dependent on a wheelchair for most of my mobility. I learned some wisdom about how living is like being in a wheelchair. 1. There are two small wheels on the front of a wheelchair that determine which way the big wheels and chair will … More Wisdom From aΒ Wheelchair



Wheelchair brake

When The #FlashbackFriday of Art Is You!

Flashback Friday says…”go for style!”

Isn’t it great when we can all agree on something important? This, my friends, is one of those things that makes Fridays great – agreement! And today’s commercial certainly aligns with agreeing on something. In this case, it is β€œgo for style!”

You see, Flashback Friday (and Allison’s Written Words), aren’t the only ones saying to β€œgo for style,” today’s commercial pitchman is saying the same, with his line of haircare products that focus on shaping and styling.

Also agreeable? That 1986 was a great year for haircare product commercials!

So that’s where we are at, and that’s the theme we’re running with.

Anyway, who is this master of β€œgoing for style?”

Why, it’s…Alberto!

And what helps women…well…you know?

His line of…oh, just watch the commercial and see for yourself!

Contour, curve, form, and FASHION!

Man, these 1980s haircare commercials went for the gusto with their descriptions…and dramatic names!

Alberto, from what I’ve gathered, still exists in the world of haircare products, but seems to only corner the hair structure/gel/mousse market, rather than the shampoo and conditioner crowd.

Or maybe Alberto says β€œwash your hair,” I just don’t recall any other Alberto commercials out there!

Unlike haircare products named for their famous creators (like Paul Mitchell, for example), Alberto is a swanky heavy-accented, tuxedo-clad spokesman for products geared toward women with short hair who need their flat top to be more flat, their bangs to have more oomph, and their short haircut to look more…1950s greaser-esque.

Vidal Sassoon circa 1986 emphasized β€œthe art” of their products, and Alberto’s styling products proclaimed their products for β€œwhen the work of art is YOU!”

And sometimes, that β€œwork of art” doesn’t need industrial-size fans blowing hair around, just industrial-strength haircare products to hold it in place.

Does it have the same effect as this?

Well, no…but hair is an art form unto itself. With or without fans.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!



CBWC: Seating

3 June 2021 at 12:28
This week our topic is Seating. Be creative if you feel like it, and fun with this challenge this week. Remember your photos needs to be black and white, desaturated, […]




Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge 2021 Week #21

25 May 2021 at 12:26
Here is my entry for XingfuMama’s Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge. I’ve put together a list of challenges and their hosts. Β So if you know a challenge host, please […]





CMMC – May Color – Purple

12 May 2021 at 11:52
Welcome to my challenge Cee’sΒ Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC).Β  The color topic is Purple. I hope you have a lot of fun playing in this challenge. Β I look forward to seeing […]





Personal Stories? I Got Nothing.

22 March 2016 at 22:43

But you clicked the link to read this anyway, huh?


Assignment 2 for the Commenting Bootcamp called for me to leave a comment on a blog where I never commented before…but relate a personal story with the post I had just read. While I’m not really comfortable enough to talk openly online about my life, there are stories I’m willing to share.

To be perfectly honest, this assignment was the most difficult for me. Why, you ask? Really, the hard part was finding a post to comment on. I went through a number of posts, and while I could leave comments on them, I didn’t think I could leave any substantive feedback on them. Finally, I came across MaggieMayQ’s post on her blog, Balloons and Popcorn.

What Was That Post About?

In β€œThey say it’s personal,” MaggieMayQ talked about her decision to have her hair cut short. She hated having to deal with long hair and just took a leap. In the post, she also shared some images of herself before and after a haircut.

On the whole, I like the cut. I have seen more women take chances and shave even the sides of their heads and pull it off. In MaggieMayQ’s case, more was taken off in the back. This allows her to wear her hair down or put it up in a ponytail.

Which Personal Story Did I Share?

Without really getting too deep in the story, I told her something about the best haircut I received. At the time I published this post, my comment was awaiting moderation. I don’t feel like copy and pasting the comment, so I think I’ll go into more detail here.

From what I can remember, I was 18 years old and getting ready for an end-of the year trip for high-school seniors. We were going to Disneyland overnight, as there were functions for that. Come to think of it, I think it was called β€œSeniors Night.” At my mom’s behest, we went shopping for new clothes and she took me to get my hair done that afternoon.

I got my hair done at a salon I wasn’t really familiar with, but my sister had gone there and she liked how her hair turned out. I visited the same hair dresser my sister had.

When I went there, my hair was a total mess and I didn’t know what I wanted. I wasn’t aware of the best hairstyles. (The same is true today.) Anyway, the hairdresser decided to give me a bob and shaved the back of my hair. I wasn’t too sure about that, as I have baby-fine hairs in the back. However, the hairdresser gave me a mirror to look at it.

This took me a while to get used to, but overall, I was pleased. Since I really liked how my hair turned out I quickly looked at her as the best hairdresser I had ever visited. This same is true today, with one exception. Unfortunately, she left a year after she did my hair the first time. I think I visited her once again in that time.

I later visited that salon, but a guy there really sucked. Not only did he do a second-rate job on my hair, he talked entirely too much. Some people have no idea about customer service.

Hair To The Empire

15 January 2018 at 08:30
Ugh! Enough with the sloppy puns already. I love it when even the smallest details are given the attention they truly deserve. So it often hurts me that the barber’s cape at the salon I frequented didn’t have mirrored lettering on it. When I sat on the chair – the barber clipping away my dry, … Continue reading Hair To TheΒ Empire β†’


Some β€˜Personal’ Developments

29 January 2021 at 03:02
Hi Everyone, So I have some β€˜personal’ news I would like to share… I am thinking of dropping the wigs (sorry to disappoint you all, those hairstyles weren’t my β€˜natural’ hair… SHOCK! HORROR). So I am growing my hair. This is still very much a β€˜work in progress’ and I need to overcome something of […]



A Haircut Experiment #LOL

12 May 2020 at 09:28
When I groomed my dog, Roxy, the clippers didn't work. I had to trim her with a scissors. Click for a giggle and a funny-looking Bichon Frise!



Dog Bath time - Bichon Roxy in the tub- She hates baths!

Blow dry for Roxy

Dog Haircut Act I - the middle of the dog's hair is cut first as part of a funny haircut

Haircut Act II - with poofy feet and sheered in the middle of my bichon

Doggie Haircut Act III - I left a fur coat jacket and boots on my Bichon

Dog Haircut Act III Roxy Bichon with jacket and boots

Dog Haircut complete

Rostafarian dog

Rat dog after the groomer sheers here

A haircut for Roxy

Dog loves Blow drier gif

Experimental dog grooming Bichon with poodle cut

Funny Hair

7 November 2018 at 06:40

Recently I had a run in with a gentleman with whom we used to attend church. He and I had an additional thread in common besides the house of worship. That is, a love for photography. So naturally the conversation turned to his latest gigs and triumphs in the industry, of which I was super stoked to hear about, when an unfamiliar woman came and perched herself alongside him. She began staring at me with great intensity, and what felt like a hint of disdain.

I figured she was a new girlfriend that might have mistakenly assumed I was an old flame. Being cognizant of her presumption, I quickly threw my husband’s name in mix of the conversation.

To which she responded, β€œIs _____ your husband?”

To which I retorted, β€œYes, yes he is!”

In an attempt to ease her mind even more, I began telling him about my recent heart problems, while continuing to mention my husband and children somewhere in between my recent setbacks.

I’ve been her. I know how it feels to have run-ins with my love’s past interests, (although he was not one of mine). While we realize β€˜everyone has a past,’ nobody ever wants to actually encounter it in real life. It’s safe, so long as our loved one’s history stays suspended in that theoretical sense and not in actual live form – looking you dead in the eye.

Anyhow, my attempt to secure her stand with her man didn’t lessen her gaze upon me. As the conversation continued, my platonic friend was totally oblivious to her searing eyes – or my increasingly uncomfortable foot shuffling.

I finally mustered up an excuse to leave, when she spoke up again.

β€œYou have beautiful hair!” She stated, completely throwing me a curve ball.

I didn’t believe her. I felt it was a ploy, and that when she got out of earshot, she would be immediately mocking my 1990’s Mariah Carey hair to my friend.

Terrible at hiding my emotions from my face, I mustered a thank you and almost snickered.

She sensed my seemingly inappropriate response and inquired, β€œWhat is it? Is it not real? Or is it not your natural hair?”

I laughed (sincerely), at the remark. β€œOh, yes! It’s mine, it’s just that I’m self-conscious about it. That’s all.”

She seemed bewildered by my statement. She might have even mistakened my laugh for haughtiness, but it was just the opposite.

I went on to tell her about a childhood and adolescent riddled with jokes in the name of my hair’s sake.

She said, β€œHas nobody ever told you it was beautiful before? It is absolutely gorgeous!”

Sometimes I do not believe you. The adolescent inside won’t permit it.

Anyone who knows me can usually recognize me a mile way from my locks alone. They are big and pretentious.

I’ve considered covering my head altogether.

(But that topic will have to be saved for another blog post)

For now, I will leave you with this, in tying in with the topic of hair..

Luke 12:6- 7 NKJV

(6) Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God. (7) But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than sparrows.

Since God knows the hairs on my head, I’d say He’s had to get to know more about me than some others;)

And I’m thankful for every wirey, unruly strand of it, and most importantly that the conversation I got to have with an old friend and his new one – without any tension.



Sicily: Accessibility Review

24 October 2019 at 16:44

Sicily is a beautiful and historic island not far off the southern tip of Italy. I spent a week in Sicily from the 7th to 14 October staying at Kikki Village – an accessible holiday resort. The Journey We flew with EasyJet from Manchester airport to Catania – the main airport in Sicily – which was a three-hour flight. Once we arrived at Catania we were met by a driver from Kikki Village who drove us in an accessible minibus the 1.5 hour journey to our accommodation. Kikki Village Kikki Village is a four-star fully accessible resort near to the

The post Sicily: Accessibility Review appeared first on The Life Quadriplegic.

The Quest for a New Powerchair

2 September 2019 at 13:15

If you are a regular reader here you will know that I like travelling abroad. However, so far I have not travelled abroad in my powerchair for fear that it will be broken by baggage handlers, or it won’t fit in the aeroplane hold. Unfortunately, wheelchairs seem to get busted a lot by airlines. According to data from the US Department of transportation airlines break an average of 25 wheelchairs a day. I don’t want to land in a foreign country only to find my wheelchair is not in a usable condition. It would be like arriving on holiday and

The post The Quest for a New Powerchair appeared first on The Life Quadriplegic.

How to Pick A Great Hairdryer | AD

17 January 2019 at 11:47
Hairdryers are one of the most vital tools you can have for haircare. I don't normally post about beauty, but thought I'd try something a bit different. Here's a great choice from Panasonic if you're looking for a new hairdryer that isn't the Dyson but delivers similar technology.

Lots of factors are to put into consideration - including wattage (important for your style of hair), different heat settings and what nozzles and accessories come with the dryer, so you get the best value-for-money. A great option is the Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer* as it helps to reduce frizz and damage from styling tools.

The Nanoe technology in this hairdryer means that it retains so much more of your hair's moisture than others, making your hair look really shiny whilst drying it, as well as looking beautiful in a rose gold colour. The video below explains what the technology does and how it benefits your hair.

As well as looking great, it's also portable and quiet, so no-one can hear it if you want to use it during a hotel stay without taking up half of your suitcase. Another benefit is that it's fast-drying, meaning it keeps both scalp and roots healthy in optimum time whilst keeping your hair strong. Read the full spec if you would like.

Buy the Panasonic Hairdryer with Nanoe Technology at Boots, Amazon** (where it's currently Amazon's Choice), your local Panasonic Store or Argos.

I never thought of Panasonic being a brand for hair products, but will definitely look for this when it comes to choosing a new one, as the Dyson is probably a little bit out of my price range.

A K Jones

*This post is sponsored by Panasonic. All opinions are my own.
**I'm using an affiliate link, meaning I make a little bit of money from sales of this product on Amazon.

Safe Baby Shampoo List and 3 Baby Products that are Adult Beauty Solutions

14 March 2018 at 07:50
By: rayane

Since having my babies, life seems to revolve around all-things baby, I have decided that there are few baby products for my twins, Mila and Maieva that I REALLY like for myself. So, I’m going to share with you 3 of those, they’re all drugstore items and I cant say enough good things about them. […]

The post Safe Baby Shampoo List and 3 Baby Products that are Adult Beauty Solutions appeared first on Chilling Mama.

Ahem…And Now, A Few Words About Chores

25 July 2016 at 21:51


Chore – Noun. A routine task, especially a household one.

I don’t know how it works you in your house, but, when I get home from work, I have to do my chores. What do these chores consist of, you might ask. Aren’t you almost 50 years old? Is someone giving you an allowance to do said chores? Heck no! I do them simply because they are my lot in life. The number one chore every day, without fail, is to sweep the house. We have two very big and very hairy lab heeler dogs. Β And they shed like there is no tomorrow! Especially at this time of year! I could make a pillow on a weekly basis with all the hair I sweep up!

My husband and I don’t agree on chores. He has his, I have mine. Sometimes there is crossover. On his days off he handles the sweeping for me. Usually its done by the time I get home. I love coming home and not having to do anything! This is a rare occasion, but it does happen. I cannotΒ function until the β€˜work’ is done in the house. I can’t relax. And, if I come home and we have people at the house, it aggravates me. I want to say, β€œcan you please leave and come back when I have my chores done?” I wonder at times, if our visitors have chores to do at their homes? What do their houses look like? In fact, if the house is not in a general state of tidiness at all times, it kind of makes me crazy. My husband thinks that we can leave the sweeping for every other day. I say he is crazy, with a capital K! Only in ultra rare extreme circumstances would we ever think about doing this! Someone would have to have died or I am exhausted.

I actually spend WAYΒ too much time thinking about my chores. I am aware of this and hubby and I have talked about it many times. I don’t live enough in the moment, because I’m too busy thinking about chores that have to be done. While hiking the summit, I’m thinking about chores. While listening to a podcast that is supposed to help me wind down, I’m thinking about my grocery list. While having an enjoyable coffee date with my husband, I’m thinking about the next task I need to cross of my list. It goes on and on.

I actually try to be proactive about the chores. I make lists. I try to β€˜clean as I go.’ I don’t leave things lying around. Yet somehow the dishes don’t always get done (hubby’s chore) and the bathroom gets messy (also hubby’s chore) and the dogs haveΒ slobberedΒ on the window (my chore)…but I digress.

In case you have not figured it out yet, I sometimes clean when I am stressed. Which is on semi regular basis, for some reason. Β And something else that I need to work on. While stress-cleaning is not bad, being stressed out a good portion of the time, is.

There is actually more to life than cleaning house and doing chores! I think I’m going to start working on having some FUN. Now.. what did I do with the Windex?

Do you stress clean? Tell me all about it! I’ll talk to you soon!

Thanks, Bing, for the imagery!